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July New Releases

Oath of Honor - To Protect and Serve
Laura Scott

Betrayed by love!

Tactical police officer Roscoe Turner is shocked when his former girlfriend Libby Hall shows up on his doorstep six months pregnant with his child. Bullets start to fly before they have a chance to talk. A killer has followed Libby to Wisconsin all the way from Texas and it’s up to Roscoe to keep her and their unborn child safe.

Frightened and angry, Libby knows this mess is Roscoe’s fault. If he hadn’t lied to her, she wouldn’t be in a killer’s crosshairs. Yet as they dodge danger at every turn, Libby is forced to realize Roscoe is the only person standing between her and a painful death. Will they get a second chance at love?

Holiday Hearts Volume 5
Josie Riviera

Get ready to be swept away by the enchanting spirit of Christmas with this heartwarming collection of three sweet and clean romances in one boxed set.

The sweet holiday romances included in the set are:
1-800-New Year
Christmas in the Air
Cocoa's Christmas Love

Only $2.99 for a limited time.

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June New Releases

Summer Suspicions:
Ten Christian Romantic Suspense Novels

Escape into a world of love, mystery, and faith with these ten Christian romantic suspense novels. Today's bestselling Christian fiction authors are bringing you ten page-turning, action-packed adventures filled with unforgettable characters, adrenaline-pumping mysteries, and heartwarming romance.

Summer suspicions lurk everywhere in small towns and in the countryside, as well as in the cities and on the coast. Cowboys, protectors, former military, single moms, pastors, good friends, sheriffs, missing children, hostages, fugitives, heroes, villains, and more, all in one limited-edition boxed set collection just for the summer of 2024 only.

Read all new novels by these favorite authors!

Toils and Snares
by USA Today bestselling author Alana Terry

In the heart of Alaska, a young woman unravels a tangled web of deceit about the family she's about to marry into, all while trying to hide secrets that could ruin not only her life but the lives of everyone she loves.

Cowboy Uncertainty (The Cowboys of Misty Hollow)
by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Cynthia Hickey

When Pressley Hamilton arrives in Misty Hollow to purchase investment property next to the Rocking W Ranch, she had no idea the secrets buried deep in the earth. Can a handsome cowboy keep her safe when all seems lost?

Escaping with You
by USA Today bestselling author Robin Patchen

Logan’s plan to avoid his lost love goes awry when a gunman ambushes them, sending them on the run in the Maine woods.

Seven Year Rich (Millionaire Suspense Book 3)
by award-winning author Terry Toler

What will happen to a struggling young pastor and his wife when they win the largest lottery jackpot in history?

Night Watchman (A Scorpion Team Book)
by USA Today bestselling author Mary Alford

When a waitress stumbles upon a notebook left behind at an all-night diner, she finds herself in a desperate fight to live with the help of man who is more than a customer.

The Last time She Saw Her (North Woods Chronicles Book 3)
by award-winning author Adam Blumer

When Crystal Thayer's best friend goes missing, suspicion points to her stalker boyfriend. But is someone else to blame?

Hidden from View (Montana Peril Series Book 2)
by USA Today bestselling author Lesley Ann McDaniel

When a recently widowed young mother discovers that her toddler has gone missing, she must accept the protection of a handsome sheriff or risk becoming the target of a killer.

Water Fall
by award-winning author Linda K. Rodante

A flood, a boy’s rescue, a dead body. Can Annalisa Carrabelle keep the boy safe from a killer who wants to kill again?

Sushi and Suspicions
by USA Today bestselling author Camy Tang

Trouble follows Liv on her vacation to Hawaii when she is framed for the theft of an antique rifle. Only a handsome investigator can help clear her name…and maybe give her a reason to stay in the islands.

Never a Fugitive (Defender Sweethearts Book 3)
USA Today bestselling author Jan Thompson

Clean small-town romantic suspense
Roxanne Rustand

Has she just made the worst decision of her life?

Her husband walked out on her and their three, recently adopted children--children who desperately need a sense of security.
The children are her world, and she will do anything to keep them safe.
So now she has moved far away to a quaint small town in Northern Wisconsin, to start her new career as the administrator of Blackberry Hill Hospital.

But all is not what it seemed when she took the job.
The hospital death count is rising. And when a man from her past shows up, she must keep a dark secret from him...or risk everything she holds dear.


Oath of Honor Series Book 4 
Laura Scott  

Oath of Honor – To protect and serve.

Dangerous research…

Microbiologist Dr. Eve Shaw is stunned to narrowly miss being blown up by an explosion in the research institute where she works. Even more so to realize the bomb that had been planted in her office was set to go off during her presentation. Her research is aimed to help find the cure for disease, so why would someone want her dead?

Tactical Police Officer Grayson Clark rushes to Eve’s side in the aftermath of the explosion. Having known Eve from high school chemistry, he is just as stumped over why she had been targeted. Yet as he tries to keep her safe, it becomes clear the bomber will not stop until he’s gotten rid of Eve for good. Can Grayson find the killer before it’s too late?




From fashionable 1820 New Orleans society, Miss Della Mott is now bound for frontier Spanish Texas where anything might happen.

When her stepfather hears of Stephen Austin's agreement with Spain to allow Anglo-Americanos to settle on free land in colonial Texas, the impulsive man packs up family, slaves, and their remaining possessions in wagons, traveling north along the trading route to Texas. Della, the realist, knows she can't depend on her inept, volatile stepfather. Who will provide the protection and guidance they will need to survive? 

Quinn, son of an American scout and a Cherokee mother, is heading home to Texas. A horse trader, he has failed in New Orleans to obtain a thoroughbred colt for breeding. Along the way, he meets with Della’s family. He is struck by her dignity and strength.

But he also recognizes that Della’s stepfather will lead them into disaster and perhaps death. He can't ignore her need. And so begins their unspoken alliance into wild frontier Texas. 

Unfortunately, someone else's twisted agenda will endanger them all.

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February New Releases

Lyn Cote

A spunky heroine takes on a wounded hero as partner, but will they keep it strictly business?

Independent Kat, short for Katherine, Simmons lost her father a year ago. Now the family business, a garden nursery, is in danger because of his medical expenses. She's forced to take on a partner from the big city.

A year ago Gage Farrell's life changed due to a fatal boating accident. He's recovered mostly but lost a fiancée and has forsaken his workaholic lifestyle. He senses his new partner is prickly and uneasy with their partnership. He wants to keep matters all business too. But only heaven knows if they will succeed!

Don’t miss this sweet, sometimes humorous, small-town romance by USA Today bestselling author Lyn Cote.


Laura Scott

From USA Today Bestselling Author Laura Scott

Medical drama from the Monroe Family!

A deathbed promise…

Firefighter Austin Monroe knows his partner’s death is his fault. Guilt he’d take to his grave. When he’s called to the scene of a local fire, he’s surprised to find Lindsey and her young son among the victims. He wants to help, to fulfill his promise to his partner, but Lindsey is just as determined to go it alone.

Lindsey didn’t want Austin to know the truth about the pile of debt she’d uncovered after her husband’s death. Discovering the truth had shattered her, in more ways than one. She didn’t want or need Austin’s pity, but the more time she spent with him, the more she found herself longing for more. But how could she possibly learn to trust her heart, again?

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Laura Scott

The key to staying alive—lies buried in forgotten memories…

Ten years ago, forensic artist Jacy Urban escaped her abductor with no memory of that night. Now two teenage girls are missing, and all signs indicate that the same kidnapper is back on the hunt. When Jacy is attacked, it’s clear she’s the assailant’s next target. Only Detective Cash Rawson is there to rescue her—again. Can Cash help Jacy recover her memories before she’s silenced for good?

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January New Releases

Josie Riviera

Pawfect Christmas Hearts: A Heartwarming Sweet, Clean, and Wholesome Holiday Romance Collection Featuring Books from the Puppies for Christmas Series

Get ready to be transported to the coziest corners of small-town charm, where love blooms like winter flowers, and the magic of Christmas is accompanied by the pitter-patter of tiny paws. In the "Puppies for Christmas" series, enjoy a heartwarming journey filled with sweet, clean, inspirational, and wholesome romance that will leave you inspired and smiling. 
Releases January 17th

Laura Scott

Oath of Honor - To protect and serve…

Pregnant and in a killer’s crosshairs!

When Harper Crane is nearly abducted outside the law office where she works as an administrative assistant, she’s grateful two police officers are there to rescue her. At seven months pregnant she has no idea why someone is coming after her, especially since her criminal ex-husband is dead. She wants nothing more than to return to her boring life, but the attacks against her escalate, giving her little choice but to accept Steele’s protection.

Tactical police officer Steele Delaney believes someone within Harper’s ex-husband’s criminal enterprise is responsible for attacking her. Then key evidence is found in Harper’s apartment, indicating she’s being framed. He only trusts his fellow officers and members of the Finnegan family. Staying under the radar isn’t easy, but neither is protecting his heart. Can he keep Harper and her baby safe long enough to plan their future?

December New Releases

Josie Riviera

A florist's Wishing Blooms rekindles the faded Christmas spirit of a disillusioned hometown photographer, but can her cheer, a rescued pup, and the magic of the season revive his holiday hope and love?

November New Releases

Merrillee Whren

When Ella Hayden moves to Hallburg, Maryland, with her six-year-old daughter, Joy, Ella hopes to find a new job. She is excited to be in her cousin’s wedding and to move into her apartment. But she doesn’t expect an encounter with her cousin’s old two-timing boyfriend, Tony Zanetti, or the job offer in his family’s restaurant.

Tony’s life has taken a turn for the worse with the loss of his finance job and his fiancée. He wants to help his mom make the family restaurant a viable operation, but he doesn’t want this gig long-term. When Ella asks him to adopt a cute puppy in hopes that Joy will eventually love it, he agrees—in his efforts to be a better person.

As Tony and Ella interact, he fears falling for another woman too fast, and Ella is leery of his track record with women. Will Joy be able to bring Tony and her mom together with the help of a cute pup? 

Laura Scott

Tracked by a killer…


While paying their last respects to her father, widower Shelby Copeland and her daughter Eva are targeted by a gunman during the graveside service. If not for staff sergeant Aiden Finnegan, they’d both be dead. Especially since they are found again at Shelby’s home. Shelby teaches fourth graders, there’s no reason for anyone to harm her. Unless this is related to her deceased husband or father.


A young mother and her daughter should never be in harm’s way, and Aiden is determined to keep them both safe. Yet it soon becomes clear that someone within the Army National Guard is responsible for these attacks and will not hesitate to kill anyone who gets in his way. Shelby has no love for the army, even less so now that the truth has been revealed. Is it possible for these opposites to find common ground, and a future, together? 


Pat Simmons

The next generation of the Jamiesons wants to make this the best Christmas celebration ever. Presents aren't required. With the help of their Robnett cousins, sisters Kami and Victoria are creating traditional and new dishes for their family. What's not on the menu is romance. But the holidays are the perfect time to fall in love. Who can resist, and who is willing to take the chance? Enjoy this holiday novella.

Merri Mayweather

Charlotte and Rex will need some prodding to see there’s something beneath the surface of their friendship. Maybe two dogs, adopted on the same day?

Charlotte knew adopting Louis would solve all of her problems. Her four-legged companion helps her with social media, keeps her company, and introduces her to her new best friend, Rex.

Rex knows a good person when he sees one. Charlotte is a motivational dynamo who has him believing he can earn a spot in the National Coffee Brewers Competition. Her understanding of his dog validates that she’s someone he might want in his life. But there’s one problem.

It’s Christmas.

Rex doesn’t believe in falling in love during the holidays. He knows the smiles and looks of admiration will fade when the music changes and the decorations are stored away.

And that’s what makes Charlotte so special.

When Charlotte and Rex encounter an unexpected surprise, they discover that something stronger than the holiday spirit is bringing them together. If they don’t pay attention, they’ll lose more than what they bargained for.


October New Releases

Critical Response
Laura Scott

Held hostage at knifepoint…

As a nurse in the emergency department, Alanna Finnegan is accustomed to taking care of patients with gunshot wounds. But when she is taken hostage with a scalpel blade at her throat, she knows the ruthless gang member won’t hesitate to kill her. Police officer Reed Carmichael doesn’t hesitate to shoot and kill the man holding her captive and she is relieved the nightmare is over. Except, it isn’t.

Reed is placed on administrative leave after shooting Ivan “Ice” Garcia, only to find his rookie partner murdered. When he takes Alanna home, danger continues to stalk their every move. Nothing makes sense, especially members of a gang having the resources to find them. Reed and Alanna can only trust the Finnegan siblings to keep them safe. With a price on Reed’s head, time is running out. Will they uncover the truth in time to celebrate their newfound love?

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Camy Tang

Enjoy 12 brand-new sweet and inspirational Christian love stories of second chances, friends to more, unrequited love, new beginnings, and much more from 12 beloved romance novelists. Merry Christmas, everyone!

The Lone Rice Ball
by USA Today bestselling author Camy Tang

Mimi’s apology to an old crush embroils her in a drug investigation and might lead to a second chance at love in Hawaii.

Pat Simmons

Grandma BB, the unofficial matriarch of the Jamieson clan, is getting her house in order for the perfect homegoing celebration. After all, she’s eighty-something.

She summons Parke Jamieson VI, his brothers, cousins, and their families to play a part in the practice funeral program—only if they follow her instructions to the letter.

Since the Jamiesons are at her house with bodyguards Chip and Dale, they might have an impromptu family game night.

The evening is full of surprises, especially when an unexpected visitor shows up to steal the show. With more work that needs to be done, Grandma BB plans to put her funeral on hold and stick around for a couple more generations.

September New Releases

Tracked Through the Woods
Laura Scott

Targeted by the mob…and there’s no place to hide.

Abby Miller is determined to find her missing FBI informant father before the mafia does, but time is ticking away. Someone tried to kill her father before he disappeared—and now gunmen are on her trail. Teaming with Agent Wyatt Kane is her only chance to uncover an FBI mole—and survive the mob. But finding the truth could uncover deadly secrets…and lead them into a dangerous trap.