Sunday, July 5, 2020

How was your Fourth of July? .......Roxanne Rustand

How was your Fourth of July--or for that matter, this holiday weekend?

It sure has been different, at least in our part of the country.  Instead of having a house full of relatives for a big cookout meal,  we had...yep,  just my husband and I. And our 80# Golden Retriever Sage, who clung to my side like a limpet because of the fireworks out here in the country. Believe me--it's not easy to be productive with a big, worried dog clinging to me. And it's entirely too easy to fall!

Were you able to get together with your family?  Do you have a certain special meal that you enjoy on the Fourth?  I usually have potato salad, a big fresh fruit salad, a lettuce salad,  crudites, corn on the cob (if it is available yet), garlicky buttered French bread and chicken or ribs on the pellet grill, and/or steaks on the gas grill. It was very simple this year...except for one incredible change!

In our early marriage (the dark ages of the late 1970s) we had a charcoal grill, but then moved "up" to an easy-lighting Weber gas grill and never looked back. We added a pellet grill a couple years ago, for the wonderful smokey flavor. I thought we were set. 

But then, a few weeks ago, our daughter and her husband invited us for supper,  and made pork steaks on their new Weber charcoal grill.
Oh. My. Goodness!  The flavor was amazing! 

Smitten, I searched Facebook Marketplace and found a used 22" Weber grill for just $20, and then bought a Weber coal starter chimney, cover and some gadgets at the hardware store. Yesterday, for my birthday, I bought a nice ribeye that my husband and I shared. It was SO good!

Do you like to cook outside?  What is your favorite method? I'd love to hear about it! Do you have any favorite rubs and BBQ sauces, or just opt for salt and pepper?

Wishing you all my best for a wonderful Sunday, and a perfect summer.  Stay safe and well!

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Roxanne Rustand


  1. Sounds delicious, and now I'm going to check into a Weber grill. And, our dog is also afraid of fireworks!

  2. We a small Weber. Our 4th so good! I was in the hospital! I didn't get until late(night) July 4th. My daughter's birthday is July 4th and we were unable to do anything for it. I missed our community fireworks on Friday. But, I'm still trying to thank God.

  3. We cooked out but there were no fireworks to watch this year. I love the cover on your new book!

  4. We love cooking on our outdoor grill. We had burgers for the 4th. My family was here and we stayed outside and kept it short--about an hour. They all live within walking distance of us.
    It was crazy in my neighborhood this year--so many illegal fireworks going off! In Oregon anything that shoots into the air is illegal but it appears people had too much time and money this year. Wow! Every night for four days.

  5. Some nice time with immediate famiky.. and then a lot of pet hugging. Pennsylvania is allowing fireworks sales now, and with no town displays, the neighborhood pyromaniac were blasting away. Horrible for vets and pets! NOT a fan of fireworks, and glad it's passed!