Monday, September 20, 2021

Not All Heroes Wear Capes by Janice Lynn


Not All Heroes Wear Capes...I saw that written a lot during 2020 when nurses and the healthcare field was overwhelmed (we still are in many areas, btw) and when I think of my next Hallmark Publishing release, it really fits the story. My heroine and a widowed mom, Morgan, is a nurse who lost her job due to budget cuts (this actually happened to people I knew last summer). She moved to where her grandparents lived to get on her feet and to make sure that her young son has the best Chistmas ever in Pine Hill, because his last two haven't been good, much less magical. When there, Morgan goes to work at a nursing home/assisted living facility. Y'all, the men and women working in these areas truly are heroes and heroines! I've always thought it, but even more so since Covid-19 forever changed life as we know it.

My hero, Andrew, is a firefighter who longs to be a smokejumper. Firefighting in general is heroic. I mean, these men and women run into fires when everyone else is running out. But to be a smokejumper takes it to another whole level of danger. I'll admit, I cried quite a bit when doing the research on Smoke Jumpers and Hot Shots due to the loss of lives over the years, and the absolute bravery and resiliency these men and women exude with their every breath. 

Writing their story, one of a heroine who had already lost the love of her life to his dangerous lifestyle and a hero whose very core is dedicated to protect others even at the ultimate sacrifice to himself, well, it often had been thinking how blessed I am by the real life heroes and heroines in my life. As a nurse myself, I'm surrounded by healthcare workers and know many more. Y'all, they are all heroes and heroines in ways someone outside the healthcare field may not be able to truly understand because it's on the drives home and at night that our tears flow the hardest and our hearts just ache at the things we've seen. I'm also blessed with a nephew who is a state trooper, a nephew who is a firefighter, a nephew who served in the Army, and a son who is currently serving in the Army National Guard. They, and all those serving with them, are heroes and heroines in my eyes.

I want to expound on all the other heroes and heroines out there. Those that serve in ways that may often go unrecognized--such as the lady at church who always mails get well cards and sympathy cards to members. Such as those who check on shut-ins, bring them food, to doctor appointments, etc. Such as the family member who brings in a parent or grandparent to provide 24/7care for them. Such as electric line workers who go out during and after storms to help restore power. Such as the seamstress who sewed masks and gave them out by the stacks. Such as the quilters who make quilts to wrap veterans and service members in to welcome them home. I could go on and on, because our world is filled with heroes. The writer in me wants to recognize them all, to give each one a story and a voice. I'll never live long enough to succeed, so y'all help me. :) 

Who are some of the heroes and heroines in your life? You can share why if you'd like, but if you just want to acknowledge them, that's great, too. 

Wrapped Up in Christmas Hope coming October 26, 2021 from Hallmark Publishing
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USA Today, Wall Street Journal, & Publishers Weekly Bestselling author JANICE LYNN lives in Tennessee with her Prince Charming and their princes and princesses, her vivid imagination, an adorable Maltese named Halo who's the true royalty of the house, and bunches of unnamed dust bunnies that moved in after Janice started her writing career. In addition to writing romance, Janice is a nurse practitioner, a quilter, an exercise queen, a military mama, and an avid supporter of the Quilts of Valor Foundation. Just kidding on the exercise queen.   WRAPPED UP IN CHRISTMAS & WRAPPED UP IN CHRISTMAS JOY are available at AMAZON Barnes & Noble WALMART

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Gabriel's Atonement
Vickie McDonough

All Gabriel Coulter ever wanted was to live a comfortable life as a successful gambler, but a confrontation with a disgruntled cowboy who’d just lost his monthly pay to Gabe leads to a family man dying in his arms. Even though it was self-defense, the only way Gabe knows to get rid of his guilt is to return the money he won to the man’s wife. 

Lara Talbot sees Gabe as a derelict like her husband and wants nothing to do with him--not even the much-needed money he's offered her. But as she struggles to provide for her family and makes plans to claim property in the upcoming Oklahoma land rush in hopes of finally having a permanent home, she wonders if God might have sent the meddling man to help.

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It's Zucchini and 🍎 Apple Season by Merri Maywether

Remember that scene in Forrest Gump where he makes a catalog of the variety of ways to cook shrimp?  It was probably a good minute long, and it was an extensive list. Well, this is the season for bakers far and wide to make a similar list with the ingredients of their choice.  My two lists of ideas come from apples and zucchini. The funny thing is I grow neither. 

When we first moved to Montana, I opened my car door to find a zucchini that was so large it needed a seat belt to stay in place. Those who grow zucchini have no problem sharing their harvest. This would also be the beginning of my journey into baking with the unusual vegetable. 

Last week my friends made zucchini relish. I have a sweet tooth so I shred some of the zucchini and freeze it for: zucchini chocolate chip muffins, zucchini brownies, zucchini bread, zucchini cake...see what I mean about the list. 

I developed a love for baking zucchini that was so intense, it became the theme of a tradition in Three Creeks, Montana. In Honey, I’m Home the characters compete in a zucchini cooking contest at the fall festival. I loved writing those chapters. 

Just when I think, I am at the end of my list, apple season begins. Every day when we have a short break, the kids gather a handful of apples off of the tree outside the door. We munch on them and talk about the changing season. Soon, it will be snowy and we’ll all want to huddle indoors, which makes us appreciate the simple joy of eating an apple off of a tree. 

Our cousins grow apples. So I make apple strudel, apple crumble, apple crisp, apple sauce, apple cheesecake, apple topping for pancakes, and the list continues. 

While the food is good. The giggles with my friends and baked goods exchanges add to the anticipation. 

The first time it happened, that scene in Forest Gump came to mind with a gasp of ‘Oh, I get it’ awareness. Talking about recipes pertaining to food that we have in abundance is a pleasant pastime that connects people. 

Dear reader, you may be too far for me to drop off a gift bag full of dehydrated apples, or apple cider donuts. Thanks to Pinterest, we can share recipes. I invite you to visit my Pinterest dessert board and try making some of the tasty treats. This also is an invitation. If you have a recipe you think I might like to try, share the name of it in the comments. While it isn’t the same as sitting across the table with a cup of coffee, it is the easiest way to bridge the miles. 

In the meantime, I’ll be trying to make the air fryer apple cider donuts.

🍎 🍎 🍎

She's had a lot of luck. What she wants is love.

Overwhelmed by the aftermath of a breakup, Sarah Thompson impulsively bought a lottery ticket...and won. The small-town waitress at Keane's pub didn't really expect to win. But now that she has, she makes plans. She can buy out her brother's half of the house. With the rest of the money, she can do some nice things for people.

Small town lawyer, Gavin Bloom sat at Sarah's station every day for lunch. He'd been there so long, Sarah knew his order before he opened the menu. In a gesture of goodwill, Gavin offers to take Sarah on as a client to help her manage the changes in her life.

In this sweet romance, unlikely friendships are formed, and hearts are tested. Some will learn too late to hold onto those you love. If Sarah doesn't pay attention, she might be one of them.

Amazon | Apple Books| B&N | Kobo |

🍎 🍎 🍎

Merri Maywether lives with her husband in rural Montana. You can find her in the town's only coffee house listening to three generations of Montanans share their stories. Otherwise, she's in the classroom or the school library, inspiring the next generation's writers. 

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Sweet Romance Reads September New Releases !

Trent's Trust - by Laura Scott $3.99

Will he learn to trust his heart?

Lead guitarist, Trent Atkins left his foster brother and the small town of Gatlinburg for the music scene in Nashville. He’d made more money than he could have imagined, until the day he woke up from a terrible hangover to find the lead singer of their band, dead. He’d thought living with the Preacher was a nightmare, but this was far worse. Now someone is trying to kill him, and he has no idea who or why.

Private Investigator Serena Jerash is determined to uncover the truth behind Jimmy’s death. She believes he was murdered, and soon discovers Trent has become a target, too. The only way to survive is for the two of them to work together in an effort to uncover the band leader’s secrets. Trent doesn’t trust anyone, least of all, himself. Will Serena convince Trent to follow God and to trust his heart?


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Ellie's Forever Family, A Heartwarming Faith-filled 
Romance  New Neighbor Lane Book 3
by Lyn Cote $2.99

A little girl matchmaker who needs a mother’s love won’t be deterred by a love-shy father~

High school teacher, Pete volunteers at the local Habitat for Humanity house-build to help two of his building trades students keep out of trouble for the summer. A single dad, Pete is intent on raising his two children without their absent mother. But his little girl Rylee falls in love with Miss Ellie on the very first day at the Habitat site.

He is not happy about Rylee’s infatuation with the woman in charge of the Habitat project. And who’s a lawyer like the wife who walked out on them.

Ellie is about to take a big step in her life too, pursuing taking in a foster child. She isn’t looking for romance, but a family. Engaged twice, she backed out each time. Little Rylee has her work cut out for her with these two stubborn adults! Why not download this USA Today Bestselling Author’s latest romance today!…thfilled-romance

Personal Threat - by Kimberly Rose Johnson $1.99

Bodyguard Sally Wilson has become the target. Can she save her own life as well as her daughter’s?

Christmas is supposed to be the happiest time of the year, but when Sally’s young daughter, Emma, becomes the target of child traffickers, and the little girl’s biological father wants Sally dead, the Christmas season takes a dark turn.

Police officer, Dillon Brady, responds to a call for help at the home of his friend and Protection Inc. bodyguard, Sally Wilson. When their relationship tips beyond friendship, Dillon is determined no one will hurt Sally or her daughter again. Will his resolve be enough?

Sally is drawn to Dillon. He’s a natural with Emma and appears to care about both of them. Sally’s been fooled before by a man she believed loved her, but what if it’s an act? Can Sally learn to trust again and follow her heart, or will Dillon get relegated to the friend zone?


One More Kiss - By Roxanne Rustand $3.99

In One More Kiss, a disillusioned lawyer wanting a quiet life inadvertently ends up sharing his elderly aunt’s vacant house in a small resort town, with a woman who has a dark past, a young daughter and a menagerie of epic proportions. What could possibly go wrong? Humor, romance...and a mystery!


Thursday, September 16, 2021

New Release from Kimberly Rose Johnson

I'm so excited to share my annual Christmas book with you. Personal Threat is book five in my Protection Inc. Series and the final book for that series. The book releases September 21st. There is still time to pre-order or mark as "want to read" on Goodreads

Here's the blurb:

Bodyguard Sally Wilson has become the target. Can she save her own life as well as her daughter’s?

Christmas is supposed to be the happiest time of the year, but when Sally’s young daughter, Emma, becomes the target of child traffickers, and the little girl’s biological father wants Sally dead, the Christmas season takes a dark turn.

Police officer, Dillon Brady, responds to a call for help at the home of his friend and Protection Inc. bodyguard, Sally Wilson. When their relationship tips beyond friendship, Dillon is determined no one will hurt Sally or her daughter again. Will his resolve be enough?

Sally is drawn to Dillon. He’s a natural with Emma and appears to care about both of them. Sally’s been fooled before by a man she believed loved her, but what if it’s an act? Can Sally learn to trust again and follow her heart, or will Dillon get relegated to the friend zone?

This was a fun story to write! I really enjoyed giving two characters from previous books in the series their own story.

The entire series is in Kindle Unlimited for those of you who subscribe to that. If you are a Prime member the first book, Direct Threat, is free for you right now.

Do you read Christmas books year around or do you reserve them for a certain time period?

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Let's Be Creative by Merrillee Whren

 When I realized that September 14th is National Live Creative Day, I thought it is the perfect subject for a writing blog post. After all fiction writers are creative. We create characters, towns, scenarios, and make them all into a story for people to enjoy.

National Live Creative Day isn't a very old holiday. It has only been around since 2016 when a company in Chicago, Illinois made the holiday to encourage people to be more creative.

"Creative" comes from the Latin word, "creo," which means to create something. It was often associated with a divine creator. Creativity was not a concept in ancient times. A Polish poet referred to creativity in relation to poetry in the 17th century. Finally in 1926 Graham Walls published an article about the four stages of the creative process—preparation, incubation, illumination, and verification. I can identify the preparation, incubation, and illumination in my writing process. I'm not sure about verification. Maybe that comes from the finished story. What do you think?

These days creativity isn't just limited to the arts and literature. Many in the business world consider thinking outside of the box as creativity. Creativity can apply to any aspect of life. What do you do to be creative?

 I've been thinking about which of my characters is the most creative, and I have to give the award to Amanda Reynolds, who is a singer/songwriter with Nashville-fame dreams. You can read her story in A Song to Call Ours, the fifth book in my Front Porch Promises series.

Merrillee Whren is the winner of the 2003 Golden Heart Award presented by Romance Writers of American. She is married to her own personal hero, her husband of forty-plus years, and has two grown daughters. Connect with her on her Facebook page and sign up for her newsletter.


Sunday, September 12, 2021

September National Days by Cindy Flores Martinez


Do you ever celebrate National Days? September is almost halfway through, but here are a few of my favorites for the rest of the month.


September 13 – National Bald is Beautiful Day

September 15 – National Felt Hat Day

September 17 – National Hug Your Boss Day

September 20 – National Pepperoni Pizza Day

September 27 – National Scarf Day

And here’s the perfect way to celebrate the start of Autumn:

September 30 – National Hot Mulled Cider Day

Happy Autumn!

Cindy Flores Martinez is a USA Today bestselling author who writes sweet and Christian Romance. She has an MFA in Creative Writing with an emphasis in Screenwriting. Her debut novel, Mail-Order Groom, started as a screenplay and movie project, which she shopped around Hollywood, New York, and other parts of the world. You can learn more about her at:

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It's Apple Picking Time by Josie Riviera

 Labor Day is over, summer is past, and now it's time to look towards fall.

I love this season, as the leaves change and the air gets crisp. Our outdoor activities change to football games as we cheer for our favorite teams.

One of my granddaughter's favorite activities is apple picking. She prefers to pick a bushel of apples, though I'm content picking a small container. My grandmother used to store apples in her cellar, and they would last all winter. I, however, store apples in my fridge.

A favorite recipe in our house is homemade apple sauce. but apple pies and cobblers are equally delicious. For apple sauce, I simply peel and core apples, and simmer them in a pan on the stove with sugar and cinnamon to taste.

What are your favorite apple recipes?
Please leave your comments below, and let's get baking!

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Do people prove their worth by strength, or by character?

Available in ebook, Paperback, Large Print Paperback, audiobook, and Hardcover.

Josie Riviera is a USA Today bestselling author of sweet contemporary, inspirational, and Historical romances that read like Hallmark movies. She lives in the Charlotte, NC, area, with her wonderfully supportive husband.
 They share their empty nester home with an adorable shih tzu, who constantly needs grooming, and live in an old house forever needing renovations.

Friday, September 10, 2021

New Book Still a Bargain!

Lyn Cote announces:
My latest title, book 3 in my New Neighbor Lane series
just debuted yesterday and will be on sale for  $2.99 a few more days!
Click here for more info.


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Sweet Romantic Mysteries ... by Christine Bush

 Sweet romantic mysteries…

Romance is a genre.

Sweet romance is a sub genre

Sweet Romantic Mystery is a sub sub genre!

Most of the stories I write are sweet romance.  The conflict between the characters might be contradicting goals, or past emotional situations that have put up a barrier.  Their personal lives may have been put on hold by career responsibilities or a variety of other elements that may be a hurdle they need to conquer to find love.

But some of my stories include another ingredient.  There is a mystery in the story.  In these stories, there is an external conflict that is creating danger, suspense, or suspicion, right along with those same internal conflicts in the development of the characters’ romance.

In these books, just as there is no graphic sexual scenes, there is no graphic violence.  Violence may have happened, or may be threatened, but it is not described or enacted in a horrifying way. Sometimes these stories are called “cozy”, with a happily ever after romance woven into the novel.

Do you like reading romantic mysteries?

Here are a few of mine:

Sunny’s Smile 

  Sunny is a doctor on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, trying to incorporate modern medicine and technique into the Navajo traditions for her patients. She strives  to honor her peoples’ beliefs while providing them the best possible medical care.  Benedict Highfield, a wealthy and handsome pilot crashes his Cessna airplane on the reservation.  He knows nothing of her culture, and their worlds collide.  But when someone is threatening the water supply on the rez, they join forces to solve the mystery of what is happening, and begin to join their hearts in the process. 

Cindy’s Prince 

 Cindy lives a simple life as a children’s librarian in Philadelphia, lovingly raising her deceased sister’s two young children.  Prince Highfield’s bossy war hero brother demands that he deliver a package to her.  The task is aggravating, until he lays eyes on the adorable and quirky librarian.  The moment changes his life. Cindy wants no part of the rich young man who belongs more easily at a ritzy country club than the city library.  Prince is determined to change her mind.  When a mystery from the past comes to life, and someone thinks that Cindy is a threat.  When she and the kids are in danger, she becomes willing to accept the help she needs.  Can they work together to solve the mystery and end the fear?

Noah’s Bark

Hope is a small town veterinarian and animal lover.  Caring and kind, she rescues people as well as animals. But when she sees signs that make her suspect that the company across the river is experimenting on animals, she jumps into action, causing quite a stir. But then the Type A CEO of Brandywine Cosmetics arrives in her driveway in his fancy Jaguar,  and sparks fly.  Noah Brandywine knows that he’s NOT the culprit experimenting on animals.  But someone is.  And the only way he’s going to keep the feisty veterinarian off his back is to help her solve the mystery and restore peace to their small town.  But he’s losing his heart in the process…

Are you a mystery lover, too?

Check out these titles and several more romantic mysteries on my web site!

I’d love to hear what you think.

LOVE,  Christine


Christine Bush is a USA Today Bestselling author of romance, romantic mystery, and suspense.  She can be found living in the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania with her husband and 2 lazy cats, and spending time with her 14 grandchildren.   When she’s not writing, she’s teaching Psychology at a local college, and working with clients in her private practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist. She loves to hear from readers and writers!



Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Introducing my new Fur-Baby Kristin Wallace


I did something a little crazy last weekend...I expanded my family, adding a new puppy to the household. He's a 5-month-old French bulldog (or Frenchie as they're often called). His name is OREO because his chest is mostly black with a big white patch in between. Officially, he's a brindle Frenchie. Brindle generally means the Frenchie is dark with lighter hair mixed in. Although his front is black, you can see brown mixed in on his back and legs. 

Oreo is the sweetest little guy, so calm and mellow. He hardly ever makes a sound, although he will let out this high-pitched whine when I pen him up. It's quite a sound. Aside from some chewing and a lack of potty training, he's a dream puppy. Unfortunately, he had a "cold" when I got him, with sniffles and an awful cough. I took him to the vet and they gave him all kinds of meds. I also had to do nebulizer treatments for a week, but he put up with that pretty well.

Oreo joins his big sister, Cocoa, my 1-year-old teacup Chihuahua. By contrast, she isn't always so sweet. In fact, her nickname is Cujo (and she's earned it). At first, Cocoa wanted nothing to do with him, but she's slowly coming around now. She hates when he "steals" her toys. However, yesterday they played together for an hour in the backyard. PROGRESS!


Kristin Wallace is a USA Today Bestselling author of inspirational and sweet contemporary romance filled with Love, Laughter, and a Leap of Faith. She has three best-selling series: Covington Falls Chronicles, Shellwater Key Tales, and Palm Cove Tales. Look for CHRISTMAS CHARADE, a brand-new Covington Falls Chronicles book as part of the Holiday Fake-Out box set. 

Christmas Charade - Covington Falls Chronicles

The story revolves around Magnolia (Maggie) Lewis. She left Covington Falls over a family rift and the desire to follow her dream as an artist and sculptor. Now, she has to return for her cousin's Christmas wedding. She can't go back alone, however, because everyone thinks she has a boyfriend. (It was just a tiny lie.) A non-boyfriend who has no idea he's about to get dragged into her family drama. 

Convincing Liam Sullivan to be her fake date to the wedding is only the first challenge. She needs to make sure she doesn't fall in love with him for real.



Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Pot Luck Wedding Receiption Anyone? ~ Jean C. Gordon

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. So I thought I'd do something wedding related-today and came across pot luck wedding receptions. My husband and I grew up on pot luck dinners at the Grange and church and love them. And our wedding wasn't 100% traditional. I walked down the aisle to "In God There is No East or West," instead of Lohengrin's "Wedding Chorus." My dad—and the ring bearer—wore a burgundy sports jacket instead of a tux because that's what Dad was more comfortable in. We were married outdoors on my in-law's farm and had our reception in the church hall, despite my mother-in-law's pressing us to do the opposite. We took off on our honeymoon on a Triumph 650 motorcycle. 

So I think if it had been a thing then, we very well might have done a pot luck reception.

With a pot luck reception, guests are asked to bring a favorite food dish. The food can be the guest's gift or in addition to a wedding gift. But, while going pot luck can be a money saver, it takes some planning and has some costs. Consider:

  • If your reception venue doesn't furnish them, you'll need to provide dinnerware, utensils, and linens, napkins, or other table coverings.
  • You may have to rent tables and chairs and rent or purchase serving ware such a platters and large bowls, chafing dishes, serving utensils, pitchers, or drink dispensers—particularly if you want your spread to have a coordinated look.
  • You may want to hire servers to fill coffee and tea cups, etc, and manage the buffet, and you'll need people to clean up afterwards.
As for the food itself, many couples provide a main dish to build the dinner around. And you don't want everyone else to bring the same side dish. To avoid chaos and ensure you have enough variety and food for all the guests, you'll need to know what people are bringing in advance and be prepared to fill in any gaps. 
  • Sketch out what types of dishes and drinks are needed to round out the meal.
  • Choose someone to coordinate the food.
  • Have your coordinator contact friends and family members you think would be happy to pitch in. Or, if you or someone close to you is tech savvy, you could create a simple food registry online (like a gift registry) and direct family and friends there.
  • Whoever is coordinating the food should confirm what everyone is bringing and how much at least two weeks before the wedding.
  • On the wedding day, the food coordinator should also ensure that all the dishes are set up appropriately on the buffet table at the reception and are ready to be served at the right time.

For more information, you can find numerous articles on potluck wedding receptions online.

What do you think? Could you go/have gone pot luck? 

Hang onto Summer a Little Longer ~ 99-cents for a Limited Time Only

Two popular Indigo Bay Novels in one ebook.

Sweet Entanglement
Is Three the Charm? Lauren Cooper is on her way to her life’s dream. She’s financed and finished college and law school all on her own. And she’s up for partner at the largest law firm in Indigo Bay. There’s nothing to stop her from concentrating everything on achieving that goal. Until Jesse Brewster, the man who broke her heart twice, shows up sleeping off the night before on the beach, and she’s called in to serve as his public defender.

Looking to make a new start after the racing accident that ended his lucrative motocross career and sent him spiraling into darkness, the former champion had envisioned an entirely different scenario if he ever saw Lauren again. That vision was more along the lines of the successful businessman he’d be once he rehabbed the seaside mansion he’s inherited from his uncle and sold it to open a custom bike shop.

Sparks fly between them, and Jesse vows to fan those sparks once he’s got the project successfully underway. But someone starts sabotaging it, putting Jesse behind on the deadline he has to meet to get the property off the Indigo Bay Planning Board’s condemned property list. And Lauren has a sick suspicion that her bosses are somehow involved.

Jesse and Lauren had once promised they’d wait for each other while they pursued their career dreams. Despite that broken promise, neither can deny the love that’s still between them. But now that they are on the cusp of reaching those dreams, are they willing to risk everything to renew that love?

Sweet Horizons
There’s nothing like a wedding to bring people together.
 But family dynamics can be complicated, especially newly blended ones.  

Sonja Cooper is thrilled that her daughter Lauren is marrying Jesse Brewster and giving her a ready-made granddaughter in the irrepressible 3-year old Shelley. The fact that Jesse is also Sonja’s business partner in the launching of the Morrison Mansion B&B is just a bonus.

Custom bike shop owner Jeff Brewster is also delighted that his son Jesse is marrying Lauren and building a new family. The one awkward aspect is the unexpected attraction he feels towards Sonja. For although Sonja feels the same spark, having been burned in her divorce from Lauren’s father, she’s determined never to be dependent on a man again.

Then the Indigo Bay Business Association pits Sonja and Jeff against each other by having their businesses compete for the coveted “New Business of the Year Award.” All’s fair in love and war, but hearts don’t always listen!


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                        Saturday, September 4, 2021

                        Foggy mornings, pumpkin spice, and horses on the a free book! ....Roxanne Rustand


                        First of all, I have a new release on September 10!   

                        I loved writing this one with its romance, suspense, and touches of humor. And I loved writing about the animals too, as they've all factored into my own life at one time or another!  :)  

                        The hero's elderly aunt has a very soft heart and an endlessly growing menagerie that she shelters.  Until she abruptly takes off for an extended, rambling European tour, that is--leaving him to deal with all of the animals, an unexpected house guest with a troubled past, her young daughter, and one very  recalcitrant miniature goat.

                        Interesting in finding out more?  CLICK HERE! 

                        It's FREE on KindleUnlimited, or also for sale--and you can pre-order it now.  Just click on the link above. I would love to hear your feedback on this book. If you read it, please leave a few words of feedback on Amazon. It would mean a lot!

                        How are you enjoying September so far? At the very end of August, we had our first foggy morning of autumn. Now that we are in September, the beautiful early morning fog appears briefly almost every day. Sometimes it's just wisps of low-lying mist, but this morning I can barely make out the horse barn as I look out our kitchen windows.  Can you find a horse and the barn in this photo?

                        Besides triggering my pumpkin spice tea addiction, these foggy mornings bring back memories of my elementary school days in September. I loved being in a brightly lit classroom on foggy or rainy days, looking out the windows and imagining that anything could be outside, hidden within that veil.  Dragons. Adventures. Lots of horses roaming by. Or maybe even my own horse,  because we didn't live far from school and he had a penchant for adventure, too.

                        Cherry was tall--a seventeen hand part-Clydesdale --yet he could lay flat as a pancake, wiggle under the fence, and be off to visit the neighbors (or wander far beyond) until someone reported him. A deputy would occasionally show up at our house in the early morning to take me to wherever Cherry was. Small town life, back in the day! Dad and I could always find the place where he'd escaped because the lower strands of wire were stretched and sagging.  But horses on the loose in our area weren't just mine. Our county had the second-highest horse population in the entire country at the time--many big stable and farms, but lots and lots of backyard horses as well. 

                        My dad endlessly patched our fence. Cherry continued to outsmart him. One night, some folks heard noises outside their bedroom window, turned on the lights, and peered out into the darkness only to see what appeared to be an amorphous white blob with glittering eyes peering right back at them.  Terrified, they called the cops, claiming there was an alien outside.  But it was just Cherry, with his wide, white Clydesdale blaze, standing on their roses to have a look inside.

                        If you would like to read about another adventuresome horse, you can find the rest of this post  at my blog. Just CLICK HERE.

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