Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Traveling.... by Christine Bush

 Whew! I don’t “travel” as easily as I once did. Though I love it. My new hubby and I just returned to Pennsylvania after an awesome (and exhausting) trip to Northern California.

We visited his awesome family, two sisters, a niece, a brother and his family, and I got to meet my new 100 year old mother in law, who lives in the Sierra Nevada Mountains!  And we visited my musically talented step son, Zac in Santa Cruz.  All unforgettable. My heart is happy.

And then, there were the places we got to see.
Big Sur!

The breathtaking Pacific coastline!

Seals in Monterey Bay!

An amazingly bad selfie in the brilliant California sunshine!
It’s an incredibly beautiful world we live in. I’m very grateful for the chance to see this corner of it. How about you?  Where has been your favorite place to visit in your travels?  And what’s next?

Christine's latest book, a romantic suspense titled  “Almost Anonymous” is available in print and ebook.


  1. Christine, I love the pictures of your trip. Amazing. Almost Anonymous sounds like a great read. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful pics, Christine. I love to travel, also, and with a daughter studying at university in Ireland, I've had the awesome opportunity to travel to Europe several times.

  3. Traveling is so much fun! Love your photos! I've been fortunate to travel widely in the last few years. It would be so hard to pick just one place. In October we traveled to Australia and New Zealand. What a fabulous trip.