Tuesday, January 30, 2018

LISA by Denise Devine, Book #6, Beach Brides Series

Have the cold, snowy days of winter gotten you down?
Are you ready for spring?
Here's a fun diversion to get away from it all! Try a book set in an imaginary island in the Caribbean and experience all of the sights and sounds of a magical place. From the crystal-clear waters of the aqua ocean to the pink sand beaches, mountainous, rocky bluffs and deep, dark caves, Enchanted Island is the perfect escape for the winter blues.

It all starts with a message in a bottle...

Is it possible to find true love through a message in a bottle?

Spending a week on a Caribbean island with the members of the Romantic Hearts Book Club is like a dream come true for Lisa Kaye. On their last night, each woman writes a personal message to her “dream hero,” stuffs it in a bottle and tosses it out to sea. Lisa’s real dreams crash, however, when she returns home and loses not only her job but her boyfriend in the same day. Determined to start over, she returns to Enchanted Island, the idyllic place of her childhood to manage her aunt’s bed and breakfast hotel.

Fifteen months pass without a clue to the fate of her bottle. Then it happens. She receives an email from the man who found it and she doesn’t know what to do. Should she ignore it or take a chance at finding true love?

Available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. Get your copy today!

Meet all of the Beach Brides at Amazon!



Denise Devine is a USA TODAY bestselling author of sweet contemporary romance who has had a passion for books since the second grade when she discovered Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder. She wrote her first book, a mystery, at age thirteen and has been writing ever since. If you’d like to know more about her, you can visit her website at www.deniseannettedevine.com. 

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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Grab that cocoa! by Magdalena Scott

In case you thought January 28th was too late to drink hot cocoa and read a Christmas story, I have news for you.

January 28th is the absolute best time to do those things! 

The ebook version of Small Town Christmas - Book One in the nine-volume Serendipity, Indiana Series - is currently FREE!

Nook: http://bit.ly/1qoHpzo

Grab your favorite splurgey drink and settle into a small town love story that promises a happy sigh at the end.

Until we meet again - Happy Reading!

Try a romance novel on--for SIGHS!

USA Today Bestselling Author Magdalena Scott writes sweet romance and romantic women's fiction. A lifelong resident of Small Town America, she invites readers into her world to find out what’s hidden just below the surface of those tiny dots barely visible on the map. Romance, mystery, and the journey to be one's best self are all part of a day in her neighborhood. Readers have commented that they'd like to move to the imaginary towns Magdalena writes about, which she takes as high praise indeed.

Magdalena is a practicing minimalist, having downsized from a 3,000 square foot house to a studio apartment, where her Giant Closet continues to resist taming. When not writing at home, she loves to travel--carryon baggage only--and is always pleasantly surprised at the kindness of strangers.

Visit her website: http://magdalenascott.com

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Friday, January 26, 2018

Heart of Texas Excerpt by Mary Alford

Today, I'd like to share with you an excerpt from my book, Heart of Texas, a romantic comedy that looks at life and finding love again after divorce. Here's the book description:

Laney Winters gets the biggest shock of her life when she learns she's pregnant...on the same day she finds her husband in bed with his secretary. With her blissful life exposed as fraud, and her husband wanting nothing to do with raising a child, Laney faces divorce and her greatest fear--moving back home to live with her two eccentric old-maid aunts. Hiding the demise of her marriage and helping to manage the family diner should be uneventful, but a new man in town has the gossips speculating. Laney's two aunts create an exciting mystery around the stranger, and Laney is sucked into an entertaining game of "Save Jake Montgomery from Aunt Thelma." When her aunts' latest victim turns out to be the town's new family doctor, Laney must entrust him with her secrets, and along the way, discover that when your life flips upside down it's God's way of giving you a different perspective...and a fresh start.

Heart of Texas

Ignorance is highly underrated.

It was the picture-perfect day, except for the rain, the bumper-to-bumper traffic, and what was about to take place in just a few hours that would shift the outcome of my life forever. Little did I realize as I prepared to read aloud to the small group of fans who had braved the rain to gather at the bookstore, that come this time tomorrow I’d be rethinking my career.

But here, for a little while, my life seemed perfect. Perfect husband—even if I had only been married for less than two years. Perfect house. And my newly-released romance, Fast-Moving Train, was getting good reviews. I had no idea my faith would be tested in a major way. And the test would leave me bloodied, bruised, and begging God for answers that would take a whole lot of prayer to understand.

 If I could sum up what I’ve learned about life and love, it would be this: There are good men, there are bad men, and then there are men of the worst possible kind—the ones who steal your heart and leave you wondering—the kind who can’t love.

But every once in a blue moon, there are men who turn out nothing like you believed. Those are the men who amaze you the most—the Tim Summers of the world. Tim was my miracle—a man who had never been taught how to love, but was capable of giving so much of it.

I could almost swear as, I sat listening to my best guy talk to my best friend about me, that at last I heard the freight train I’d been expecting from the beginning.

When I least expected it, I looked up and caught Tim’s gaze as he smiled back at me across the crowds gathered at church that day—just as he had the first time we met. That crazy little lopsided grin of his sent my heart spinning out of control. I was happy. I wasn’t afraid anymore. For the first time in a long time, I had faith. And just like that, just like love—bam—it hit me. That fast-moving train.

I paused a moment for effect, then whispered quietly, “The End.”

As I closed the book lovingly, I glanced around at the dozen or more people staring back at me in silence. A second later, the room erupted into applause.

At the back of the gathering, I spotted my agent, Tippy Jennings-Johnson, as she mouthed, “Brilliant.”

The manager of the bookstore had been kind enough to set up a little table for me in the corner of the reading room, close to the coffee shop. While Tippy worked the room, I sat at my post and greeted the fans who stopped by. I still couldn’t believe these people had actually come out to meet me—me. Even now, after five years in the business, I found it hard to fathom there were people out there who would actually buy what I wrote.

Two hours later, as the last of my fans thanked me for signing her book, Tippy waited patiently for the room to empty.

“Good news, Lane.” Tippy loved to shorten everyone’s name to three or four letters. “I got the word earlier today, but I didn’t want to put any pressure on you before the reading. Your publisher called. They want two more Lois and Tim stories this year. They feel there’s enough material in the story for a three-book series.”

“Oh... my... goodness.”

Tippy and I jumped up and down with our arms wrapped around each other like a couple of schoolgirls. This was huge for both of us. Tippy and I had pretty much learned the business together.

My first thought was to share the news with my husband, Tom, the man in whom all of my romance novels had found their beginning. I couldn’t wait to hear his reaction to our good news.

“Tippy, would you mind terribly if I took a rain check on dinner tonight? I’m so excited I can’t wait to tell Tom the news.”

“Of course not,” she offered with a magnanimous wave of one well-manicured, bejeweled hand. “I’ll just go back to the office and bang out the details for your new deal. We’ll chat more about that in a few days. Call me tomorrow, and tell me all about Tom’s reaction, OK?”

Tippy made a grand exit, and I felt the first pang of guilt. Tippy didn’t know the whole truth. I hadn’t told anyone the other good news I’d learned that day. I was pregnant. I couldn’t wait to share my happiness with my husband, Tom.

Unfortunately, Tom had not reachable earlier. It wasn’t unusual for him to be difficult to get hold of. My husband was one of the foremost attorneys in Dallas and his client list was made up of elite members of Dallas society. Tom worked terrible hours, sometimes not coming home for days at a time. A few years before we were married Tom took a small apartment close to the office for just such occasions. He kept it after we were married for when he had to work late. Over the past weeks, I could count on one hand the number of times we’d actually shared a meal together. But even though we’d go stretches at a time without seeing each other, I could always reach him on the phone. Not today, though.

I tried his cell phone and his office several times with no success. There was no answer at either the house or the apartment. I decided to rush back home, where I’d pack an overnight bag, then head over to the apartment to prepare the perfect candlelight celebratory dinner before sharing my good news.

But throughout the long, congested, rush-hour drive home, an unfamiliar uneasiness in the pit of my stomach continued to grow. I remembered all those times recently when Tom worked late.

As I pulled into our driveway off Strait Lane, I noticed Tom’s prized black luxury sedan sitting there as well. Not in the garage or even in the driveway, but next to the curb, as if he’d arrived in a hurry. Oddly enough, it didn’t occur to me until much later that there was another car parked behind Tom’s. I slipped the key into the door, hoping to surprise him.

The house was unbelievably quiet, but strange and confusing signs of life littered the foyer and the hallway leading to the living room. A purse. A jacket. Red stiletto heels. I grew more suspicious with each step.

I quickly opened the door only to see my forty-year-old perfect husband embracing his secretary.

His secretary? How cliché.

“What are you doing here, Miss Manning?” No doubt this was the most ridiculous question ever asked, since it was painfully obvious what she was doing here.

The next few minutes passed in a blur.

Miss Manning promptly rushed into my recently-remodeled, Italian marble guest bathroom, leaving Tom alone to face his angry wife.

“Laney, I wasn’t expecting you home so soon. Didn’t you have dinner plans with Tippy?”

“You weren’t expecting me home so soon? That’s all you can say? How long has this been going on, and why is she hiding in my bathroom?” This part I yelled so Miss Manning could hear me clearly.

“Laney, I’m sorry you had to find out like this, but you’re not really surprised, are you? We’ve been drifting apart for a long time.”

Drifting apart? We were still newlyweds in my book.

I thought we were the perfect couple. All our friends said so. Perfect marriage. Perfect house. Perfect life. So what if our romantic life had been experiencing some dry spells over the course of the past few weeks. There was more to life—right? Besides, how dry could it be? I was standing here, pregnant!

“What are you saying?” I asked in shock as I followed Tom to the foyer of said perfect house. I heard the sound of Miss Manning moving around in my bathroom, and with super-human strength, I managed to resist the urge to drag her bodily out of my perfect house.

“Laney, I’m sorry. I know how hard this must be for you. Believe me, I didn’t mean for it to happen. But Suzanne and I love each other. I’ve never felt so alive before. She makes me want to do crazy things--”

“Like bringing your girlfriend into our house?” I blurted out, dumbfounded. “You couldn’t just keep her at your apartment?”

Tom at least had the good grace to look embarrassed. “Laney, we’ve had a good run, but things have not been good between us for a while now. You know that.”

I do? Funny, wasn’t I the one who just a few hours ago couldn’t wait to share my good news with my husband?

You can find the book on Amazon:


Mary Alford grew up in a small Texas town famous for, well not much of anything really. Being the baby of the family and quite a bit younger than her two brothers and her sister, Mary had plenty of time to entertain herself. Making up stories seemed to come natural to her.
As a teen, Mary discovered Phyllis Whitney and Victoria Holt and knew instinctively that was what she wanted to do with her over-active imagination.
She wrote her first novel as a teen, (it’s tucked away somewhere never to see the light of day), but never really pursued her writing career seriously until a few years later, when she wrote her first inspirational romantic suspense and was hooked.

Today, Mary still lives in Texas, and still creates people facing dangerous situations. In fact, she can’t think of anything else she’d rather do.
Learn more about Mary at www.MaryAlford.net, or send her an email at maryjalfordauthor@gmail.com.
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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Character Driven Stories

Not only am I an author, trust me, I’m definitely a character. The most popular one is Grandma BB. Mrs. Beatrice Tilley Beacon a.k.a. Grandma BB steals the show every time she struts into a scene. Her wit, sassy unapologetic mouth, and outrageous antics will challenge anyone’s sanity.  Despite her flawed character, Grandma BB has made the Jamieson Legacy one of my oldest, ongoing series in my ten year career. Plus, it’s my favorite storyline to write. Actually, I do the research and the characters tell their own stories. With a background in news, my passion is to tackle real issues, such as abortion, witchcraft, adoption, African American vs. African misperceptions, family roots, and redemption from past regrets. Of course, I can’t leave out romance.
Although I have drama in my books, there is no church drama. I believe most go to church or read Christian fiction/romance for inspiration, deliverance, and salvation, which is why at least one character in my stories has a heart after God.
Readers can’t get enough of the Jamiesons, so I’m in the process of writing a Special Edition Jamieson Family Night, along with a game book that will test your knowledge about the characters. If you’ve never read Kidd, Cameron, Parke, Ace, Grandma BB and the others, I have just the stories to warm your heart from the winter blast. Reach out to me at authorpatsimmons@gmail.com to purchase an autograph copy today and see why the Jamiesons will soon become your favorite.

Pat Simmons has penned more than thirty-five titles. She is a self-proclaimed genealogy sleuth who is passionate about researching her ancestors, then casting them in starring roles in her novels. She is a three-time recipient of the Romance Slam Jam Emma Rodgers Award for Best Inspirational Romance. Pat describes the evidence of the gift of the Holy Ghost as a life-altering experience. She has been a featured speaker and workshop presenter at various venues across the country.
Pat holds a B.S. in mass communications from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts.

Monday, January 22, 2018

The Vegas Proposal Excerpt by Julie Jarnagin

As we countdown to Valentine's Day, I wanted to share an excerpt of The Vegas Proposal with you. I love writing holidays into my books, and this is one of my favorites! Here's a desciption and excerpt of the book.
A celebrity wedding would save her family’s Las Vegas chapel—as long as she doesn’t fall for the groom.  
The Traditions Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas has been in Claire Grigg’s family for three generations, and she dreams of restoring the struggling chapel to its original glory. When Claire discovers the chapel’s financial problems and the strain it’s putting on her parents’ marriage, Claire commits to doing whatever it takes to save the business. 
Vegas is the last stop on Ben Karr’s tour, and he’s afraid he’ll soon be added to a long list of one-hit wonders. He’s determined to prove that his talent deserves to be taken seriously and all the sacrifices his grandmother made were worth it. He’s known more for his frequent break-ups with famous women than his music. Until he can repair his public image, Ben’s label refuses to invest in another album. 
Ben devises a radical plan to save his career––a fake wedding to his starlet ex-girlfriend—but the adorable chapel director and her talk of true love and commitment is making him rethink the scam. Will Claire and Ben let go of their dreams and risk it all to grab onto a shot at true love?
The bright Las Vegas sunlight flooded through the open doorway into the dim lobby. Claire stepped forward to greet the guests. “Welcome to…” Her gaze landed on Benjamin Karr, and her mind went blank. “Um. Welcome to…” She’d listened to his song on the radio as she’d driven across town this morning. Faithful and true. No matter what we go through. Our love will be faithful and true.
“Traditions Wedding Chapel?” the crooner asked.
Claire nodded. “Uh, yes. Exactly. Welcome to Traditions Wedding Chapel.”
He flashed a smile and pointed the hat in his hand toward the entrance. With his crisp white shirt, the thin black tie, and the signature fedora in his hand, Benjamin could have been a member of the Rat Pack. “Is your neon sign outside original? It reminds me of old school Las Vegas.”
Claire was still nodding like an idiot when a laugh she couldn’t control slipped from her lips.
A petite blonde stepped beside him. “Well, I’m glad we got all that figured out.”
The blonde pulled the designer sunglasses from her face, and Claire gasped. “You’re Evelyn Lee.”
Reality hit Claire like a handful of rice to the face. The young Hollywood couple was standing in the foyer of a wedding chapel—her wedding chapel. The news had reported that they’d split, but here they were, staring at her.
Famous for being a former teen beauty queen turned actress, Evelyn showed off her best pageant smile. “Apparently, you read People. And you are?”
Claire chided herself for allowing the professionalism she prided herself on to slip away. She swallowed her excitement. “I’m Claire Griggs. This is my family’s chapel.”
Benjamin moved the gray hat into his left hand and reached out to her. “Hi, Claire. I’m Ben.”

Benjamin Karr slid his hand into hers, and Claire’s heels wobbled underneath her. Probably more famous for the tabloid stories about his short-term relationships with beautiful starlets than for his music, he was even more handsome in person than on television. His strong jawline, dark brown hair, and green eyes rivaled any movie star’s. Claire pulled her hand away, hoping they couldn’t see that inside she was doing back flips. “It’s great to meet both of you. What can we do for you?”
Evelyn slipped her arm in the crook of his. “Benny and I wanted to talk to you about a wedding.”
The spark of hope ignited in Claire’s chest. They were here to get married! The notorious bachelor was actually going to settle down. The problems Traditions had competing with the newer chapels and the fancy hotel wedding services would be over the moment the story of their ceremony hit the celebrity blogs and news sites. Couples from everywhere would want to get married in the same chapel as Evelyn Lee and Benjamin Karr.
Benjamin turned his face toward Evelyn, and a look of discord passed between them. It looked like the stories about his fear of commitment were more than rumors.
You can find the book on Amazon here!

Julie Jarnagin is a USA Today bestselling author of sweet and inspirational romance. She grew up in a small Oklahoma town where her family farmed and ranched. These days she lives in Louisiana with her amazing husband and two young sons who tolerate all her nerdy quirks. Julie earned a B.A. in Journalism / Professional Writing from the University of Oklahoma. 

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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Five Things I Love About January by Milou Koenings

Did I mention I Love January? Five reasons why:

1)      It's the Beginning

Turning the page on a new calendar may be a purely symbolic act — after all, in most cases nothing has really changed from the day before, right? — but it's a huge psychological boost. No matter what goals I didn't achieve, whatever didn't get done last year, it's okay. It's a new year, a clean slate. Time to begin.

unsplash-logoGiulia Bertelli

2)      It's All About Hope

Isn't it strange that we begin the calendar in the middle of the winter, the darkest, some would say dreariest, time of the year?

It's almost as if the calendar is telling us that when we've hit the darkest patch, that's when things start looking up. So despite the hours of dim light, the sludge, the cold, there's a ray of hope baked in.

3)      It's a Time for Second Chances

Despite all the talk of new beginnings, some things just cycle around. I make a list each January with my year's goals. A few years ago, I was rummaging through a desk drawer and came upon one of these lists. It was about four years old. And item by item it was exactly the same as the list I'd just made. It was little embarrassing... But. There's no reason this year I won't meet my goals, right?

unsplash-logoCathryn Lavery

4)      It's the most productive time of year

Unless there's a snow day, of course. But otherwise, the weather gives me much more incentive to stay inside where it's warmer and bunker down by my computer. I get much more done in January (and February) than almost any other time of the year.

5)      Snow Days

Snow days — they throw my best-laid plans into chaos, but there's no cozier chaos than being snowed in with the whole family. Snowball fights, snow angels and hot chocolate. Pretty wonderful all around. So long as they're only occasional occurrences — see number 4.

I hope that whatever hopes and dreams you have for yourself in 2018, your January is shaping into something pretty wonderful and that it's a harbinger of a marvelous year for all of us!

Milou Koenings is a USA Today bestselling author. She writes romance because, like chocolate, stories with a happy ending bring more joy into the world and so make it a better place.

Her other Green Pines sweet romances, I Love You Three, Reclaiming Home, The Kampala Peppermint Twist and Sweet Blizzard are available on AmazonAmazon.uk, iBooks, Nook, Kobo and all your favorite e-book retailers.

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

~Cover Reveal~ Royal Illusion by Raine English

Royal Illusion is part of the Royals of Monterra Kindle World. It’s releasing on February 1st so I thought I’d share the cover with you. What do you think of it?


USA Today bestselling author Raine English writes sweet small-town contemporary romance, along with paranormal and romantic suspense. She’s a Daphne du Maurier Award winner and a Golden Heart finalist. To receive information on all her new releases, you can sign up for her newsletter, visit her website, like her on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Puppy Dog Tales Excerpt by Liwen Y. Ho

I know some of us are a little "holiday-ed out" with all the year-end celebrations we just had, but I can't help but be excited about the next big day coming up. Yes, I'm talking about a romance author's favorite holiday: Valentine's Day! 

We're still about a month away, but most stores are already decorated in shades of pink and red. I've had this day on my mind for a while now because I'm working on a Valentine's story, which will be released February 1st. I'll have more details about it for you soon, but in the meantime, I'd like to share about a rom-com I wrote last year. Puppy Dog Tales has all the makings of a total disaster—opposites attracting, matchmaking mamas, and animal antics—and also the warm fuzzies of a sweet romance.

Here's the blurb:

An animal hater and an animal lover’s paths collide the week leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Melvin Lai inherited the last thing he ever wanted from his favorite uncle: a cocker spaniel. Now he’s on the verge of losing his home to the unruly puppy and, much to his surprise, his heart when he meets Dr. Chu, Sparkle’s vet.

Vivian Chu loves caring for her furry friends, so she can’t fathom how anyone could think poorly of her new patient, especially his owner. To her, first impressions are everything, and the one Melvin left has her feeling disheartened and bruised—literally. 

He longs to make her his valentine; she can’t wait to escape him. It’s going to take a miracle for Melvin to win Vivian’s heart, but nothing’s impossible when four-legged conspirators are involved.

And here's an excerpt:
When the middle-aged lawyer with the bad comb-over recited Uncle Bruce’s last will and testament twenty minutes later, he paused before announcing Melvin’s inheritance. Not only did he pause, he might have snickered as well.

“I bequeath unto the persons named below the following property: To my beloved nephew, Dr. Melvin Lai, I leave my beloved cocker spaniel, Sparkle. To my beloved nephew Calvin Lai, I leave my 80s music collection. To my beloved nephew, Erwin Lai, I leave my set of golf clubs. To my beloved niece—”

“No ....” Melvin finally overcame his shock enough to speak. “What did you say? I’m Melvin Lai. Can you repeat what you said about me? Please.”

The lawyer’s body trembled with suppressed laughter. “It says your uncle left you his dog.”

“His … dog?” Melvin shook his head so hard his neck hurt. “You must be mistaken. I hate dogs.”

A collective gasp resounded in the room. His female relatives all shook their heads in disbelief. They were without a doubt second generation Chinese Americans because their foreign-born parents considered canines a delicacy. Having a dog for a pet was a western way of thinking and the “right” way, according to everyone glaring at him. He waved his hands in a gesture of peace. “Wait, I don’t mean I hate dogs. Hate’s too strong a word. Dislike, maybe?”

The next gasp was quieter, but still disapproving.

“Why would Uncle Bruce leave me his dog? Are you sure he was, you know, in a clear state of mind when he wrote the will?”

“I assure you he was,” the lawyer insisted with a stern look. “He stated he wanted you, and only you, to get the dog.”

Melvin released a long breath. This was unexpected. What was Uncle Bruce up to? If only he were still alive, he could provide some answers. Better yet, if he were still around, he could keep his dog for himself. He had no intentions of bringing a slobbery, smelly animal to live with him in his condo. “May I contest the will?”

“You don’t want the dog?” Stray pieces of the lawyer’s comb-over swayed back and forth as he shook his head in dismay. “Are you saying you don’t want to respect your beloved uncle’s last wishes?”

The lawyer sure had a way with words and, not to mention, guilt trips. He’d heard enough of those from his mother that they didn’t affect his conscience anymore, but this one was different. This one was about his uncle, his favorite uncle. The surgeon who’d sparked his interest in medicine. “Wait, what did you say the dog’s name was?”

“It’s Sparkle. Like what the stars do at night.”

Sparkle. Well, well. Maybe this dog was supposed to spark something in his life. A new interest, perhaps? There was only one way to find out. Melvin ran his hands through his hair and uttered the words he never thought he’d say. “Okay, fine. I’ll take the dog.”


Poor Melvin! He's in for a wild ride when he meets Sparkle and Sparkle's beautiful vet, Vivian. Don't worry though (spoiler alert!), he's going to thank his uncle big-time for giving him a dog. :)

Puppy Dog Tales is also now available as an audiobook. My narrator, Satauna Howery, did an amazing job bringing the story to life with her comedic timing. You can listen to her narrate the excerpt above in this sample clip

Are you looking forward to Valentine's Day? Do you enjoy listening to audiobooks? Let me know in the comments below!

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