Monday, July 11, 2022

More Christmas in July by Vickie McDonough

I'll admit that I'm one of those people who decorate for Christmas over Thanksgiving weekend. It's the perfect time. My husband and sons are off work, and my youngest is home for the holiday, so they can help. We even have leftovers from Thanksgiving, so I don't have to cook on Saturday. 😊

I do not do any Christmas decorating in July, though, because my patriotic decorations are still outDo people really put up Christmas things in July? I'd like to hear from you if you do or know someone who does. 

I have been known to read a Christmas book in July. You've heard about some really good ones here on Sweet Romance Reads this month, but let me tell you about mine.

The Fruitcake Scandal

Pastor Clayton Parsons waited a year to bring his fiancée, Karen, to his new church post. They plan to have a Christmas wedding, but in the meantime, Karen helps the church ladies with various projects, including a bake sale. But revealing her fruitcake recipe gets the church ladies in an uproar and could spell disaster for her
future with Clay.

$2.99 on Amazon / Free KU

Beloved Enemy

As a Union sniper, killing has become easy for Captain Christmas “Chris” Haley. After four long years of fighting against his own countrymen, the once naïve farm boy is now a war-hardened soldier whose faith in God is shaken. Chris is ready to set aside his rifle and return to his Kansas farm. But will his family accept the man he’s become—angry and unsure if he still believes in God?

Chris struggles with being home. His mother's pretty caregiver catches his eye and begins to give him a reason to go on each day. In spite of his bitterness, his heart is softening. But what happens when he learns the secret Hannah is keeping?

$2.99 on Amazon / Free KU

I loved it! Very good, and quite thorough for a short story/novella. There was redemption, forgiveness, and romance. The hero had his issues, but they were understandable, with him coming from war, and he eventually overcame them. An epilogue or a longer ending would have been 5 stars, but still great! Reviewer Indie 28

The Prodigal's Shotgun Wedding

Clay left home after his brother’s death—a death for which he was responsible. After years away he’s finally returning, hoping for reconciliation with his father. But when the stagecoach he’s riding in wrecks and he is injured, he finds himself in a fight for survival. 

Jolie is fleeing a nightmare situation. She desperately hopes becoming a mail-order bride doesn’t land her in a worse place. When the stage crashes and she spends the night alone with a wounded man, she wonders if her intended will still want her. If he doesn’t, what will she do? She has no money and nowhere to go. 

When she marries a stranger, rather than fall prey to a town of woman-hungry men, Jolie can’t help wondering what she’s gotten herself into.

$2.99 on Amazon / Free KU

A sweet romance, that has a lot of fun and excitement thrown in. Sometimes we wonder what God was thinking when things happen, but if we just wait. The best is yet to come! Highly recommend this book. Reviewer Trixie

That's less than $10 for three exciting Christmas reads. I hope you'll add them to your TBR pile.

Don't forget to tell me if you decorate for Christmas in July.

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