Saturday, September 4, 2021

Foggy mornings, pumpkin spice, and horses on the a free book! ....Roxanne Rustand


First of all, I have a new release on September 10!   

I loved writing this one with its romance, suspense, and touches of humor. And I loved writing about the animals too, as they've all factored into my own life at one time or another!  :)  

The hero's elderly aunt has a very soft heart and an endlessly growing menagerie that she shelters.  Until she abruptly takes off for an extended, rambling European tour, that is--leaving him to deal with all of the animals, an unexpected house guest with a troubled past, her young daughter, and one very  recalcitrant miniature goat.

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It's FREE on KindleUnlimited, or also for sale--and you can pre-order it now.  Just click on the link above. I would love to hear your feedback on this book. If you read it, please leave a few words of feedback on Amazon. It would mean a lot!

How are you enjoying September so far? At the very end of August, we had our first foggy morning of autumn. Now that we are in September, the beautiful early morning fog appears briefly almost every day. Sometimes it's just wisps of low-lying mist, but this morning I can barely make out the horse barn as I look out our kitchen windows.  Can you find a horse and the barn in this photo?

Besides triggering my pumpkin spice tea addiction, these foggy mornings bring back memories of my elementary school days in September. I loved being in a brightly lit classroom on foggy or rainy days, looking out the windows and imagining that anything could be outside, hidden within that veil.  Dragons. Adventures. Lots of horses roaming by. Or maybe even my own horse,  because we didn't live far from school and he had a penchant for adventure, too.

Cherry was tall--a seventeen hand part-Clydesdale --yet he could lay flat as a pancake, wiggle under the fence, and be off to visit the neighbors (or wander far beyond) until someone reported him. A deputy would occasionally show up at our house in the early morning to take me to wherever Cherry was. Small town life, back in the day! Dad and I could always find the place where he'd escaped because the lower strands of wire were stretched and sagging.  But horses on the loose in our area weren't just mine. Our county had the second-highest horse population in the entire country at the time--many big stable and farms, but lots and lots of backyard horses as well. 

My dad endlessly patched our fence. Cherry continued to outsmart him. One night, some folks heard noises outside their bedroom window, turned on the lights, and peered out into the darkness only to see what appeared to be an amorphous white blob with glittering eyes peering right back at them.  Terrified, they called the cops, claiming there was an alien outside.  But it was just Cherry, with his wide, white Clydesdale blaze, standing on their roses to have a look inside.

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Do you remember any amusing stories about your own childhood pets? I'd love to hear them! Leave a comment and you will be entered in a drawing for a free copy of ONE MORE WISH.



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  1. We had a dog that ate the chocolate covered cherries that my grandparents sent to us one Christmas that were wrapped under the tree. Thankfully it didn't kill her.