Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Character Driven Stories

Not only am I an author, trust me, I’m definitely a character. The most popular one is Grandma BB. Mrs. Beatrice Tilley Beacon a.k.a. Grandma BB steals the show every time she struts into a scene. Her wit, sassy unapologetic mouth, and outrageous antics will challenge anyone’s sanity.  Despite her flawed character, Grandma BB has made the Jamieson Legacy one of my oldest, ongoing series in my ten year career. Plus, it’s my favorite storyline to write. Actually, I do the research and the characters tell their own stories. With a background in news, my passion is to tackle real issues, such as abortion, witchcraft, adoption, African American vs. African misperceptions, family roots, and redemption from past regrets. Of course, I can’t leave out romance.
Although I have drama in my books, there is no church drama. I believe most go to church or read Christian fiction/romance for inspiration, deliverance, and salvation, which is why at least one character in my stories has a heart after God.
Readers can’t get enough of the Jamiesons, so I’m in the process of writing a Special Edition Jamieson Family Night, along with a game book that will test your knowledge about the characters. If you’ve never read Kidd, Cameron, Parke, Ace, Grandma BB and the others, I have just the stories to warm your heart from the winter blast. Reach out to me at to purchase an autograph copy today and see why the Jamiesons will soon become your favorite.

Pat Simmons has penned more than thirty-five titles. She is a self-proclaimed genealogy sleuth who is passionate about researching her ancestors, then casting them in starring roles in her novels. She is a three-time recipient of the Romance Slam Jam Emma Rodgers Award for Best Inspirational Romance. Pat describes the evidence of the gift of the Holy Ghost as a life-altering experience. She has been a featured speaker and workshop presenter at various venues across the country.
Pat holds a B.S. in mass communications from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts.


  1. It's fun to have a character who is quirky.

  2. So fun, Pat! Everyone needs a Grandma BB in their life.

  3. Grandma BB sounds like a hoot. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love characters like Grandma BB!