Wednesday, July 1, 2020

What About Harry? Lyn Cote Needs Help with a Character Name--please?

Lyn Cote here~I'm in the midst of writing a Christmas novella for the upcoming Sweet Romance Reads Novella series, titled "Puppies for Christmas." (Seven SRR authors have gotten together to release novellas once a week, starting Oct 1st--so watch for these. All of them have puppies and Christmas in them!--Imagine that?:-) 

My novella is part of my "Northern Shore Intrigue" series. The title of my novella is "Beneath Northern Lights." The story of course has a hero. I've named him Harry. One of my critique partner maintains that Harry is a name for old men. I countered with Harry Connick Jr. She was unimpressed. SO is Harry a good choice for my hero or not?

What's your opinion? I really want to know!--Lyn

BTW, here's book one in this series, PRECARIOUS SUMMER.

Beautiful shore, Dangerous Season~
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  1. Harry Connick Jr isn't really a young man anymore. He was born in 1967. However, isn't there a prince with that name? I say if royalty can name their kids Harry, so can you. :)

  2. Harry in Harry Potter was young. It does seem a bit like an older person's name though, I remember thinking that as soon as I heard of Harry Potter. Liam seems to be a popular name currently.

  3. Harry is a good name. My dad’s name is Harry, he was named after his uncle. We know 1 other Harry who’s is younger than my dad but older than me. He has a grandson named Harry who is around 5 yrs old. So, it can be for any age.

  4. I think Harry is a good name. What about Prince Harry? He's young.

  5. Harry is a fine, strong name. Go with your gut, Lyn!