Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Bargain Books!

Lady Wynwood’s Spies, volume 2: Berserker is on sale!

For seven days, from January 30th until February 5th, book 2 in the Lady Wynwood’s Spies series is only 99 cents. If you haven’t gotten it yet, be sure to snatch it up while it’s at this sale price.

Here’s the back cover description:

A Christian Historical Adventure set in Regency England with romance and a supernatural twist
Part two in an epic-length serial novel

A dire situation

Mr. Solomon Drydale and his team are reeling. After only a single act of mayhem by underworld lord Apothecary Jack, one of their group is down and another is missing.

An urgent plea

Desperate, Sol acts on his forbidden knowledge of an agent for the Crown who is known only to the highest levels of government—le petit prince, master of disguises. He defies his superiors and asks the Prince for help.

A hazardous hunt

Now, the team must learn to work with a new member to save one of their own. But time is running out before Jack finds him and breaks him—and puts all of their lives at risk.

PLEASE NOTE: Like the novels published in Jane Austen’s time, this is a novel in multiple parts. Each volume has a completed story arc, but this is NOT a stand-alone novel and the story continues in volume 3.

Click here to buy Lady Wynwood’s Spies, volume 2: Berserker for only 99 cents.

Monday, January 30, 2023

Exciting News by Laura Scott @laurascottbooks #laurascottbooks


Good morning! Laura Scott here with some exciting news. Who doesn't love a bargain? The first book in my Smoky Mountain Secrets series is FREE for a limited time! Scroll down to see all the details.

Hailey's Haven is the first book in the series about a group of foster kids who scatter after a fire breaks out in their abusive foster home. Their ideas of faith are warped by a man who is supposed to be teaching God's word. But soon, these kids who are now adults, learn the real meaning of faith. These seven kids are separated by tragedy, but reunited by love. I had so much fun writing this series and the relationships between the foster siblings. And the family reunion in the last book was a great way to wrap the series up. You won't want to miss a single book.

Hailey's Haven by Laura Scott FREE

A safe place to call home...

After escaping her abusive foster parents thirteen years ago, Hailey Donovan thought her nightmare was over. Gatlinburg Tennessee had been a safe place to live, until she's nearly hit by gunfire while hiking the Smoky Mountains. Her instincts are to avoid law enforcement, especially handsome park ranger Rock Wilson, but when more gunfire echoes around them, they're forced to work together to escape. More attempts against Hailey convinces her to leave the city to start over someplace new.

Rock talks her into staying and fighting against the unknown assailant. Rock senses Hailey has been traumatized in the past, and is determined to uncover the mystery surrounding her. As Hailey and Rock seek the truth behind the escalating attacks, Rock realizes he's also in danger of losing his heart. Can Rock provide Hailey the save haven she desperately needs? Or will evil triumph over love?

Amazon B&N Apple GooglePlay Kobo

In addition to having a free book available, I'm thrilled to announce my audiobook Target for Terror is on sale for $0.99 for the entire month of February! If you haven't tried audiobooks, there's no better time than to listen to this story for the bargain price of $0.99. 

Target for Terror Audiobook $0.99

"If you leave on your own, you’ll be dead by morning." 

Critical Care Nurse Natalia Sokolova can’t ignore former FBI Agent Sloan Dryer’s dire warning. The Deputy Prime Minister of Russia dies under her care, her house explodes in front of her eyes and she finds her best friend brutally murdered. Ironically, the only bright spot in this horrific nightmare is Sloan’s bad Ukrainian accent and his willingness to protect her.

Sloan is convinced that someone wants to kill Natalia and when he finds a link to her family, he’s not sure who they can trust. As they run for their lives, and from the attraction simmering between them, they uncover a terrorist plot that could bring the nation to its knees. Time is running out. Can Sloan and Natalia save their country and their future, before it’s too late?

Chirp B&N Apple Kobo

I hope you enjoy these book deals! And if you've never listened to an audiobook, drop me a comment to tell me why. I didn't used to listen to them either, but now I'm hooked! 

Laura Scott

Wednesday, January 25, 2023


January New Releases

Laura Scott

Stalked by a bomber!

When Devon Thompson’s car explodes at the click of her key fob, she doesn’t want to believe she was targeted on purpose. But when the next bomb is found in her apartment, she can’t ignore the fact that someone wants her dead. Trusting Captain Rhyland Finnegan with the truth isn’t easy, but soon she realizes Rhy is an honorable man who will go above and beyond to keep her safe.

As the oldest of nine kids, Rhy has spent the ten years since his parents’ death keeping the Finnegan family together. His personal life has been on hold, until now. Keeping Devon alive is a priority, yet he can’t ignore the attraction between them. When the bomber succeeds in wiring Devon to a suicide bomb, there isn’t a second to lose. Rhy risks his life for hers, but if they manage to survive, Rhy knows his next job will be to convince Devon to join the Finnegan family . . . forever.

Amazon B&N Apple GooglePlay Kobo Laura’s Website

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Birthday Bash by Pat Simmons

How do you celebrate your birthdays--big or subtle?

I like to think of creative ways to make the day memorable. For example, for my daughter's 21st birthday, money was tight, so I asked twenty-one of her friends--young and old--from across the country to call her at a designated time and say, "Hi Simi, I'm Carol, and I'm number six to wish you happy birthday." After each call, she would have to wonder who would call next. "Hey, birthday girl, I'm Eric, number seven..."

It was so much fun hearing her phone ring and watching the schedule.  That was better than a birthday party. 

Years ago, when I hit the big 6-0, I didn't want a party--planned or surprise. I wanted for 60 friends who had touched my life over the years to celebrate with me. In lieu of a gift, they would buy their own dinner at a restaurant we choose.

To this day, that was the best birthday gift ever! Karen was my first childhood friend because our families were friends before we were born. Annette and I became friends in kindergarten. Of course, my stylist was there. Alica had become more like a sister over the thirty years of our friendship. Then there was my teenage party girl, Cookie, who showed up. Can't forget the wonderful ladies I worked at the television station for ten years of my life. They helped my transition from the assignment desk editor to a news writer.

As you can imagine, every guest had a special place in my heart--new and old. My mom, sister and brother-in-law (who passed two years earlier), and brother, who was usually a no-show, came. My heart was full as my in-laws, son, and daughter... making it the best birthday bash ever!

Church folks were on the invite list too. Evelyn--a newer friend-- helped plan the dinner. Finally, Elder Becton, an assistant pastor,  gave the blessings over my life.

It was amazing.

So what do I have planned four years later next month? Somethng low key. Every Friday on Facebook and Youtube, I do a live  show called Fun Friday with another author, Vanessa Riley, and Angela Anderson, an influencer. I'm sure we'll have a good time on my birthday. My sister will join me with the big reveal of my birthday gift on Fun Friday, which we already know what it is...a new kindle. LOL. Birthdays are meant to celebrate life. Every year is a blessing because, since that 60th party, two close family members have passed away. Every day is a gift and I don't plan to waste it. What are some of your best birthday memories?


Pat Simmons is a multi-published Christian romance author of forty-plus titles. She is a self-proclaimed genealogy sleuth passionate about researching her ancestors, then casting them in starring roles in her novels. She is a five-time recipient of the RSJ Emma Rodgers Award for Best Inspirational Romance and recipient of the 2022 Leslie Esdaile Trailblazer Award. Christmas Dinner was also an Emma Award winner for Book of the Year. Christmas Dinner and Here for You were featured in Woman’s World Magazine.

As a Christian, Pat describes the evidence of the gift of the Holy Ghost as a life-altering experience. She has converted her sofa-strapped sports fanatical husband into an amateur travel agent, untrained bodyguard, and GPS-guided chauffeur. They have a son and a daughter. Pat holds a B.S. in mass communications from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, and has worked in radio, television, and print media for more than twenty years. Visit her at www.patsimmons.net.

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Happy Chinese New Year! by Camy Tang

How amazing is it that my blogging day falls on Chinese New Year’s this year? That’s awesome!

(Do people say “awesome” anymore? I think my age is showing.)

This year is the Year of the Rabbit. The Chinese zodiac is split into 12 animals, and their years are 12 years apart. My mom was born in the Year of the Rabbit, so you could calculate her age if you wanted to. :)

My humorous Christian romantic suspense serial novel, Year of the Dog, is a reference to the Chinese zodiac because the heroine is a dog trainer. It’s a prequel to my Warubozu Spa Chronicles series, which is set in my birth state of Hawaii. Here’s the book description:

Year of the Dog serial novel by Camy Tang

Marisol Mutou, a professional dog trainer, is having a bad year.

While renovating her new dog kenneling and training facility, she needs to move in with her disapproving family, who have always made her feel inadequate—according to them, a job requiring her to be covered in dog hair and slobber is an embarrassment to the family. She convinces her ex-boyfriend to take her dog for a few months … but discovers that his brother is the irate security expert whose car she accidentally rear-ended a few weeks earlier.

Ashwin Keitou has enough problems. His aunt has just shown up on his doorstep, expecting to move in with him, and he can’t say no because he owes her everything—after his mother walked out on them, Aunt Nell took in Ashwin and his brother and raised them in a loving Christian home. What’s more, his brother Dusty also needs a place to stay after being kicked out of his apartment—with a dog in tow. And guess who the dog’s owner is?

But then Ashwin gets a request from an old friend, Edytha Guerrero, a private investigator who also runs a day spa on O’ahu’s north shore. A strange bit of “vandalism” at Marisol's facility had led her to find a purse belonging to Edytha’s sister—who had disappeared three years ago. Worried that Marisol might be in danger, and finding out that security expert Ashwin already knows her, Edytha asks him to covertly keep an eye on the busy young woman.

Ashwin is reluctantly attracted to the lively, easy-going dog trainer. She reminds him too much of his happy-go-lucky mother, whose betrayal had caused him to keep people at a distance. Marisol sees past Ashwin’s cold exterior to a man who is loyal to his family, unlike her own mother and sister, who only criticize her career choice.

In the midst of Marisol’s disjointed family and Ashwin’s disruptive home, danger begins to circle around them from people who want the past to remain there. Can they shed light on the secrets moving in the shadows?

Year of the Dog is being posted monthly on my blog right now. You can click here to read the chapters so far. If you sign up for my monthly email newsletter, you’ll get an email when each new part is up.

What is your Chinese zodiac animal? (I promise not to try to calculate your age!)

Thursday, January 19, 2023

It's Winter by Merri Maywether

We are two weeks into 2023. The Christmas tree has been taken down, although there are a few lingering decorations. We try putting everything away, but that angel statue or the sprig of ivy looks like it belongs where we set it, and it gets left behind. 

It is officially the icky side of winter. 

Before we moved to Montana, I asked my mother-in-law what she did during the winter. She said, the same thing you do during the summer in Arizona--read. 

I laughed, I read regardless of the weather, but I got the point. 

Short days, cold weather, and the absence of a community celebration, lend themselves to quiet moments by the fire. 

And this year, I've embraced the opportunity. 

I've read eight books. 

This year is the first year, I'm keeping track. I purchased a moleskin-style journal for the sake of logging my reading. Now that I've started, I wonder why I took so long. Twelve pages are dedicated (one for each month) to the books. I also have pages for quotes that inspire or want to share with a friend. 

Goodreads and Bookbub are great tools for sharing what we've read, but there is something fun about pulling this book out and sharing pages. It's personal and doesn't depend on wifi or navigating screens to find a profile. 

That, and I keep track of story ideas in the back. :)

The fun of this blog share is knowing that we all are readers. Do you have a system for keeping track of what you've read over the year? 

If so, please share in the comments. I got my idea from a comment on a post where the topic was routines. Translation: comments can open an idea for others. 

....I just realized, I have a system for my books, but I don't have one for interesting articles...perhaps Pinterest?


Two best friends with an agreement to marry if they're single when they're forty. 

What could go wrong? 

Becca and Donovan are about to find out. 

Get Well Soon is available for 99¢

>>>>Link to Amazon Store<<<< 

What other readers had to say about their story. 

“I really enjoyed Becca and Donovan's story. It showed how people are not perfect but can overcome the obstacles of life. It was sweet, and the characters were not perfect, but they loved deeply.” ~ Amazon Review

“Another wonderful, entertaining story by this author. A well-written, funny romance and a quick marriage between two best friends of over 30 years. The characters are great and likable, and the dialog is realistic.”~Bookbub Review

Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Sweet Romance Reads Bargain Books



Caught in a lie….

Fourteen years ago Dan Beckett’s identical twin took off without a word to his pregnant young fiancé or their father. Having secretly loved Lorraine for years, Dan assumes his twin’s identity as the first-born son, as Lorraine’s husband and father of the baby she carried. Around the lie, he created the perfect life.

But now his greatest fear is coming true. His long-lost brother is coming home—with amnesia. Dan is about to lose his tenuous hold on this masquerade, and he must tell Lorraine the truth before Tom remembers his true identity.

Lorrie built a life with Tom Beckett, the man she loves, the father of her children—or so she believed. Her first reaction to his confession is disbelief…and then anger and hurt. Her whole married life has been a lie. But Lorrie has a secret of her own—a secret that never seemed important until now.

Will the truth unravel the love they once shared? What will become of their family, their children…their marriage when everyone learns the truth?

Kindle book 99 cents from Jan 15th - 19th



A woman who wanted more. A man who wanted her. Can they rediscover their love in the seaside town where it all began?   

Colum O’ Brien, a professional ballet dancer, is still hurt from a break-up four decades earlier. All this time, his heart has gravitated toward the woman who left him behind.

Sure, he’s moved on with his life, but he’s never forgotten his childhood sweetheart, Keira Murphy.That is, until he meets her again. Because his father is marrying her mother.

Keira was a famous runway model who moved away from her seaside Irish town with dreams of becoming a superstar. She left everything behind, including Colum.

With her skills as a seamstress, she’s now determined to return and open her own shop. Only she never expected to see Colum again—or to be instantly connected to him, just like when they were next-door neighbors and childhood sweethearts.

But when the pressures of demanding work schedules and living miles apart prevail, will it make their second chance at love impossible?

Or will their individual journeys lead them right back to where it all began?

Kindle Countdown Sale for a limited time. (U.S. Residents only)