Saturday, December 7, 2019

Hero Material and a Cover Reveal

What qualities say romance-hero material? I'm sure you're not surprised to learn that I have numerous hero qualities I think are attractive. If I didn't, all my books would be the same story.

Appearance carries some weight. Who can guess what Outlander actor/character I used as my looks inspiration for my auburn-haired hero in my upcoming January No Brides Club book, No Time for Detours? 😀 But actions and beliefs are much more indicative of a true hero than looks.

One action, based on a real situation, that shouted HERO to me in capital letters, was that taken by a young man we know. When his girlfriend, who had custody of her sister's pre-school-age twins, broke up with him, she left the twins with him. He whole heartedly accepted responsibility for the children even though they were in no way his legal responsibility. He loved them and was the only father figure they'd known. That's a heroic action my my eyes. The man became my model for Nick in No Time for Detours.

Do you have a swoon-worthy action that shouts HERO to you?

Now for that Cover Reveal

Don't you love it? I do. Isn't the wedding gown gorgeous? And the cover picks up the gold color used in the cover of my first No Brides Club book No Time for Apologies.

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  1. Jean, your covers are gorgeous! And yes, a hero is so much more than good looks.

  2. Your book cover is gorgeous and the story about the young man, who took care of the twins as if they were his own, is really amazing.