Thursday, January 4, 2018

Old and New Resolutions by Mona Risk

On December 31, I wrote my new resolutions. As I do every year. And every year I promise myself I will do my best to put them in practice all year long. Usually I manage to reach the end of February before I slack.

This year starts as an absolute disaster and I'm afraid I will fail.

1- Dieting: no bread or wheat.
Unfortunately, I cooked and baked so much for the kids and friends. Seriously, I can't just throw the leftovers. Someone has to finish all the delicious sweets before I can start dieting. Guess who's doing her best to clean the fridge of cakes, baklavas, chocolates, special breads... Oh my stomach!

2- Walk 10,000 steps: I have been walking and my house, but there is no way to reach that number. My new “fitbit” is slower than a turtle, beside walking outside is out of the question. So far the weather has been stormy.

3- Write three new books.
Last year I published three new books and I managed to start a new story a month ago. If the weather continues to be nasty, I am sure I will finish my current story soon.

4- Talk to my kids every day. Hmm... Shouldn't they be the ones calling their old mom? When I told them that, the answer was, "Mom, you're far from old. I wish I had your energy. Can you babysit on Tuesday?"
Maybe I should call once a week or once a month!

I look at the card on which I used my best penmanship to write my resolutions and sigh. It's only January 4. Maybe I can start on these resolutions on February 1st?

Did you write your resolutions? Do you manage to keep them?

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  1. I don't make resolutions because I have no stick-to-it-tive-ness. lol But I will cheer you on to stick to yours! :)

    1. I know what you mean Donna. My "stick-to-it-tive-ness" lasts for a week or two maximum. But if I don't write my resolutions I become a hopeless case.

  2. Your New Year's resolutions are good ones, Mona. Great that you wrote 3 new books this year. And I love the idea of talking to my kids every day.

    1. Hi Josie, I wrote my three books during the first half of the year, then life turned nasty. I had to struggle with health problems, broken bones and a bit of depression. Finally got out of it, thanks to my DH, and started writing again, breathing freely and living normally.

  3. Mona, I do 12,000 steps a day. Have you ever heard of Leslie Sansone? She has videos in which she does what I call walking in place. I started doing the video as a picture in picture while I watched TV. I've done it so long that I don't even use the video any more. I just do the steps while I watch something I've recorded on TV. It works great!

  4. Merrillee, you are a tennis woman and an a great athlete. I am far from being athletic, but I always try and never give up. Yesterday I reached 6,000 steps. Hopefully I will do 10,000 and maybe 12,000 when the weather improves. I am afraid to go too fast too suddenly and break a bone. I'll check Leslie Sansone. Thank you.

  5. The no chocolate part would be hard but everything else sounds like a great plan. :)