Friday, September 24, 2021

National Cherries Jubilee Day! @PatSimmons

 According to National Day Calendar, today is NATIONAL CHERRIES JUBILEE DAY! Let's celebrate! 

Chef Auguste Escoffier is credited for creating this fancy dessert for Queen Victoria. To learn more about this day, click here.  

For a recipe for Cherries Jubilee, click here.

Do you think Cherries Jubilee is worthy of a celebration? Or do you think it's a sweet of a golden era in the past?

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Take a look at this short story by Pat Simmons:

After splurging on a one-of-a-kind evening dress, Pepper Trudeau hopes to dazzle the crowd at a St. Louis soiree. With her hair in place and makeup polished, Pepper stands confident, at least steady, in her ridiculous stilettos as she heads out the door--dateless.

Drake Logan almost didn't come to the gala, but when he catches a glimpse of an exotic beauty in a dress that seemed made for her figure, he almost lost his mind. Sometimes a man only gets one shot to impress a woman, and taking advantage of the moment, Drake will do whatever it takes to capture Pepper's heart on the spot.

Her Dress is a romantic novella about a woman who soon learns there is no price tag on love.

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Learn more about the author at her website.

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