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It's Bargain Books Day

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Six friends make a pact not to let love get in the way of their careers, and the No Brides Club is born. But could meeting the right man at the wrong time cause them to break their vows to each other?

Kate Lewis left her family's dairy farm and fell in love with everything about New York City's especially the high-powered, fast-paced world of finance. Once content to lie in the grass and watch clouds float across the sky, her biggest dream now is to work her way to the top of Wall Street.

Jon Smith is so much more than his plain name implies. He's also a rising star in the world of finance, on a mission to save his grandfather's cattle farm, and Kate's former high school admirer.

When a shocking twist of fate puts these two in direct competition for a job they both covet, the last thing they need is any new sparks of attraction. Too bad fate isn't done with them yet.

Will they give in to their attraction, or is their newfound rivalry too intense to put aside? Find out in this sweet big city twist on the classic second chance romance theme.

Book 5 in the multi-author #NoBridesClub series. (All books can be read as standalones.)

~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Ellie Alexander is in love. And the only thing sweeter would be if Libby, Natalie, and Stephanie, her three unmarried, unattached granddaughters, could find the same happiness. Maybe with a little help from her and her beau Blake Parker . . .

A Match Made in Williamstown by Jean C. Gordon — Libby Schuyler has avoided dating since her break-up with college-sweetheart Jack Parker. Out of nowhere, Jack shows up claiming Ellie is swindling his grandfather, Blake, through a travel agency partnership they’ve formed. Libby and Jack team up to protect their grandparents and get to the bottom of Ellie and Blake’s business and romantic relationship. While Libby and Jack fight their reignited attraction, Ellie and Blake conspire to bring the two together.

A Match Made in Freedom by Lisa Belcastro — Stephanie Gould loves life on Martha’s Vineyard . . . until she runs into Kay and Tim, her former business partner and her ex-fiancé, who just returned from their honeymoon. Surprised by the heartache she thought was gone, Stephanie heads to the Berkshires to visit family and friends. Arriving in Stockbridge, Stephanie meets Captain Henry Lewis. Little does Stephanie know, her grandmother has already met Henry, and Ellie thinks Henry is perfect. Stephanie has no interest in dating, Henry included. If only Henry didn’t turn up everywhere Stephanie goes. When he walks up beside her at the Norman Rockwell Museum, Stephanie can’t deny her attraction, but she’ll do her best to fight it.

A Match Made in Sheffield by Terri Weldon — Natalie Benton bounced from one foster home to another until she landed on Ellie Alexander’s doorstep. Natalie’s vagabond childhood caused her to yearn for a secure life, which led to Natalie’s five-year plan: complete her law degree, marry the perfect man, become a partner at Montgomery, Haynes, and Preston, and produce one child. Getting arrested wasn’t in Natalie’s plan. Needing a public defender wasn’t in her plan. Falling for Grady Hunter, her public defender, definitely wasn’t in her plan. Can Grady convince Natalie there is more to life than her five-year plan? Is Ellie the only one who sees a future for Natalie and Grady?

~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Emily's Dreams - Book Two in the Serendipity, Indiana Series...
After the accident, Emily must learn how to live, not simply survive. How will David Standish fit into her future? And what is that voice in her head, pushing her along?

Emily Kincaid's past is strewn with broken relationships and dead-end jobs, and her future is a giant question mark. Everybody wants to help--the nurse aide Emily can't stand, Emily's grandmother who had the perfect marriage and wants Emily to find the right man, and her teenage sisters who are eager to get her out of their way.

David Standish wants to help too, but he's the guy Emily can never have. He's older, and cosmopolitan while she's small town boring...

And on top of all this, there's the voice in Emily's head that keeps giving her advice she can't understand.

Come to Serendipity, and believe in the magic of Love!

This heartwarming sweet romance novel is 99 cents until May 15th!



Get Second Chance Hero for only $.99 cents! This sale is about to go away!

Second Chance Hero is the follow-up to The Heiress Games trilogy, featuring Serena Douglas, who not only lost the Armington fortune, but also managed to escape the competition without falling in love. 

Or so she thought…It all starts with a new challenge…and bald cat named King Tut. Serena has a chance to win a $10 million fortune. All she needs is a job. Too bad the only one willing to “hire” her is security expert, Damon Grant, the one man she’s been trying to forget since she was a teenager. 

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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Book Club - by Magdalena Scott

I recently joined my first book club ever! It meets monthly at my public library. The book we're reading this month is Circe, by Madeline Miller.  I remembered a little bit about Greek mythology from school days, but have had quite a brushing-up while reading this novel. Last month's read was nonfiction - The Library Book, by Susan Orlean.

I eagerly await the next meeting when the results of our secret ballot are revealed, and we get the next bestseller to take home and immerse ourselves into.

I've heard that if you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room. 

I don't know who first said that. But whoever they are, they'd know I'm in the right room during book club. Each woman (yep, all females so far) in the room is probably better-read than I. Small town note: two of them were my junior high school English teachers. Win!

Going to book club is a gift I'm giving myself. 

Like beginning to play dulcimer last fall, adopting a cat this winter, and increasing my efforts to eat healthy and exercise, book club adds to my well-being. (With the possible exception of a nightmarish dream about Greek mythology, but nothing is perfect, right?)

What about you? Are you a book clubber? How do you maintain a healthy work-life balance?

USA Today Bestselling Author Magdalena Scott writes sweet romance and romantic women’s fiction. A lifelong resident of Small Town America, she invites readers into her world to find out what’s hidden just below the surface of those tiny dots barely visible on the map. Romance, mystery, and the journey to be one’s best self are all part of a day in her neighborhood. Readers have commented that they’d like to move to the imaginary towns Magdalena writes about, which she takes as high praise indeed.

Magdalena is a practicing minimalist, having downsized from a 3,000 square foot house to a studio apartment, where her Giant Closet continues to resist taming. When not writing at home or spending time with family and friends, she loves to travel–carry-on baggage only–and is always pleasantly surprised at the kindness of strangers.

Website: https://magdalenascott.com/

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Saturday, April 27, 2019

Birthdays and the Avengers' Endgame by Margaret Daley

Birthdays and the Avengers' Endgame 
by Margaret Daley

Today is my birthday and I have a great day laid out for me. One of my best friends is taking me to lunch and to see the Avengers' Endgame. She is my friend I go to the movies with. We love the same kind of movies—action, adventure, suspenseful. Now you see why I usually write and read romantic suspense and action packed stories. I'm excited to hear so far from people who've seen the Avengers' Endgame that it is a good, exciting movie. Can't wait. 

I think I've seen every Avenger movie there is. My favorite Avenger is Thor (not bad to look at) although I love others too like Captain America, Wonder Woman, Black Panther. I could go on and on.

Do you like the Avenger movies? Which Avenger is your favorite?

My two books coming out in May are:

Finding Love Again
Two wounded people, too afraid to trust...
Laura Williams first encounters high school principal, Peter Stone, when he suspends her sonfor fighting. New to town,this widowandmother of four strugglesto hold her family together.
Peter is drawn to Laura and wants to help her and her son, who are hurting, but he's no stranger to pain. It's a daily struggle to overcome his own past. Will these woundedsoulsfind love again, or will rocky pasts destroy all hope for a happy future?
Buy links: Amazon

Lone Star Standoff
Presiding over the trial of a powerful drug cartel member, Judge Aubrey Madison finds her life threatened, and Texas Ranger Sean McNair isn’t taking any chances. Protecting the widow and her twins comes naturally to Sean—maybe too naturally for a guy who’s convinced he shouldn’t have a family. But he can’t help wishing for a future with Aubrey…if he can keep her alive.
Buy links: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo and Google Play

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Friday, April 26, 2019

Spring brings hope

Spring renews and refreshes. Sometimes, it can even put things right, or at least take steps in that direction. Here, in northern California, in the very shadow of the Camp Fire that destroyed Paradise and other Sierra foothill communities, we need the refreshing and renewal that come this time of year. I am grateful for spring.

Last November, things weren't looking so good. Our home, and our sons' homes in a neighboring community, were under threat of evacuation as the fire swept down the canyons from Paradise, already in ashes, to menace the flatlands in the valley below. We were living in smoke so thick, the street lamps stayed on all day and people drove with their lights on. No one went out without heavy hazard masks, and much, much worse was happening all around us.

Friends, people we knew well, others we knew as acquaintances, and neighbors we did not know at all were suffering. Many were burned out of their homes and had nothing left. Some lost businesses, personal keepsakes, pets. A few among those we did not know lost relatives. Here in the valley, we did what we could to find emergency housing, supply clothing, blankets, food and help, and to offer our sympathy and support. Meanwhile, our rural county, and many others nearby, struggled to absorb an estimated 50,000 displaced people.

Almost six months have passed and things are settling down. Fortunately, that means traffic isn't as crazy, housing isn't quite as tight, and businesses that doubled their traffic overnight have adjusted procedures to accommodate. The unfortunate side is more loss: friends moving to other states, others staying in the general area, but moving far enough that we won't see them often in the future, and saying a permanent goodbye to much of the uphill community that we knew and loved. We are grateful to see them regrouping and rebuilding, but sorry to see them go.

Then there's spring: renewal, refreshment, hope. We've watched the blossoms in the fruit and nut orchards. Now we have roses. Roses, roses are everywhere! And the beautiful roses blooming in my front yard are one more assurance that even catastrophes can pass, horror can be replaced by grace, sorrow can be followed by joy.

Susan Aylworth is the author of 17 published novels with an 18th due next month. Her latest is PARIS IN THE SPRINGTIME, a novel set in the Sierra foothills near her northern California home. She lives with her husband of 49 years, Roger, and one old, arthritic cat. She loves to hear from readers. Find her at www.susanaylworth.com, @SusanAylworth, susan.aylworth.author@gmail.com, or facebook.com/Susan.Aylworth.Author. Also on Pinterest and Instagram.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

I’ll Take Funny Sayings for $100 by Pat Simmons

No, I’m not about to play a game of Jeopardy. Have you ever heard someone say something so priceless, it should be on a T-shirt or mug? If you’re anything like my hubby, you might buy one because it’s the right color without paying much attention to what’s on it. We can learn a lot about a person’s personality from what they boast on a T-shirt.
Recently, I received a catalog in the mail that was advertising funny sayings and I stumbled upon this one. I laughed because it is sooo true.

Unfortunately, these T-shirts are many years too late for my siblings and me, but it is so on point.
Growing up, my only sister, who is older, set boundaries on what I could get away with as far as annoying her. As the little sister, I always broke the rules. Then five years later, our baby brother came along. Yep, as far as he was concerned, the rules didn’t apply to him.
Do you have a funny or favorite saying on a T-shirt?
Share it in your comments and let’s have a laugh. 

Pat Simmons has penned more than thirty-five titles. She is a self-proclaimed genealogy sleuth who is passionate about researching her ancestors, then casting them in starring roles in her novels. She is a three-time recipient of the Romance Slam Jam Emma Rodgers Award for Best Inspirational Romance. Pat describes the evidence of the gift of the Holy Ghost as a life-altering experience. She has been a featured speaker and workshop presenter at various venues across the country.Pat has converted her sofa-strapped sports fanatical husband into an amateur travel agent, untrained bodyguard, GPS-guided chauffeur, and administrative assistant who is constantly on probation. They have a son and a daughter. Pat holds a B.S. in mass communications from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. Visit her at www.patsimmons.net.

Get hooked on her Jamieson men. Read book 1, Guilty of Love, for only .99

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Love At First Sight... Can It Really Happen?

Their eyes meet across a busy restaurant, or store, or while waiting for a train. Sparks fly. (I'm picturing this in my head and thinking, "Isn't that dangerous?"). Anyway, you know how the stories show this impossible event.

Love at first sight... Is it real or something made up in our writer's imagination?
I've asked this question before and the votes seemed to be split almost 50/50. Some people say they did indeed know their mate was for them the first time they met. Other's aren't buying it.

Well, according to an article I found in Psychology Today, here is the conclusion they came up with--
Love at first sight actually is experienced by people, but it's not so much "love" or "passion," Instead, it's a strong pull or attraction that makes someone particularly open to the possibilities of a relationship. (Zsoks et al., 2017)
A strong attraction? Okay, I can buy into that idea. 

This year, my husband and I will be celebrating our 31st Anniversary! I still remember the very first time I crossed paths with Mr. Castle. I was leaving the hair salon I worked at and he was coming in to clean our tanning beds. This was something he did for extra cash on the side after a day of working construction.

I didn't even give him a second look. He was still dirty, sweaty and covered in sawdust from working all day. But as I headed to my car, he whistled at me.
Yes, whistled at me! 

Despite how annoyed I was, I'll admit, I was a little flattered, too. Now I wonder...did that mean he took one look at me and fell in love?

Ha! Not sure I'd call it love at that point, but perhaps there was an attraction. 

According to another article I found at eHarmony, he just might have had some strong feelings that first time he saw me.
Looking at what other people think, a survey found that 60% of people believe in love at first sight and 41% of men or 29% of women have reported experiencing love at first sight. Some scientists say love at first sight could be possible, especially considering that it’s possible for our brain to make a decision about attraction in one-tenth of a second.

So, see? It's possible.
But not necessarily for me. You see, that first time we met, although I was repulsed/flattered over being whistled at, I kind of blew it off. Until a week or so later when I was at a mutual friend's house and Mr. Castle was there, too.

This time he was cleaned up!

And I noticed that under all that sweat, dirt, and sawdust was a handsome guy, tanned from being outside and quite muscular from hard work. This time, I was definitely giving him a second look. But that's not what really captured my heart.

As a matter-of-fact, it took me a little longer to give him a chance at a first date. I was a quiet, shy girl and Mr. Castle and his buddies were loud, boisterous, and kind of wild for my taste. What finally got me to agree to go out on a date was that out of all the guys in his crew, he laughed the most. Seriously. He was always smiling and laughing. Always.

In an article I found in Women's Health, they attempt to debunk the love-at-first-sight theory. Actually, they called it "total B.S."
Relationships are about working through differences, getting through hardships, and striking a balance with your partner over and over again.
One thing I say, again and again in my stories is that Love Is A Choice.  Perhaps it starts out with all the flighty feelings and pounding heart, but when it comes down to lasting relationships, we daily have to make a choice to love our significant other despite the unlovable things they do.

So maybe we start with that sudden spark, or perhaps a slow burn, but either way, that's what love stories are made of, don't you think?

Now it's time for you to weigh in. Which do you believe is more plausible? Perhaps you have your own experiences. Share below in the comments.


This month, I'd like to tell you a little about my Madison Creek sweet romance series. Set on the lake shores of Michigan, you can start your bookcation with Snow Belle for only .99¢, where you'll meet Haley, a southern girl with big dreams and Ethan, a violinist determined to not return home a failure.

Watch the video below and if it strikes your interest, visit my website to find all the places you can order this book or other love stories from Madison Creek.


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April New Releases for Sweet Romance Reads


Unexpected Love
Margaret Daley

New Beginnings Series - Book 2

Dedicated to her 
special needs high school students, Sadie Spencer is determined to get help for her work program even if it means she has to be creative and find a way to talk to Andrew Knight. He owns a large company that would be the perfect place for her students to work. She bid on him in a bachelor auction and won a date with him. She is excited she will have a chance to convince him to hire one of her students. But she soon realizes that God has His own reasons for bringing them together.

Experience taught Andrew that he doesn't need anyone in his life, including God. Until Sadie begins to show the successful businessman how much he has to offer her students. Although the walls he built around his heart are slowly crumbling, will he ever find the courage to make peace with God so that he can be not only Sadie's hero . . . but her husband?

Available on Amazon

Josie Riviera

A strong-minded Irishwoman pursuing her dream. A disillusioned businessman ready to retire. Can two determined people separated by years and miles find true love at the end of an Irish rainbow?

Irishwoman Kathleen Kelly wants to renovate her new tea house in America to a sparkling shine, enticing droves of customers to Roses, NC. But the project quickly takes a turn for the worse when her hard work falls flat.

Rob Taylor knows a thing or two about running a business. He’s built Rob’s Marvelous Muffins into a thriving business catering to hundreds of customers.

With Rob in Miami and Kathleen in Roses, a May-December romance isn’t a part of Kathleen’s carefully laid-out plans. Besides, they’ve both admitted to each other how unlucky they are in love. Better to leave romance out of the picture and stick to friendship and hard work.

Kathleen has no choice but to face what she is most afraid of … commitment. 

Available for pre-order on Amazon

Only Her Heart

Lyn Cote

What will it take for a clueless computer genius to notice the loving woman at the desk beside him? 

Caring, hardworking, Annie Petrov’s about to quit the job she loves. Why? From day one she’s been in love with Jack Lasater, her computer-genius boss who--grasps intricate code and computer security but never understands people. Five years of being valued only as the executive assistant who makes his life easier is no longer enough for Annie. If she goes now, she can leave with her pride intact.

As she writes her letter of resignation, an unexpected call from Jack’s estranged, successful surgeon father upends Annie’s plan and Jack’s life. His dad’s multiple-facility Hope Medical network’s computers have been hacked. He needs Jack’s expertise to discover the hacker and prevent another intrusion. Jack wants nothing to do with his father, but Annie points out this should be a “bottom line” decision. And though she doesn’t say so, Jack needs to face his father. . So Jack grits his teeth and takes the job. Now she cannot leave, not when Jack needs her help to navigate the troubled waters between father and son.

After Jack cleans up the Hope mess and designs a new security system, the hacker steps up his attacks. Hope Medical fears he might target patient records. Someone could die. As Jack works to expose the hacker, the true reasons for the estrangement from his father will also be exposed. Is Jack ready for the truth and more importantly, ready to admit what he’s ignored all along--that he loves Annie? What will at last break through his emotional firewall?

Available on Amazon

Autumn's Shadow

Lyn Cote
Some shadows are hard to shake. And someone has a mean sense of humor. And that person is springing nasty pranks around town. Who and why? And, more importantly, how can Keely Turner and Burke Sloan, the newest sheriff's deputy, stop the malicious prankster before someone gets hurt badly?

Available on Amazon

Country Blessings

Merrillee Whren

Ten years after Rachel Charbonneau left the South Dakota farm where she grew up to pursue her dreams of an acting career, she has come back for her mother’s funeral. Rachel plans to sell the farm and return to California. Despite her bad feelings about the place, the good things, including Matt Dalton, call her to reconsider. Matt, an injured war hero, wishes he could change her mind, but he doesn’t know how a scarred soldier can win the heart of a famous actress. Can he arm himself with enough patience, faith, and love to be her hometown hero?
Available on AmazonKoboSmashwords

Second Chance Hero

Kristin Wallace

Second Chance Hero is the follow-up to The Heiress Games trilogy, featuring Serena Douglas, who not only lost the Armington fortune, but also managed to escape the competition without falling in love. 

Or so she thought…It all starts with a new challenge…and bald cat named King Tut. Serena has a chance to win a $10 million fortune. All she needs is a job. Too bad the only one willing to “hire” her is the one man she’s been trying to forget since she was a teenager.

Available on AmazonApple BooksB & N, & KOBO

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Sweet Romance Reads' Bargain Books

Deadly Countdown, Book 4 in Strong Women, Extraordinary Situations—99¢ through April 24th
Allie Martin, a widow, has a secret protector who manipulates her life without anyone knowing until…
When Remy Broussard, an injured police officer, returns to Port David, Louisiana to visit before his medical leave is over, he discovers his childhood friend, Allie Martin, is being stalked. As Remy protects Allie and tries to find her stalker, they realize their feelings go beyond friendship. 
When the stalker is found, they begin to explore the deeper feelings they have for each other, only to have a more sinister threat come between them. Will Allie be able to save Remy before he dies at the hand of a maniac?
Buy Links: AmazonBarnes and NobleAppleKoboand Google Play

~Trying to escape their painful past, Anne and Pete go to the middle of nowhere...and find each other.~

Acquaintances in San Antonio, they never acted on their strong attraction, because Anne was married. Then disaster struck both their lives, pushing them further apart. Fate or coincidence led them both to tiny Legend, Tennessee. Pete believes they have a second chance. But without changing the past, that may not be true.

Book 5 in The McClains of Legend Series, with a stand-alone plot and HEA
99 cents for a limited time

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A Day in the Life of Writer, Kimberly Rose Johnson

Over the years I've been asked more than once to write a post about what a day in the life of a writer is like. I suspect it's much the same as yours, except I work from home, or anyplace I feel like working, and my job can demand my time pretty much any time of day. On top of that, I am constantly interrupted by my dog, my kids (who are adults), text messages, phone calls, and housework that demands my attention i.e. laundry. I imagine you get interruptions too, but they might look a little different than mine. :)

One of my new favorite parts of my job is dreaming up pictures to post on Instagram that are related to my life as a writer.

About once a week my husband and I visit this amazing coffee shop that uses real chocolate to make mochas. The place is decorated with old books and plants, along with vintage lights, a typewriter, stereo, and a feed sack lol, that one I don't understand. The vibe is so writerly--is that a word?

Aside from my new love of taking photos for my Instagram, I spend time doing what we writers are known for, writing. :)

My day begins early. I post on social media before 7:00 pacific, then I read my Bible, eat breakfast, skim through email, and finally around 8:30 I get to begin writing. Some days are easier than others to get into the groove--I imagine that's the same for all of us when it comes to work.

I write until 11:00 then I take a twenty minute break to watch Live with Kelly and Ryan and eat lunch. After that, I take my dog outside for a bit then get back to work again until 1:30 or so. At that point, I'm done with writing for the day. I then exercise, listen to web seminars, classes, or podcasts about writing, marketing, or anything that will help me grow as woman.

By 4:00 I'm done with my official work day. I say official because it's not unusual for me to take a phone call from my publisher, talk with readers on Facebook, work on a critique for someone, or scour stock photo sites for a meme or my next book cover as I "watch" TV with my husband, who is usually reading lol.

Aside from writing, one of the most fun things about my job is getting to meet up with readers. In the picture below I'm at Starbucks in Disney Springs/Orlando, visiting with a reader/blogger. It was so much fun to be able to connect with her in person.

One of the perks of working from home on my own schedule is getting to run outside in the middle of an unexpected snow shower.
The truth behind this picture is I had to have a cyst removed from my face. I was devastated by the scar and had been housebound for more than a week. I was so happy when I took this picture because I was able to manipulate my hair to cover the scar on my left cheek. It's since healed quite a bit and makeup covers it for the most part, though if you really look, it's visible. Thankfully, most people don't pay that much attention!

Well, there you have it. An average day in the life of this writer.

I'm fairly new to this blog and would love to get to know you. Let's chat. What do you do? Do you have a favorite activity? A least favorite chore? What was the last book you read and enjoyed? What's your favorite genre? LOL I'm so full of questions--the hazard of being a writer. :)

Monday, April 15, 2019

Favorite Reading Places by Alicia Street

I’ve been so busy lately that it isn’t easy to get in my reading time, but I have always somehow managed to find ways to slip it into my daily schedule.

Of course I have my favorite reading chair. An old cushioned armchair that’s wide enough for me to sit cross-legged or curl up on my side. But that’s a luxury these days.  

Like many women, I often have a book or e-reader on the kitchen counter while I’m preparing a meal. I have a slanted book holder that even has clips to keep paper pages open, and it gets transferred to the table when I’m eating alone. 

Subways and buses are great for sneaking in a chapter or two. And in the car—no, not while driving—but those lag times when playing family chauffeur and the 4:30 pick-up turns out to be more like 4:50.

My fitness club has those little television screens on the treadmills, bicycles and ellipticals. But I always plunk my e-reader right in front of it and, thanks to a good story, I’m sweating before I know it.

I’ve never been a bathroom reader, although I have a friend who swears by it. She even relaxes in the bathtub with her e-reader. No way. I’d probably just drop in the water.  

As a kid I used to hide in closets and read with a flashlight or take a book with me up into a tree and hope my mother wouldn’t call me for weekend chores. And I can’t remember the last time I’ve gone to bed without a novel that makes me struggle to keep my eyes open so I can just get in a few more pages.

Where do you like to read?


Alicia Street is a USA Today bestselling author and a Daphne du Maurier award-winner. She spent many years as a dancer, choreographer and teacher and is a compulsive reader of every genre. You can connect with Alicia at her website or visit her on Facebook or Twitter.

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