Saturday, July 30, 2022

Secret Baby - My Favorite Romance Trope by Laura Scott


Good morning! Laura Scott here asking about your favorite romance trope! As an author and a reader I happen to love the secret baby romance. Not that they are always easy to write as it's difficult to come up with good reasons for keeping such a huge event from a partner, but I adore the conflict. There's nothing like a big secret to keep two people apart.

I mostly write romantic suspense so finding out about a secret baby while in the middle of danger is even more fun. Having a woman and child in danger certainly raises the stakes. This is exactly what happens in the next book in my Called to Protect Series - Sealed with Trust.

If you haven't read my new series, these books are about a former Navy SEAL team who were injured on their last op, and forced to retire from active duty. Each of my SEALs also gets a special K-9 to help him adjust to civilian life. Is there anything better than former military heroes and their beautiful K-9's? I don't think so.

Do you like the secret baby trope? Why or why not? Always love to learn from readers what they like.

Sealed with Trust is available on August 2, 2022. Sealed with Valor will release on September 6th and the final book, Sealed with a Christmas Promise will be available on November 1st just in time for Christmas.

Sealed with Trust by Laura Scott $3.99

A suspect in her ex-husband’s murder…

Detective Maggie Chandler is shocked to stumble across her ex-husband’s dead body, but being a prime suspect is even worse. When her boss takes her badge and gun, she feels helpless. Until a blast from the past, Dallas Hoffman blows into her life. The former Navy SEAL, and biological father to her daughter is the last thing she needs. Until a gunman takes a shot at her, nearly hitting their daughter, leaving Maggie little choice but to accept Dallas’s help in protecting them.

Dallas is shocked to discover he had an eight-year-old daughter, but his anger toward Maggie quickly fades in the face of danger. Whoever had killed her ex-husband is now coming after her. His primary goal is to keep Maggie and their daughter safe. His chocolate lab K9, Romeo is more than willing to help in that regard. And when Laney is kidnapped, Dallas and Romeo will risk everything to save her. Reunited as they fight for the truth, will Dallas convince Maggie to give their love another chance?

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