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What is the Sweet Street Team?

A STREET TEAM is a group of readers who enjoy reading AND REVIEWING an author's books. Usually the author sends the reader/reviewer an ARC, an Advanced Reading Copy (almost always an ebook copy). This way the reviewer can read and review the new book and be prepared to leave a review when the book debuts.

You'll notice that above is a tab labeled: "Sweet Street Team." Click it and read all that you need to know about this. Our Sweet Street Team meets on Facebook. However, if you aren't on Facebook, you can leave your name and email here in a comments. And one of our authors will contact you.

To keep away spammers who comb the net for email addresses, write it like this username(at)emailprovider(dot)com Example:

That is my address of course. '-) 

My alternate one is HA HA HA :-)

Anyway why not look into joining our Sweet Street Team?--Lyn Cote

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Lyn Cote Asks--Did You Click Last Month?

In May our new quarterly Sweet Romance Reads Newsletter came out-Wow! It was amazing. Didn't you think so too? Or did you miss it?
If you look to the right at the side column --LOOK RIGHT NOW--you'll see a red sign up for the BRAND NEW sweet romance reads quarterly newsletter. The first issue has gone out but another will come later this summer. 

What does our newsletter offer? Each issue features 

  • new releases from our members, 
  • bargain books from our members
  • opportunities to enter contests
  • another way to get to know the authors who write the books you enjoy!
Why not, click the link to the right and never miss an issue?--Lyn Cote

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Happy Retirement To Me by Laura Scott

I'm officially a full time author!

Laura Scott here celebrating my retirement from Froedtert Hospital where I worked for 38 years! Many of you know I'm a Registered Nurse and worked in Critical Care which has been a rewarding and challenging profession.

But my love of writing could not be ignored and now that both of my kids have moved out of the house, it's time for me to fulfill my dream of being a full time author.

I feel great, yet there is still this strange bit of apprehension. It's hard to give up one career, even though I have another equally rewarding career to replace it. 

Could be that giving up my biweekly paycheck is also causing some internal stress, haha.

I truly believe God has put me on this path for a reason. Thanks for taking the time to celebrate with me, and I'd love to hear any advice you have to offer.  Have some tips or tricks? Tell me what worked and didn't work for you. 

Thanks and God bless all the nurses who are still working....

Laura Scott

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Smoothie Season! by @MagdalenaScott

I was probably a late adopter of the smoothie. I've only been making them for a few years. But this summer I'm having one for supper nearly every evening. It's a tasty, healthful, and filling meal if I do it right. 

In recent months, I learned a couple of new-to-me things about preparing my smoothie. 

One is that if you're going to include oats, be sure to soak them for at least eight hours. I soak mine in 1% cow's milk mixed with nonfat Greek yogurt. After all that lovely soaking, the oats are delightfully creamy.

The other game-changer for me was the addition of an ingredient that makes the smoothie so…um…smooth. 

Also beautifully thick and rich and fantabulous.

It's an ingredient I love but hadn't used in a sweet concoction.

Have you already guessed it?

An avocado. YUM.

Any time I eat an avocado on its own, it seems I'm doing something decadent. To me, it's almost like eating butter.

Not that I've ever eaten butter on its own…okay, yes I have. It's a very bad idea. Do NOT eat a pat of butter as a snack! *Sigh*

Oops. Sorry. Back to the smoothie.

My evening smoothie varies. These days I try to space out my grocery trips, preferably making the trek every two weeks or so. Toward the end of that time, the avocados are gone. Which just makes me love them more once they're back in my fridge, of course.

Last summer I used raw spinach in smoothies quite often, and sometimes a teaspoon or so of flaxmeal. 

I almost always include frozen organic blueberries. They're so beautiful, aren't they?

Frozen banana halves are also a frequent ingredient. Last week I sliced and froze some peaches. 

And I usually add a drop or two of vanilla extract or almond extract, just because.

Since I always have fruit in the smoothie, I seldom add any sweetener. Back in my spinach days (last summer), I often added a teaspoonful or so of local honey.

Do you like smoothies? What are your favorite ingredients?

In my book, Midnight in Legend, TN, the heroine owns a swanky coffee and crafts shop. To celebrate a new town festival, she creates a special coffee drink (yes, I know, not a smoothie). The result, Legend by Starlight, is served in a stemmed mug similar to the one pictured here.

Grab your copy of Midnight in Legend, TN FREE!

Happy reading - and happy smoothie-ing.

USA Today Bestselling Author Magdalena Scott is a practicing minimalist, having downsized from a 3,000 square foot house to a studio apartment, where her Giant Closet continues to resist taming. When not writing at home or spending time with family and friends, she loves to travel–carry-on baggage only–and is always pleasantly surprised at the kindness of strangers.


Sunday, July 26, 2020

Christmas in July!

It's hot outside. Many of us are still locked in. Chaos reigns. Let's all escape to Christmas!

Why not? Who couldn't use a flash of cool air; a warm, connected feeling; a bright greeting wishing us happiness in the season?

At the Aylworth household, Christmas is the one holiday when we go all-out. The tree goes up early, usually with many small hands to help decorate and mommies to make sure the breakable items and candy canes are out of their reach.

We bring out the nativity scenes collected over the years. My favorites are the one from Bolivia that shows the Holy Family as Aymara natives and the one from the Navajo Nation that portrays indigenous people from many southwestern nations in a Hopi pueblo. 

When all the decorating is done and preparations are made, we have cinnamon rolls and spiced apple juice while we open gifts and watch the delight of the little ones when they open theirs. Then we gather around a loaded table and all cooks contribute their own family favorites. We give thanks for our bounty.

Christmas is also a blessed time when we think of blessing others. Charitable organizations do much of their fund-raising during this season. People leave tips for newspaper and mail carriers. We think of others.

To bring a bit of holiday escape into the heat of summer, I've teamed with a number of author friends. "Christmas in July" is happening! From now through July 31, find sale prices on  a basketful of sweet and inspirational Christmas romances. My book, Winter Skye, is featured, now on sale for only 99 cents. Find it here:
May Christmas reads or happy thoughts bring joy to you while we all outlast our current circumstance. Merry Christmas in the summer, my friends.

Susan Aylworth is the author of 20 novels. Her newest series, "Seasons of Destiny," explores romance in every season of the year in the small, former Gold Rush town of Destiny, California, nestled in the Sierra Nevada foothills.  Paris in the Springtime, Sunny's Summer,  Amber in Autumn, and Winter Skye are all available now in e-book and paperback. She is releasing new editions of her beloved Rainbow Rock Romances and beginning a  "Daughters of Destiny" series featuring five sisters-cousins who sing together, complete with plenty of interesting song lyrics. Look for them in the coming months along with a Christmas novella coming in October. 

Friday, July 24, 2020

What Happened was...FUN FRIDAY! by Pat Simmons

Have you ever heard the response to a question start off with, “What happened was…” and a long story followed? LOL. Yep, it’s one of those posts—an edited edition. 

It’s almost August, and nobody imagined COVID-19 would still govern our lives. Back in May, we were three months into the pandemic, and Zoom became the mode of communication. 

A fellow author decided to test Zoom in one of our Facebook groups, Sisters of Faith Books, to see if it would be user friendly to play a virtual Book Bingo game.
What we didn’t know was once we went live during the test, friends commented. “Hey”, “We see you”, “What y’all doing?”

We explained we were testing and decided to promote the book bingo. The rest is history.
Since early May, Christian Regency author Vanessa Riley (A Duke, The Lady, and A Baby), and Angela Andersen (Founder of Angela Andersen Presents/Literary Coach/Book Reviewer/Event Planner/Literary Influencer)—a mouthful—and  I have been popping into the Sisters of Faith Books Facebook page every Friday for about 30 to 40 minutes to talk about—nothing. 

We read excerpts from other Christian Authors of Color books, embellish scenes and/or dialogue and dance to our intro music. Our reach and views are climbing and we’re still trying to figure out why. Who knew people from across the world would set their alerts to witness our zany wit?

We don’t know how long the “show” will last, but if it’s helping to make someone’s day brighter every week, we’re glad to oblige.

There is no script, a theme is usually concocted at the last minute. Join us every Friday at Noon EDT for fun. Today, we’re going “book nerd” live.

In other news, I’m excited about my upcoming release HERE FOR YOU. Six weeks and counting!!!!—Read an excerpt. Check out the pre-release reviews on Netgalley. As always, I’m thankful for God’s inspiration and reader support.
Pat Simmons is a multi-published Christian romance author with more than thirty-five titles. She is a self-proclaimed genealogy sleuth who is passionate about researching her ancestors, then casting them in starring roles in her novels. She is a three-time recipient of the Romance Slam Jam Emma Rodgers Award for Best Inspirational Romance. Pat’s first inspirational women’s fiction, Lean On Me, with Sourcebooks, was the February/March Together We Read Digital Book Club pick for the national library system.

Pat describes the evidence of the gift of the Holy Ghost as a life-altering experience. She has been a featured speaker and workshop presenter at various venues across the country. Pat has converted her sofa-strapped sports fanatical husband into an amateur travel agent, untrained bodyguard, GPS-guided chauffeur, and administrative assistant who is constantly on probation. They have a son and a daughter. Pat holds a B.S. in mass communications from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. Visit her at

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Pets with Disabilities - Laura Ashwood

Did you know pets can have disabilities too, or special needs? There are a lot of different reasons a pet could have a special need. Whether it's allergies, vision or hearing impairment, physical disabilities, senior pets that need extra care, chronic or terminal illnesses, or neurological issues like degenerative myelopathy and epilepsy. And those are just a few.

I've had several special needs pets in my life. I've had a senior rescue dog with advanced Lyme's disease, a rescue dog that developed a brain tumor, and now I've got a dog with epilepsy. I'm not sure what the odds are of ending up with three special needs dogs, but I've learned a lot from each one.

My current special needs dog is a four year old chihuahua mix named Gus. If you follow me on social media, you are already familiar with him. He's quite a ham. And he's my constant companion. One big perk that has come out of the COVID pandemic is that I am still in work from home status with my day job. So when Gus had a 10+ minute seizure, I was here and able to get him to the vet right away. It saved his life. I shudder to think what would have happened to him if I was at the office and he was home alone.

Having a special needs dog requires a little more planning than with a regular dog. It's harder to kennel a dog (or cat) with special needs - we don't kennel our dogs, but I know a lot of people that do. Because he has to take his seizure medication on a schedule and the window is only an hour on either side of that time, we plan our schedule so he's either with us or we wait until he has his meds before we go.

Other animals with special needs might just need extra care to help them navigate stairs or around furniture in a room. Our senior dog had advanced Lyme disease when we got him from the rescue. We had to help him up the steps most of the time, especially if he was particularly active - he always crashed after. I've also seen special "wheels" for dogs with spinal cord injuries or missing limbs. It's amazing how adaptable they are.

I try to write an animal character into each of my books. My first book, Romancing the Royal, features a spoiled royal corgi. My second book, A Little Something Sweet, features a kitten that was found in a dumpster, and I'm writing a special needs dog character into one of the books I have coming out this fall.

Do you like books with animal characters as part of the story line? Would you consider adopting, or do you have a pet with special needs? I'd love to hear about it.

Until next month,
xo Laura & Gus


I've got a new release this month!

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

A Sweet Book Bargain ~ Jean C. Gordon

New Release
Available for a Limited Time and
Only 99¢
but just through Sunday (then it goes up to $9.99)
with Trusting His Kiss by Jean C. Gordon

21 New Heartwarming Romance Novellas that'll make you swoon
A sweet contemporary romance anthology collection with twenty-one original stories from bestselling and award-winning authors.

Billionaires. Cowboys. Rock stars. Mountain men … and more. They’re all about to find love, whether they were looking for it or not…their last first kiss that will change their lives and flip their neat and orderly worlds upside down. 

Sweet Kisses Box Set is only available for a limited time, so one-click your copy before it's gone. Twenty-one swoon-worthy heroes. Twenty-one chances to fall in love. Twenty-one happily-ever-afters.

Available now!

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Look to the Stars by Janice Lynn

As with many authors, I'm a dreamer. There's few things I find more relaxing then snuggling up on a blanket outdoors and staring up at the night sky.  I love looking at the stars, watching for meteorites, and seeing how the moon casts it's glow over the world around me. I find it humbling when I think how vast the universe is around me.

Today marks the anniversary of a momentous event. On July 16, 1969, Apollo 11 lifted off earth. On July 20th, the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle landed on the moon and on July 21, 1969, Neil Armstrong left the module and was the first man to step on the moon. Soon after Buzz Aldrin joined him and they collected samples to bring back to earth. They spent a total of twenty-one hours and thirty-six minutes on the moon's surface during Apollo 11's nine day

mission (lift off on July 16 & landed back on earth on July 24). It boggles my mind to think how Commander Armstrong left his mark on the moon's surface with that infamous boot footprint.

wasn't around yet to have gotten to watch live footage of Apollo 11 when Neil Armstrong made that famous first step, but did watch live television footage of when the Challenger launched and exploded in 1986.  The Challenger is vividly imprinted upon my mind and heart, probably because that launch felt special because teacher Christa McAuliffe was on board. Regardless, modern day space launches fascinate me. There's something exciting about knowing history is being made with each launch and that advances are being made, even as mistakes occur.

The idea of someday traveling through space being a common event seems surreal, and yet, it's a goal mankind strives for and seems to be making more and more progress toward. As mentioned, I love to look up at the stars, but I'm not sure I'd ever choose to space travel. What about you? Are you more a look up at the stars kind of person or do you long to travel through them?

USA Today & Wall Street Journal Bestselling author JANICE LYNN lives in Tennessee with her Prince Charming, their kids who think they're all royalty, her vivid imagination, an adorable Maltese named Halo who's the true princess of the house, and bunches of unnamed dust bunnies that moved in after Janice started her writing career. In addition to writing romance, Janice is a nurse practitioner, a quilter, an exercise queen, a military mama, and an avid supporter of the Quilts of Valor Foundation. Just kidding on the exercise queen.   WRAPPED UP IN CHRISTMAS available at AMAZON Barnes & Noble WALMART

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The Start of Something Wonderful

Sweet Romance Reads welcomes our newest member
Merri Maywether!

This could be the start of something wonderful! I didn't realize how frequently I said that in my stories until I starting making memes for my characters.

The situation was the same.  A mentor-type character would buddy up with the hesitant female protagonist and say something along the lines of, "I know this is scary. But let's look at it differently. This could be the start of something wonderful." Of course, the conflicts made it look like the mentor character may have missed the mark. But the happily ever after validated the wisdom. 

What I love about the start of "something wonderful" is it happens all the time.  And it starts with a small moment.  My new beginning started with baking. After five years of failures, I decided it was time to make a homemade cinnamon roll that couldn't be used as a weapon. This meant going to Pinterest and getting help from the experts.  

One pin led the next. The bunny trail took me to a Sweet Romance Readers group. The one thing I love more than homemade cinnamon rolls is reading sweet romance books. 

In 2019, I declared 2020 was going to be a good year. With that in mind, I asked if I could join the group. You know, sit at their lunch table and listen to what they had to say. This was a big deal for me. These authors had written books that I read and loved. 

I expected a polite maybe. 

image of cinnamon rolls
What I received nothing short of wonderful. The day after my request, my inbox was full of notes.  Authors who had written stories that touched my heart took a minute to say hello and welcome to the table.   Which I loved. What happened next floored me. They asked me to share something about myself. This was more than looking into their world and sharing them. They were interested in my story,  too.

My something wonderful is two-fold.  I have a cadre of friends who enjoy the sweet romance genre as much as I do, and  I finally learned how to make homemade edible cinnamon rolls.

So, keep an eye out for wonderful moments. They come when you least expect it in the most unusual ways.  πŸͺ

I'll close here wishing you warm, sweet tea on the porch summer days. 

Christmas Wishes book cover
Is Susan Waters ready to experience the Paradise Hills magic?
When Susan makes a wish for Santa to bring her a special present, she sets off a chain of events she never expected. She has helped other people find their true love. It only makes sense that her friends would try to repay the kindness. There is one little hitch to their plans. They're trying to match her with Hunter Lane. The same Hunter Lane she'd rather avoid for reasons she'd rather not disclose.
Hunter is the oldest of the Lane brothers and the only one of them who is single. When Hunter sees Susan, he knows there's something special about her. As he gets to know her, Hunter learns two things. They have a shared past, and he sees Susan in his future.
When Susan finds herself in a situation that demands Hunter's help, they discover it takes more than a wish to hold on to love.
Christmas Wishes is available for 99¢ at Amazon and Kobo

Meet Merri Maywether

Twenty years ago, Merri Maywether went on a date with a very sweet man from Montana. Three weeks later, they were engaged and they have lived happily ever after. 


If you are looking for a feel-good, happily ever after, small-town experience, I have a story for you. When I write my romance novels, the characters are inspired by the people I see on a day to day basis. Up here in what I like to call the far, far north, people work hard, live fiercely, and love knowing that they have a community behind them. When I'm not writing, I'm testing out an adventure that will end up in a book or trying a character's favorite recipe

If you're looking for more titles or quick reads visit my website Small Town Stories 

Saturday, July 18, 2020

Check out these fabulous new
releases from our bloggers!

Guarded by the Soldier
Laura Scott

He’ll put his life on the line… if it means protecting a little boy and his pregnant mom.

After months of searching, security expert Ryker Tillman finally finds Olivia Habush and her young son—just as they are attacked by mercenaries. Now safeguarding Olivia, her unborn child and little Aaron is the former special ops soldier’s new mission. But to save the family burrowing into his heart, Ryker must figure out why someone wants them dead…
Purchase here: Amazon B&N Apple GooglePlay Kobo

Holiday Hearts

Josie Riviera

πŸŽ„It’s Christmas in July!

Savor the magic of @Josie Riviera’s 3 contemporary and inspirational holiday Romances in one sweet bundle… Holiday Hearts Volume 3

Only 99¢ Boxed set included: Sweet Peppermint Kisses, A Chocolate-Box Christmas, and Holly's Gift.
Purchase here:

Second Chance Forgiveness
Merrillee Whren

Single dad Grady Reynolds finds raising two girls a difficult task, especially when one is a troubled teenager. He takes a new job in the small town of Pinecrest, Washington, with hope of starting over after his wife’s death. But he encounters his past in the form of new coworker Maria Sanchez, his late wife’s friend.

Maria’s plate is full with her job at her friend’s charitable foundation. Working with Grady only serves to remind her of their acrimonious last words at his wife’s funeral. How can she have a good working relationship with a man who has lost his faith and isn’t ready to give or receive forgiveness?

Can Maria and Grady’s daughters help him see the need for forgiveness and love?

Purchase here:  AmazonB&NI-Books

Trusting His Kiss 
Jean Gordon

Included in Sweet Kisses
21 New Heartwarming Romance Books that'll make you swoon

The past is inescapable, but does it have to spoil the future? In the small town of Paradox Lake a couple must decide.

Life is complicated for nurse and widowed mother of three, Kari Hazard. Her 15-year-old son Myles is rebelling and she is not sure how to handle it. Still, Kari is not immediately thrilled with the actions Myles’s handsome new school guidance counselor is taking.

Eli Evans is a former Air Force officer and can relate to Myles’s feelings regarding his father who was killed in Afghanistan. Eli also finds Kari extremely attractive, but an issue from his past could pose a problem for any prospective relationship. However, an even larger obstacle is Kari’s residual anger and complicated emotions towards the military and her late husband.

In the small town of Paradox Lake, fate (with a little help from Eli’s mother), keeps pushing them together. Can Kari and Eli leave the past behind them and find a way forward to new love?

Sweet Kisses is a sweet contemporary romance anthology collection with twenty-one original, never-before-seen stories from bestselling and award-winning authors, the Sweet Kisses Box Set is only available for a limited time, so one-click your copy for 99¢ before it's gone. Twenty-one swoon-worthy heroes. Twenty-one chances to fall in love. Twenty-one happily-ever-afters. 100% of preorder profits donated to Pets for Vets!

Buy Link:

A Little Something Sweet

Laura Ashwood

A woman returning home for a new beginning; a man who returned home to focus on raising his son; the project that brings them face-to-face with their past.

Megan Turner fled Florence, Colorado with a broken heart, never intending to return. When her mother is diagnosed with cancer, Megan doesn’t hesitate to return to the town that holds so many memories. Thank goodness the man that destroyed her dreams moved to California. What she doesn’t count on is a magical coffee shop with a message of hope and a bakery that will put her faith to the test.

Jake Sullivan had it all; but in a moment of weakness, his life changed forever. Now he’s back in Florence trying to heal his pride and build a life for his young son. He loves his job restoring old buildings and he just landed a job repairing the abandoned bakery for its new owner. What he didn’t count on was seeing his first love and having to face the mistakes of his past.

Neither willing to budge, Megan and Jake devise a schedule to spend the least amount of time together possible; but fate and the Java Cupid have other plans. Can they rediscover a connection they once had? What happens as Megan falls in love with Jake’s son and dreams of a new future? When Jake’s past comes calling, will their new dream be destroyed, or will Megan and Jake cook up A Little Something Sweet?

Purchase here: 

At the Rainbow's End
Susan Aylworth

 Book 2 in the Rainbow Rock Romances

Alexa Babbidge is about to hit it big as a Hollywood scriptwriter — if only her car will cooperate. Stranded near Rainbow Rock, Arizona, she’s rescued by Could-Be-Mr-Right. Too bad she isn't looking for romance! But she is looking for a job, at least until she can reschedule her meeting in movieland.

Kurt McAllister is looking for a scriptwriter, not a wife. But Alexa fits easily into his video production company, and almost as easily into his life. As they work together, taping a documentary about Navajo weaving, he longs to persuade her to stay.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Ideas for your Next Staycation from Kimberly Rose Johnson

If you're anything like me you are looking for local things to do this summer. I am fortunate to live less than two hours from the coast, the mountains, multiple lakes, parks, and two large cites.
Since I don't know anything about where you live, I'm going to use my area to make suggestions. I hope you are able to adapt a couple suggestions to where you live.

  • Go for a picnic at a lake or even in your own backyard.
  • Take a bike ride alone paved trails or go or a mountain bike ride.
  • If you have a swimming pool, plan a day outdoors. Suggested ideas: swim, read, yoga, play water games, picnic. The key is to make it special. 
  • Take a walk through a park you don't often go to.
  • Go hiking.
  • Have a socially distanced ice cream party, then hang a sheet on the side of your house and watch a movie outdoors--I have a scene like this in A Waltz for Amber.
  • A picture scavenger hunt. Come up with a list of things to find, then take a picture of the item when you find it. The first one to have a picture of everything wins.
  • A campout in your backyard. 
What other ideas can you come up with? Have you taken a staycation? What did you do?

I mentioned my book A Waltz for Amber which gave me an idea to offer you a special deal. I've complied this book along with the rest of the books in the series into one collection titled Melodies of Love
For a very limited time you can pick it up for only 99¢. 
It's only available at Amazon.

Award winning author Kimberly Rose Johnson married her college sweetheart and lives in the Pacific Northwest. From a young child Kimberly has been an avid reader. That love of reading fostered a creative mind and led to her passion for writing. She especially loves romance and writes contemporary romance that warms the heart and feeds the soul as well as romantic mystery and suspense.

Kimberly holds a degree in Behavioral Science from Northwest University in Kirkland, Washington, and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers.

You can sign up for Kimberly's newsletter via her website at:

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Sweet Bargain Books

Booby traps explode into flame endangering tourists on the shore of Lake Superior. Can the new sheriff live down his wild youth and catch the culprit? And what about one of the targets, the single mom trying to start a coffee-shop bakery. The sheriff wonders is he worthy of her?







 New Release by Josie Riviera 
Celebrate Christmas in July with

Cozy up and lose yourself in this wonderful season of love.
Set includes:
Sweet Peppermint Kisses
There’s no place like home. Until the heart gallops off in an unexpected direction…
A Chocolate-Box Christmas
Love is sweeter with a touch of mischief.
Holly’s Gift
Miracles don’t always come easy. Sometimes it takes a secret wish to light an angel’s way.

Grab your copy today before price goes up. Also available in Paperback and Large Print Paperback.
FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

The Prodigal's Shotgun Wedding

❤️ Sale Price 99 Cents! ❤️

A prodigal’s hope for a happy homecoming is derailed

Clay left home after his brother’s death—a death for which he was responsible. After years away he’s finally returning, hoping for reconciliation with his father. But when the stagecoach he’s riding in wrecks and he is injured, he finds himself in a fight for survival.

Jolie is fleeing a nightmare situation. She desperately hopes becoming a mail-order bride doesn’t land her in a worse place. When the stage crashes and she spends the night alone with a wounded man, she wonders if her intended will still want her. If he doesn’t, what will she do? She has no money and nowhere to go.

Grad a copy at 99 cents before the price goes up. Free on Kindle Unlimited.

Click here to Buy

Christmas In July Bargain Books by Kristin Wallace

Christmas in Shellwater Key (Boxset) - Now on sale for .99 cents!
Shellwater Key Tales

This boxset contains 3 Shellwater Key Christmas novellas. The main stories in the series center around three childhood friends who revive the old Paradise Dinner Theatre. The holiday novellas venture beyond the theatre.

Spend Christmas in sunny Florida where palm trees sway on a warm breeze and the scent of saltwater tinges the air. You'll fall in love with these three couples as THEY find love in the most unexpected ways. 

Finding You At Christmas (Janie & Caleb's story)
Falling For You At Christmas (Cassie & Jared's story)
Loving You At Christmas (Annaliese & Duke's story)


Second Chance Christmas Now on sale for .99 cents!
Palm Cove Tales

This book is part of my Palm Cove Tales series. It’s the follow-up to the Heiress Games trilogy. It features desperate single mom, Mia Reynolds, the cousin of security expert Damon Grant (who appeared in the Heiress Games books).

Ten years ago, Mia Reynolds and Winthrop Barrington spent one magical Christmas together. Until lies and manipulation at the hands of Win’s wealthy family tore them apart and left Mia to raise a daughter on her own. Now, both of them have returned to their hometown of Palm Cove, Florida. Once they uncover the truth, can Mia and Win rediscover the love they lost and celebrate a Second Chance Christmas with their daughter?

Only 99¢ from July 15-22, 2020. Regularly priced at $5.99. Available at Amazon.
Three heart-warming stories featuring strong women who know what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it.
A Love Song for Kayla
A young business owner discovers that things aren’t always what they seem when she meets a mystery man hiding out in her small town.
An Encore for Estelle
A former Hollywood actress turned restaurateur finds small town life to be more than she imagined when she volunteers at the children’s theater. But it’s not without its bumps thanks to the handsome theater director.
A Waltz for Amber
A local ballet teacher and a high school choir teacher are at odds over their holiday performances. Can these two overcome their differences and find true harmony in time for Christmas?

And More Christmas In July from 
Jean C. Gordon
❤️ Only 99 Cents! ❤️

Friendship, memories and wishes are powerful things and in the small town of Snowflake, Colorado they combine to form a memorial to a lost friend. Following her death, Charity Hart left six of her close high school friends, including Caro Price, fifteen hundred dollars each and an assignment to use that money to grant someone else’s secret wish by Christmas. 

Temporarily back in Snowflake to help her beloved grandmother recover from an illness, nurse practitioner Caro is on the hunt for a recipient for her secret angel gift. A chance encounter in a specialty store focuses Caro’s interest on a red-headed little girl fascinated by a nativity scene. 

Caro’s grandmother has matchmaking on her mind as she pushes Caro and her neighbor, Simon Novak, together. It turns out that Simon coaches the little redhead’s older brother at the high school. With Simon’s help, Caro tries to learn more about the family and it quickly becomes apparent that the widowed mother and her two children are struggling financially. But is there more going on than meets the eye, for Caro sees flashes of fear in their eyes. 

Christmas is the season of wishes, and Caro, with God's guidance, is determined to make one little girl’s dream a reality! And, maybe, just maybe, fulfill a dream of her own!