Tuesday, July 7, 2020

What I did this Independence Day ~ Jean C. Gordon

To celebrate Independence Day, my husband and I subscribed to Disney+ and streamed HAMILTON. If you know how much of a history buff I am, this probably doesn't surprise you. What you might not know is that neither my husband nor or I are fans of musicals in general.

So what was our verdict? The singing and choreography was wonderful. But ... you knew there was a but, didn't you ... both of us agreed it would have been even better if some of the play dialog had been spoken. (Everyone is entitled to their opinion.) 

I also questioned the veracity of the portrayal of Hamilton's wife Eliza and her sister Angelica. You see, my husband and I have toured the Schuyler Mansion Historical Site 20 minutes away in Albany. If my memory serves me correctly, the room pictured below may have been the room Hamilton and Eliza were married in. (My phone photos aren't labeled.)

Of course, I had to go online and look up things. And I came across this interesting to me Fact Check of HAMILTON. I wouldn't read it if you haven't seen the play and plan to.

Who else is a history buff? Local history in particular?

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  1. I loved seeing Hamilton! Especially since the cost of Disney plus is much preferred over the stage prices... and since Broadway is dark for now. What a gift!

  2. I agree, Christine. I saw Hamilton live and loved it!

  3. I'm not a history buff, but I did watch Hamilton over the weekend. I struggled understand the first half--I had no clue what it was about going into it, only that everyone thought it was great. I couldn't understand the words, which could have been my own personal issue do to hearing trouble. The second half was excellent. I finally knew what was going on.

    1. We turned on closed captioning to better understand the singing.

    2. I wish I'd thought of that!

  4. I saw the play on Broadway when it was still in previews the week before it's official opening, thanks to my daughter who is a Broadway play aficionado. She knew about the play while it was still off Broadway and snagged tickets for us while I was at the RWA conference in NYC in 2015. The theater was just steps away from the conference hotel. Loved it. My daughter also bought me the book on Hamilton by Ron Chernow. It is a very long biography, and I haven't managed to read the whole thing yet. I'm not sure about all the fact checking of the play. Which historian are you going to know has all the facts?