Sunday, July 17, 2022

A Free book for you by Lyn Cote and Laura Scott & two 99-cent bargains from Jean C. Gordon and Susan Aylworth

A baby girl left orphaned and given to the mother's best friend. Why?

The devastated uncle wonders why~

The mother's grieving best friend wonders why~

Only God knows~
A Heart of Stone by Lyn Cote will be FREE JULY 15-19TH ONLY-FIRST TIME FREE~ 

A baby’s future hangs in the balance, sparking a heart-rending mystery. Why didn't Cash’s sister leave him guardianship of her daughter?

Instead, she leaves her infant in her friend Jane's care. Though a lifelong friend, Jane isn't family. And the baby is the only family Cash has left. He insists on being involved in raising his young niece. In the midst of this, strange things start happening at Jane’s dress shop. Can the two overcome their differences--and perhaps build a new family together? Only if his heart of stone can be softened. From a Carol Award-winning author: a faith-filled, second chance romance with a touch of mystery.   

To purchase, click here And why not tell a friend?--Lyn Cote

A Doctor's Promise by Laura Scott Free!

Falling in love while saving lives!

Will he uncover her deepest secret?

Dr. Jared O'Connor has given his parents a promise--to find his dead brother's fiancee and child. But his mission is derailed when he meets beautiful flight nurse Shelly Bennett. The sadness in her eyes, mirrors his own, and he is drawn to her and to her young son in a way he's never experienced before.

Shelly can't afford to be distracted by Jared's attention. Her son's upcoming testing may confirm he has kidney failure--there's no room for anything else in her life. But when Jared uncovers the truth, she realizes her days of running from the past are over. But can she forgive Jared long enough to accept his love?

Mending the Motocross Champion
by Jean C. Gordon

For the month of July, I'm celebrating the first #inspirationalromance I wrote with a new cover, a 99-cent price, inclusion in #KindleUnlimited, and a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card.


Does Dana have enough faith to risk her heart again? She loved Mac once, but feared he loved motocross racing more than he loved her. If she helps him mend his broken body, will it also mend her broken heart? Or will it all be lost again in the dust and danger of a motocross racetrack?


In their high school days, Peggy Taylor and "Little Jimmy" McAllister were two of the three musketeers. As their ten-year reunion approaches, the third friend decides to play matchmaker. Peggy has grown into sleek, sophisticated Meg and no one calls Jim little anymore, yet old injuries and misunderstandings still stand between them. Read this friends-to-lovers romance for just 99 cents today and tomorrow only. Rainbow the Rainbow Home is Book 1 in the Rainbow Rock Romance series. The prequel, Over the Rainbow, is available free as part of a 70-book giveaway until August 14. 

Come to the supportive small town of Rainbow Rock, Arizona where the rainbows are set in the rock and love is in the air. Seven books are currently available in this sweet small town series with more stories coming soon. Enjoy! 



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