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More Book Bargains--FREE OR 99 CENTS

Lyn Cote here--I have two of my historicals on sale NOW one for 99 cents and one FREE. I think you might enjoy either or both! (I hope.)

Once he was her friend, now he's the enemy. When it seems he betrayed her, will their love survive?

When a handsome stranger about to leave for World War I proposes elopement, Chloe, the perfect Southern lady, runs away to 1917 New York City. "Romance of epic proportions, absorbing and satisfying," PG13 "will steal your heart."

The Carlyle Women-four generations, 
each facing the challenges of her time 
and each harboring her own painful secret~

And Jean C. Gordon celebrating the May 23 release of my new Indigo Bay Sweet Romances Book Sweet Horizons with a 99-cent deal on my first Indigo Bay release Sweet Entanglement. Jesse and Lauren had once promised they’d wait for each other while they pursued their career dreams. Despite that broken promise, neither can deny the love that’s still between them. But now that they are on the cusp of reaching those dreams, are they willing to risk everything to renew that love?

~ Indigo Bay ~
Grab a glass of sweet tea, sit on the porch, and get ready to be swept away into this charming South Carolina beach town.
99-cents Through May 31.

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From Magdalena Scott: MIDNIGHT IN LEGEND, TN

Christmas Ball? Check. 

Quaint small town with an uncertain future? Check. 

Handsome, exasperating, human roadblock to every new idea? CHECK! 

NYC transplant Midnight Shelby has her work cut out for her, if she's going to create a life in Legend, Tennessee. Single dad Martin McClain wants to keep Legend as idyllic as when he was a kid. Legend's future - and theirs - may depend on a compromise.

Just 99 cents, or free with Kindle Unlimited:

Friday, May 24, 2019

My Summer Kickoff by Pat Simmons

What’s on your to-do list this summer? 
For me, it’s attending family reunions—three of them! I’ve been invited to speak at an unrelated family reunion banquet in mid-July.  Since genealogy is my passion, you don’t have to guess about my topic.  Good or bad, our family history is important.
Unfortunately this year, we’re skipping my husband’s maternal family reunion to attend his dad’s side. Otherwise, I would have four reunions on my agenda! 
The Simmons kinfolks are gathering in New York for their biennial reunion. Kerry’s great-grandfather had eleven boys. Can you imagine all their descendants in one place?
Before the end of the summer, I’ll see my kinfolks from my father’s side—and there are a lot of them too.

One year the Sturdivants’ theme was hats for women and bow ties for the men. The little boys looked so handsome; last year, everyone was decked out in African garb. The theme for 2019 is the Roaring 20s. Our reunions are about family, love, and fun.
How often does your family hold reunions, when is the last time you attended, and does your family have themes?
Pat Simmons has penned more than thirty-five titles. She is a self-proclaimed genealogy sleuth who is passionate about researching her ancestors, then casting them in starring roles in her novels. She is a three-time recipient of the Romance Slam Jam Emma Rodgers Award for Best Inspirational Romance. Pat describes the evidence of the gift of the Holy Ghost as a life-altering experience. She has been a featured speaker and workshop presenter at various venues across the country.Pat has converted her sofa-strapped sports fanatical husband into an amateur travel agent, untrained bodyguard, GPS-guided chauffeur, and administrative assistant who is constantly on probation. They have a son and a daughter. Pat holds a B.S. in mass communications from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. Visit her at and receive a free download when you sign up to receive her monthly newsletter. 

Her latest releases is The Guilty Generation.  Seventeen-year-old Kami Jamieson is so over being daddy’s little girl. Now that she has captured the attention of Tango, the bad boy from her school, Kami’s love for her family and God have taken a backseat to her teen crush. Although the Jamiesons have instilled godly principles in Kami since she was young, they will stop at nothing, including prayer and fasting, to protect her from falling prey to society's peer pressure. Can Kami survive her teen rebellion, or will she be guilty of dividing the next generation? Download your copy today.  

Monday, May 20, 2019

May 20th is Be A Millionaire Day by Jackie Castle

I almost spewed my iced tea when I was looking over the "odd and special" National holidays. You know those crazy days such as "Eat an Apple Pie Day" or "Pick Strawberries Day."

Which is also today. But none of my strawberries are ripe yet. So that topic was out.

However, I have written a couple of books about Billionaires. And that's why you're reading this crazy post. Bear with me. Ha!

Today is Be a Millionaire Day. (I'm including the link in case you don't believe me- and I wouldn't blame you if you didn't.) I mean, who comes up with these things?

I did a bit of research on tips about becoming a millionaire. They all pretty much say the same thing.

* Save what money you can and invest it.
* Don't go into debt.
* Spend less than you make.

That's the gist of it.
I'm going to make an admission and you'll probably not believe me, but I don't think I'd ever want to become a millionaire.
I don't even buy lottery tickets anymore because one day I got to thinking about what I'd really do if I did win. Sounds crazy, huh?
I like a simple life. A semi-normal life.
Having, and keeping, all that money doesn't seem very simple.

However, it is fun to dream, isn't it? And the billionaire stories are fun to write.
So, let's dream a little...if you were a millionaire...

1. Where would you want to live?
2. What would be your favorite type of transportation?
3. What kind of house would you want to live in? Would you have more than one?
4. What kind of car would you want to drive?

If you enjoy reading about clean and wholesome billionaires, then think about checking out the Grimwood Legacy series. 

My Beastly Billionaire #1
His withdrawal from society and her need to prove her worth come to a head in this modern-day Beauty and the Beast retelling.

When Elisa Lucken's interior design company is hired to decorate the huge but neglected Grimwood Manor for an impromptu holiday gala, Elisa is put in charge of managing the indoor crew. The only catch is--do not disturb the reclusive Duncan Grimwood.

Thrilled and excited about her chance to finally prove herself, Elisa is so absorbed in her work she doesn't hear the blizzard warning that sends the rest of her crew home.

Jewelry Artisan, Duncan Grimwood, had a reputation of being a playboy until the motorcycle accident that left him damaged inside and out. After a year of recuperating, Duncan has withdrawn from his lavish lifestyle and now lives like a hermit ignoring his family and the conditional terms of his inheritance trust.

Worried that Duncan will lose his portion of the Grimwood estate, his personal assistant urges him to re-enter the real world by hosting a holiday gala at the manor to display his latest works. He agrees on the condition that nobody disturbs him while he works to finish his last few pieces.

Snowed in for the weekend with his unexpected guest, Duncan is forced out of his cave.

Will the beautiful decorator he's stuck with help him find a new respect for life before he loses everything?



My Charming Billionaire #2
He has lived the charmed life. She only has her devoted seven workers to depend on in this modern day Snow White retelling.

Jeremy Grimwood followed in his father's footsteps and went to work at the family's investment bank. But his dismal life is racing toward a dead end. Until the weekend when he joins his family at their favorite ski resort. There he runs into his childhood friend, Melody Carson, whom he's had a crush on for as long as he could remember.

Melody Carson inherited the Sky High ski resort when her parents passed away in an auto accident. The resort has been in her family for the past four generations. Now her mountain refuge is about to collapse and the predators are circling.

Jeremy wants to help Melody and maybe get himself out of the friend-zone. But Melody has built a protective wall around herself and refuses to accept hand-outs or take advantage of her friends.

Will Jeremy be able to break through the icy fortress Melody has built around herself, so that she can finally see the true charming prince he really wishes to be?

What's coming next in this series:

Saturday, May 18, 2019

May New Releases from Sweet Romance Reads Writers

Vickie McDonough

The War Between the States may have ended, but prejudice is still strong among the families journeying together on a wagon train headed down the Santa Fe Trail.

Julia Scott is traveling to New Mexico with her father and younger brother. Her pa fought for the North in the war where her two older brothers lost their lives. Pa is looking for a fresh start in a new place, but Julia just wants him to be happy again.

Taylor Marshall, a Southerner who fought for the Confederates, is on his way to Colorado to raise horses. He’s attracted to Julia, but her father adamantly forbids them to talk to one another.

Circumstances continually throw Julia and Taylor together, and their attraction grows. Will a forbidden romance bloom? Or will they go their separate ways when the trail splits?

Available for pre-order on Amazon

Mail-Order Mishaps
Vickie McDonough, et al

Dreams of Finding Mr. Right Go Wrong in the Old West
in four novellas

The Marriage Sham by Vickie McDonough
Texas, 1888

Mail-order bride Zola Bryant is devastated. Her newlywed husband is dead. But even worse, they were never truly married because the man who wed them was an outlaw not a preacher. What will she do now that her life and reputation are in tatters?

Other novellas:
The Bride’s Dilemma by Susan Page Davis
Romancing the Rancher by Linda Ford
The Galway Girl by Erica Vetsch

Available on Amazon

Finding Love Again

By Margaret Daley

Two wounded people, too afraid to trust...

Laura Williams first encounters high school principal, Peter Stone, when he suspends her son for fighting. New to town, the widow and mother of four struggles to hold her family together.

Peter is drawn to Laura and wants to help her and her son, both of whom are hurting, but he's no stranger to pain. It's a daily struggle to overcome his own past. Will these wounded souls find love again, or will rocky pasts destroy all hope for a happy future?

Available on Amazon

Lone Star Standoff
By Margaret Daley

Presiding over the trial of a powerful drug cartel member, Judge Aubrey Madison finds her life threatened, and Texas Ranger Sean McNair isn’t taking any chances. Protecting the widow and her twins comes naturally to Sean—maybe too naturally for a guy who’s convinced he shouldn’t have a family. But he can’t help wishing for a future with Aubrey…if he can keep her alive.

Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo and Google Play

Sweet Horizons
By Jean C. Gordon

There’s nothing like a wedding to bring people together, but family dynamics can be complicated, especially newly blended ones.

Sonja Cooper is thrilled that her daughter Lauren is marrying Jesse Brewster and giving her a ready-made granddaughter in the irrepressible 3-year old Shelley. The fact that Jesse is also Sonja’s business partner in the launching of the Morrison Mansion B&B is just a bonus.

Custom bike shop owner Jeff Brewster is also delighted that his son Jesse is marrying Lauren and building a new family. The one awkward aspect is the unexpected attraction he feels towards Sonja. For although Sonja feels the same spark, having been burned in her divorce from Lauren’s father, she’s determined never to be dependent on a man again.

Then the Indigo Bay Business Association pits Sonja and Jeff against each other by having their businesses compete for the coveted “New Business of the Year Award.” All’s fair in love and war, but hearts don’t always listen!

This is the 3rd novel in the Indigo Bay Second Chance Romances series, but all books can be read as standalones.

Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, and  Kobo  
(Pre-order now; Releases May 23)

Opposites Attract
Lyn Cote
What could unite a disgruntled DA and the pretty teacher, responsible for his hung jury? Perhaps a little boy in need of love . . .

Young and eager, Patience begins her first year of teaching. One first grader, Jackson, sparks her concern. Can she help him start off his school years on the right foot? She knows first hand what getting a reputation for trouble may do to a child’s future. A stint of jury duty takes her out of the classroom, away from Jackson, and into conflict with Jackson’s dad, by-the-book DA Gil Montgomery. Her “not guilty” vote means he’ll have to try the assault and burglary case over again. And she’s upset that her absence had a bad effect on Jackson. He’s been branded the “class troublemaker,” just what she was trying to prevent.

After Gil’s wife left him, Gil and his ex-wife’s conflicting parenting styles continue to jeopardize Jackson’s emotional well-being. As irritated as Gil is with Patience, he soon realizes she is the key to helping his son. And Gil wants to be a better father than his dad was to him. Patience is willing to help. But is Gil willing to “hear” her as she uncovers evidence for the re-trial that could change his mind about who assaulted Bertha Perkins and stole her valuable antiques?

Four unlikely couples find opposites do attract even in the Shadow of Myster~
Available on all online bookstores, click below.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

The Making of a Book Series with Kimberly Rose Johnson

 Have you ever wondered what goes into creating a book series? 

The very first series I ever wrote took place in Leavenworth, Washington. My agent at that time had asked me to "write to market" which meant, I needed to set aside my desire to write romantic suspense and write a contemporary romance. Then it hit me, people love Christmas books and there is no better setting, to me at least, then Leavenworth, Washington.

I had first been introduced to Leavenworth by my then boyfriend now husband, one Christmas break back in 1989. He took me up there to go cross-country skiing. He has relatives there who set me up with skis. J I fell in love with the town.

It had been a long time since I’d been to the quaint Bavarian village called Leavenworth, so I knew I needed to go back. I checked the Amtrak schedule then talked my mom into going with me, and arranged to meet with my husband’s extended family. The train ride inspired another series, but that’s a story for another blog post. While in Leavenworth, I was able to sit down and interview my husband’s family about the town. They took us all over, and shared lots of stories. After my first day there, I knew my heroine would be a candy store owner and my hero would be a veterinarian.

A Christmas Promise now renamed A Christmas Surprise was born during that trip, but my agent wanted a series. So I came up with two or three more book ideas. My memory is sketchy about how the forth book in the series came to be. I believe it was contracted later, but I can’t remember.

One of the biggest compliments I get about this series is from locals who say they see Leavenworth when they read the books and that it really feels like their town. I love that! I believe it feels real to the residents because many of the scenes were inspired by real events that I personally experienced while there or real events I learned about from my husbands family.

Here’s the blurb for A Christmas Surprise.

Veterinarian Pete Harding doesn’t date single moms.
After showing up to a blind date to find he left before she arrived, Keira is reminded why she doesn’t date. She had true love once but a tragic accident ripped him from her and their son, who’s now four and only wants a puppy for Christmas this year.
Although off limits since she’s a single mom, Pete determines to help Keira find the perfect puppy for her son.
Keira wonders about Pete. He says he doesn’t date women with children, yet she can’t help but notice he behaves like a man who has more on his mind than finding a puppy.
Will love break down Pete’s walls and bring more than a puppy for Christmas?
I hope you enjoyed this peek into the making of a book series. Every series creation has been slightly different for me. I look forward to sharing each of them with you in the future.
I realize we are well past Christmas but since the first book in this series is a Christmas book I’m curious if there is a place that screams Christmas to you?
The Festhalle where the Christmas Ball takes place in The Christmas Surprise.

My husband and his great uncle walking along a trail by the river that inspired a scene in book 2.

The gazebo that appears in every book in the series.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Spring for Salad by Alicia Street

                                                                  Photo: Dan Gold at UnSplash

When I was growing up my mother never had to scold me saying, “Eat your spinach!”
I love eating vegetables. And fruits.

Having lived my whole life in the northeastern part of the US, this time of year always signals the start of a season when the best produce will be available in abundance. I can add fresh blueberries to my oatmeal, whip raspberries in to my favorite yogurt, or nibble on cucumbers dipped in hummus—one of my favorite snacks.

Here’s a yummy spring lunch salad that I make using strawberries and greens.
1 cup chopped spinach
1 cup chopped arugula
1 cup chopped romaine
½ cucumber, peeled and sliced
1 red radish, thinly sliced
½ cup fresh strawberries, sliced
¼ cup thinly sliced purple onion
10 cherry tomatoes
½ sweet red or green pepper, sliced
8 asparagus spears, trimmed
2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts  
½ 16 ounce can of red kidney beans, drained
2 Tbsp olive oil
2 Tbsp balsamic vinaigrette
1 cup water

1.     Brown the cubed chicken breast in the olive oil and balsamic vinaigrette in a skillet over medium heat, about 10 minutes. (Those who prefer a meatless salad can leave this out.)
2.     Boil the water and cook the asparagus only until slightly tender, about 5 minutes.
3.     Place all the ingredients into a large bowl and toss. Serve with your favorite dressing. Makes enough for two or three.

Do you like fresh vegetable and fruits? How about your kids? What’s your favorite way to eat them?


Alicia Street is a USA Today bestselling author and a Daphne du Maurier award-winner. A compulsive reader of every genre, she writes both sweet and steamy romance. She spent many years as a dancer, choreographer and teacher. You can connect with Alicia at her website or visit her on Facebook or Twitter.