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September New Releases

Tracked Through the Woods
Laura Scott

Targeted by the mob…and there’s no place to hide.

Abby Miller is determined to find her missing FBI informant father before the mafia does, but time is ticking away. Someone tried to kill her father before he disappeared—and now gunmen are on her trail. Teaming with Agent Wyatt Kane is her only chance to uncover an FBI mole—and survive the mob. But finding the truth could uncover deadly secrets…and lead them into a dangerous trap. 

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July New Releases

Josie Riviera

Fall in love with clean, wholesome, and cozy small-town romance, filled with delightful characters and brimming with holiday joy! ★★

THREE clean, sweet, wholesome, and inspirational contemporary romances—exclusively in one collection. These small-town stories are filled with delightful, captivating characters, and their beloved pets. Their perseverance will warm your heart and rekindle your belief in love, Christmas, and Happily-Ever-After.

This collection includes 3 books:
A Christmas Puppy To Cherish
A Christmas To Cherish
Sweet Peppermint Kisses

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Pat Simmons

New Christian convert Tally Gilbert knows the power of prayer and the pain of walking away. The love of her life, Randall Addams, won’t surrender to the Lord, so Tally ends the relationship. What will it take for Randall to turn to God? Will Tally’s prayers be answered, or will Randall—and their love—be lost forever? Don’t underestimate a woman who knows how to pray. If the devil wants a battle, he picks the wrong woman to fight.

Laura Scott 

Walking the line between danger and love…


Undercover memory loss…

Coast Guard Lieutenant Quinn Finnegan is shocked when he rescues his believed-to-be-dead, former fiancée, Sami Lopez out of the middle of Lake Michigan. But even more stunning is the fact that Sami doesn’t remember who she is or why she was crossing the lake in a storm. Since Sami was a former cop, it’s possible she may have been working undercover in a case that had gone terribly wrong. The boat explosion was no accident. And when the threats against Sami escalate, it’s difficult to know who they can trust.

Sami can’t ignore the desperate sense of urgency plaguing her. There is something critically important she needs to do. But what? The only reason she was still alive was thanks to Quinn and his Finnegan siblings. Given the attraction between them, it didn’t make sense that she’d left him two years earlier. Will they survive long enough to learn the truth, and have a second chance at love? 


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June New Releases

Lyn Cote

Their chance at first love slipped through their fingers—now a second chance, will they let their attraction grow to true love?

Abby Kirkland, a successful fundraiser for a big city botanical garden, faces a life-changing decision. In order to make the right choice, she visits her beloved great-aunt in Florida. Will she have to upend her life? Then unexpectedly she crosses paths with Dr. Marco De Palma. She knew him at university in Florida, almost a decade ago.

Marco never thought to meet Abby again. Even though now he is aN MD, the chances of a lady like her falling in love with the son of immigrants from Santa Domingo still looks impossible to him. And besides, he has a goal he must achieve for the good of many and that needs all his attention. No time for love.

Yet as they work together on a charity project, they can't deny the re-igniting of their connection. Will old insecurities and mistaken perceptions keep them apart again? Or will they finally believe that they too have a right to a second chance at love?

An emotional sweet romance with the promise of a happily ever after you’ll savor by USA Today Bestselling Author of over fifty romances.


Laura Scott 

A killer at large.

A witness in peril.

After witnessing a murder outside of her café, Rachel Miller runs for her life and turns to Amish farmer Jacob Strauss for protection. Now in a killer’s sights, Rachel and Jacob must figure out how to keep her safe. After evading several kidnapping attempts, Rachel realizes the danger may be linked to her past—but searching for hidden truths could prove deadly. 


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Pat Simmons

New Christian convert Tally Gilbert knows the power of prayer and the pain of walking away. She’s witnessed family and friends' healing, salvation, and deliverance. There’s one holdout, and he’s at the top of her prayer list. The love of her life, Randall Addams, won’t surrender to the Lord, so Tally ends the relationship. What will it take for Randall to turn to God? Will Tally’s prayers be answered, or will Randall—and their love—be lost forever?

Don’t underestimate a woman who knows how to pray, has backup, and believes “The Word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing the soul from the spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” Hebrews 4:12. If the devil wants a battle, he picked the wrong woman to fight.

May New Releases

Laura Scott

Kidnapped in the dead of night!

Grace Ramsey is horrified when she realizes her six-year-old son Caleb has been snatched from his bed at midnight. The only man who can help her now is FBI Agent Brady Finnegan, Caleb's biological father. She had good reasons for keeping their son a secret, and while Brady does not agree, they decide their priority is to find Caleb and bring him home.

Brady is furious to learn he's been betrayed by the woman he once loved, but manages to thrust those feelings aside in order to find the missing boy. As he and Grace follow one lead after another, his anger and resentment fades and they grow closer together in their shared mission. They can't change the past, but they can rebuild their future. If they can find Caleb in time...

The 1-800-Series Complete Collection

 6 Sweet Contemporary Romances

Josie Riviera

A house flipper looking for a quick profit. A survivor with a dream. Can two broken hearts find a place to call home?

Taking the high road is a whole lot easier with someone to love…

A strong-minded Irishwoman pursuing her dream. A disillusioned businessman ready to retire. Can two determined people separated by years find true love at the end of a rainbow?

The last thing she can fix is her own life. Until one man's offer changes everything.

1-800-NEW YEAR
Her lost love is back in town. Is he back for a second chance…or closure?

Christmas in the Air
What if you told your innermost secrets to a guy you assumed you'd never see again?

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April New Releases

The 1-800 Series Volume 2
Josie Riviera

The last thing she can fix is her own life. Until one man’s offer changes everything.

1-800-NEW YEAR
Her lost love is back in town. Is he back for a second chance…or closure?

Christmas in the Air
What if you told your innermost secrets to a guy you assumed you’d never see again?

Roxanne Rustand

What happens when a woman loses nearly everything--her husband, her home, and her reputation, and is suspected of a crime she didn't commit?

A legacy, her late aunt's small-town cafe--is Beth's chance to rebuild a secure life for her little girl far, far from Chicago, though little Lone Wolf, Texas, might not be quite ready for the sort of ruffles and lace café she has in mind.

That can all be sorted out. But when a dangerous stranger from her past follows her there...

Camille Elliot

A Christian Historical Adventure set in Regency England with slow-burn romance and a supernatural twist
Part six in an epic-length serial novel

Lady Wynwood has discovered the gardening notebooks belonging to Bianca Jadis, the deceased mistress of the late Lord Wynwood and a former member of the treasonous group, the Citadel. However, the team is dismayed to discover that parts of the notebooks have been written in some sort of code.

Mr. Sol Drydale has kept hidden the fact that the notebooks have been found because he is unable to fully trust his superior officers at the Ramparts, the secret branch of the Alien Office. After all, when one of his own was kidnapped, the men who should have assisted him had seemed more interested in obtaining the Root potion that gives men supernatural strength.

But then two Ramparts agents bring information about an opportunity to capture the poisoner Apothecary Jack, one of the members of the Citadel. Sol is ordered to integrate these newcomers into his group, then plan a daring raid upon Jack’s new laboratory.

When things take an unexpected turn, Sol is faced with a terrible choice. Will he disobey orders, or will he forfeit the life of someone he holds dear?

PLEASE NOTE: Like the novels published in Jane Austen’s time, this is a novel in multiple parts. Each volume has a completed story arc, but this is NOT a stand-alone novel and the story continues in volume 7.

March New Releases

Laura Scott

Bodyguard for the Assistant District Attorney!

Deputy Kyleigh Finnegan has always admired ADA Baxter Scala’s determination to bring criminals to justice. But his upcoming trial proves to be the most dangerous one yet. When gunfire rings out, missing him by inches, Kyleigh is assigned to protect him. Yet her goal to keep him alive is more difficult than she could have imagined.


Bax refuses to let anything, even a few attempts on his life get in the way of sending a famous musician to jail for murder. Having beautiful Kyleigh Finnegan as his protection detail, though was not part of the plan. She’s skilled and smart, but having a woman throwing herself in the line of fire for him, doesn’t sit well. He should be protecting her, not the other way around. Yet the more time he spends with Kyleigh, the more he realizes he doesn’t want to let her go. If he can survive long enough to bring a murderer to justice, his next task will be to convince her to stick close to his side, permanently. 


Laura Scott

A K-9 Unit has a child to protect…and a murderer to catch.

A double murder and an attempted kidnapping of a baby in a national park have Officer Danica Hayes and her K-9 partner on high alert. She’ll have to protect Luke Stark and his nine-month-old son while tracking the person who murdered his sister. Danica and Luke face a battle for their lives to keep from becoming the next victims.

Lyn Cote

Can a shy girl find her moxie and her hometown hero? Or “let” him win her?

Food blogger and columnist Hannah, recently “unengaged,” strikes out to help her parents get settled in their new house and show them the new forceful Hannah. When she arrives, what meets her eye— just a foundation! What’s wrong with the builder—Guthrie?

How can Hannah achieve her hopes of helping her parents get settled well before snow flies. As she pursues her goal which involves the hardworking good-guy Guthrie, she and Guthrie both battle any temptation to love again. What will it take to bring these two stubborn hearts to a second chance at love?

Don’t miss this heartwarming story of love, faith and the power of forgiveness by a USA Today Bestselling author of over fifty romances.


February New Releases

Laura Scott

Cold Case Justice!

When Joy Munson confronts Detective Tarin Finnegan about reopening her brother’s case, she doesn’t expect to be shot at by an unknown assailant. And when the gunman strikes three more times in less than twenty-four hours, she and Tarin are forced to accept the truth. Her brother hadn’t committed suicide, he’d been murdered.

Tarin’s promise to keep Joy safe isn’t easy to keep. It seems as if the gunman knows their every move. Unwilling to trust anyone but his family, Tarin and Joy go completely off-grid. Uncovering the truth is just as difficult as ignoring their mutual attraction. Will they find justice for Joy’s brother, and a possible future for themselves, before it’s too late?

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Jean C. Gordon

She’s never had a champion before. She doesn’t need one now.

High school history teacher Becca Norton is too sensible to expect a fairy tale life with a knight in shining armor. But she never dreamed she’d be on her own, a divorced single mother fighting for her kids, her home, and her heart. The last thing she needs is a reformed bad boy on a vintage motorcycle “rescuing” her. And taking her breath away.

Motocross champion and local bad-boy-made-good Jared Donnelly is back in Paradox Lake. He’s here to give back to his hometown and polish up the tarnished Donnelly family name. With a motocross school to give needed guidance and encouragement to troubled kids like himself, he doesn’t have time for a romance with Becca. She was out of his reach in high school, and with the even more complications of single motherhood, she should be off limits now. Except he can’t deny the attraction when old flames fan hot. What starts as simple attraction becomes a complex battle for a happy ever after Jared never knew he wanted so bad.

Jared’s hitting too close to home for Becca, with the proximity of his school and the growing connection between Jared and her son. It doesn’t matter that Jared’s kindness to her and the kids melts her long-frozen heart. She can handle her life and family just fine. She should be pumping the breaks with him, especially considering the brewing trouble with her inlaws over custody of her kids and the bad blood with the Donnellys. No good can come of tangling with the town bad boy, no matter how much he’s reformed. Her heart, however, has other plans and is fighting for the happy ending and all the fairy tale feels love has to offer. How high will the price tag be, and is she ready to pay?

Could the best way for Jared to show his love for Becca be to walk away from her and Paradox Lake or to stay and fight—winner takes all? Find out in this engaging small-town sweet romance with a hint of historical family intrigue.

And More:

Merillee Whren

Millionaire Hudson Conrick doesn’t know what to make of Melody Hammond on their blind date. He’s used to women who chase after him because of his family name and fortune. So when she turns him down for a second date, he is more than curious about the pretty ministry director at The Village of Hope. His interest prompts him to make a bid on the women’s shelter expansion at The Village of Hope. When Conrick Construction wins the bid, he hopes he'll get to know her better.

He soon learns that Melody is a cautious person because of her painful past, and she wants no part of Hudson’s adventuresome life. Can he convince her that his reckless ways are behind him—and that he’s the perfect man for her?


A community built on love





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January New Releases

Laura Scott

Stalked by a bomber!

When Devon Thompson’s car explodes at the click of her key fob, she doesn’t want to believe she was targeted on purpose. But when the next bomb is found in her apartment, she can’t ignore the fact that someone wants her dead. Trusting Captain Rhyland Finnegan with the truth isn’t easy, but soon she realizes Rhy is an honorable man who will go above and beyond to keep her safe.

As the oldest of nine kids, Rhy has spent the ten years since his parents’ death keeping the Finnegan family together. His personal life has been on hold, until now. Keeping Devon alive is a priority, yet he can’t ignore the attraction between them. When the bomber succeeds in wiring Devon to a suicide bomb, there isn’t a second to lose. Rhy risks his life for hers, but if they manage to survive, Rhy knows his next job will be to convince Devon to join the Finnegan family . . . forever.

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December New Releases


Cheryl St. John

A tormented man driven to seclusion…
A relentless beauty who won’t take no for an answer…

Shaine Richards’ sister and nephew were in a car that went off a bridge into the river. Maggie’s body was the only one recovered. Searchers said Jack could have been snagged below or washed up anywhere. But when Shaine dreams of the toddler, he’s alive. Therapists advise her to let go.
She’s tried to let go. But the dreams won’t let her. 

Shaine knows Jack is alive and something terrible is about to happen to him. The only man who can help her doesn’t want to be found—or involved. Austin Allen is a man who knows and sees more than most people will in their entire lifetimes. His mountain sanctuary is key to self-preservation. His gift holds the answers she needs. She must convince the enigmatic man to help before it’s too late.
But there’s another dark and mystifying complication...
Shaine has dreamed of Austin as well.


Kimberly Rose Johnson

When a young boy’s life is threatened, his dad will do anything to keep him safe, including eliciting the help of his single and beautiful school teacher.

One of Hope Creek, Montana’s most desired single men has his hands full this Christmas with a new puppy litter, work, and a rambunctious young son. Now, someone has threatened to harm his son if he doesn’t reveal the location of a mystery woman.

Second-grade teacher, Bethany Evans, loves her job, but she wants more. Could Toby and his dad hold the key to making this Christmas extra special, or will the trouble they are facing not only ruin Christmas but destroy their lives in the process?

From Selah award-winning author, a Christian romance novella with a touch of mystery and suspense.


Merri Maywether

Come visit the Winter Wonderland Inn and get wrapped up in the holiday season.

This will be Noelle’s first Christmas alone with her younger sister Adrianna. When the manager of the Winter Wonderland Inn says she can bring her sister to work for the season, she knows it will be a holiday that will heal her sister's tender heart.

Kristopher, with a K, wants to sneeze every time he hears the jingle of holiday bells. The self-proclaimed grinch would prefer to stay in the comfort of his home and eat prepared meals until people settle down from the holiday madness. The only thing that can pull him out of his house is a phone call from an ailing uncle.

Kristopher's grumpy heart doesn't stand a chance when he joins forces with Noelle to make it a Christmas worth remembering. She's hoping the small town holiday season will bring him a gift he'll cherish long after the calendar page is turned.