Tuesday, April 2, 2019

International Children's Book Day by Vickie McDonough

Did you know that today is International Children's Book Day?

International Children’s Book Day (ICBD) promotes the importance of literacy and reading to our children. Since 1967, on or around Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday, 2 April, ICBD is celebrated to inspire a love of reading and to call attention to children’s books. What was your favorite story as a kid? Children’s Book Day encourages you to get it out and read it through again, maybe to your children or grandchildren. Celebrate the day with a great children’s book!

Tips for Getting Children to Fall in Love with Books

1. Set a time each week to read for family reading night.

2. Make reading a part of life. Read streets signs, recipes and products in stores with your children.

3. Set a reading goal such as five books to be read over holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving break or spring or fall break. 

4. Ask your older child to read to the younger children. It boosts the older child's confidence while providing fun interaction with the younger children.

5. Take a weekly trip to the library to check out books.


Vickie McDonough

The War Between the States may have ended, but prejudice is still strong among the families journeying together on a wagon train headed down the Santa Fe Trail.

Julia Scott is traveling to New Mexico with her father and younger brother. Her pa fought for the North in the war where her two older brothers lost their lives. Pa is looking for a fresh start in a new place, but Julia just wants him to be happy again.

Taylor Marshall, a Southerner who fought for the Confederates, is on his way to Colorado to raise horses. He’s attracted to Julia, but her father adamantly forbids them to talk to one another.

Circumstances continually throw Julia and Taylor together, and their attraction grows. Will a forbidden romance bloom? Or will they go their separate ways when the trail splits?

Releases May 6th. Available for pre-order: Click here


  1. Thank you for the information on encouraging children to read, Vickie. Best of luck with your upcoming book release!

  2. Thanks for the info, Vickie, and best wishes on your new release!

  3. As a very young child my favorite book was Sammy the Seal. I checked it out from the library multiple times and read that book over and over.

  4. So important to encourage kids to read..and the best inspiration is to BE a reader!