Sunday, January 21, 2018

Five Things I Love About January by Milou Koenings

Did I mention I Love January? Five reasons why:

1)      It's the Beginning

Turning the page on a new calendar may be a purely symbolic act — after all, in most cases nothing has really changed from the day before, right? — but it's a huge psychological boost. No matter what goals I didn't achieve, whatever didn't get done last year, it's okay. It's a new year, a clean slate. Time to begin.

unsplash-logoGiulia Bertelli

2)      It's All About Hope

Isn't it strange that we begin the calendar in the middle of the winter, the darkest, some would say dreariest, time of the year?

It's almost as if the calendar is telling us that when we've hit the darkest patch, that's when things start looking up. So despite the hours of dim light, the sludge, the cold, there's a ray of hope baked in.

3)      It's a Time for Second Chances

Despite all the talk of new beginnings, some things just cycle around. I make a list each January with my year's goals. A few years ago, I was rummaging through a desk drawer and came upon one of these lists. It was about four years old. And item by item it was exactly the same as the list I'd just made. It was little embarrassing... But. There's no reason this year I won't meet my goals, right?

unsplash-logoCathryn Lavery

4)      It's the most productive time of year

Unless there's a snow day, of course. But otherwise, the weather gives me much more incentive to stay inside where it's warmer and bunker down by my computer. I get much more done in January (and February) than almost any other time of the year.

5)      Snow Days

Snow days — they throw my best-laid plans into chaos, but there's no cozier chaos than being snowed in with the whole family. Snowball fights, snow angels and hot chocolate. Pretty wonderful all around. So long as they're only occasional occurrences — see number 4.

I hope that whatever hopes and dreams you have for yourself in 2018, your January is shaping into something pretty wonderful and that it's a harbinger of a marvelous year for all of us!

Milou Koenings is a USA Today bestselling author. She writes romance because, like chocolate, stories with a happy ending bring more joy into the world and so make it a better place.

Her other Green Pines sweet romances, I Love You Three, Reclaiming Home, The Kampala Peppermint Twist and Sweet Blizzard are available on, iBooks, Nook, Kobo and all your favorite e-book retailers.

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  1. Milou, thank you for the lovely description of January. About finding an old goals list and being embarrassed--same thing happened to me this past week. *blush* I hope we'll both accomplish them all in 2018!

  2. Here's to many accomplishments and goals met in 2018. Thanks for the excellent post, Milou!

  3. Thank you for summing up exactly how January feels to me. Looking forward to a great year where anything is possible for all of us. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I hope we all get to do what we hope to -- and much more!

  5. Thanks for the good thoughts on January.

  6. I've never been much of a January fan (mostly cause I hate being cold), although your post certainly makes me this month in a much more favorable light. :) Great post!