Saturday, July 16, 2022

A Day in the Life of a Writer by Kimberly Rose Johnson

 For the past six months, this writer's life has been in transition. We are about a week away from completing the little house we've been helping build since the end of March. We joined the building process just after the framing stage.

The plan was to live in the little house, which is the guest house on my parents' property in Montana. However, as life has thrown us curveballs, we are no longer sure how long we will be living here. 

The hope had been that my husband would be able to find remote work so we could live here and help out my parents with meals and such. However, remote work in my husband's field has been hard to come by. We might be moving once again. 

It's kind of crazy that we lived in the same house for 29 years and now we are considering another move in less than six months. Granted, we've been like gypsies with no place to truly call home since selling and moving from our Oregon home in March. 

This writer's life has been scattered at best. That being said, I'm am within five thousand words of finishing my Christmas novella that will be part of the Puppies for Christmas series the bloggers here are publishings this fall. Yay! I seriously wasn't sure I could pull it off.

What does a day in this writers life look like? 

Presently, it changes from day to day. However as of last week, I started my day on social media, then moved on to writing my novella. I spend two to three hours writing. I should note, my writing time is constantly interrupted with questions from my husband about this or that regarding the building of the house. 

I've been sitting outside on the front deck a few feet from the saws and tools the men use to cut wood for whatever project they are doing that day. I surprised myself with how I was able to focus and write. I'm usually someone who needs complete silence to work, but silence has been in short supply here. I guess I've adapted.

Gone are the days I get to pour through emails, spend an hour walking in the middle of the day, watch the first fifteen minutes of Live with Kelly and Ryan, ride my stationary bike, and do Pilates in the middle of the morning. I have no TV service, internet is sketchy at best, I don't have any personal space to work out, and walking is hit and miss due to where we are living. 

I used to have such an ordered life. Literally I had a schedule and kept to it. Life now, is nothing like that, and I'm thrilled if I can do any of the above activities. 

Through the grace of God I am muddling through. I used to write five or so books in a year. I will be content with the one novella this year and that's okay for now.

Currently, I'm participating in a Bookfunnel promo with a lot of Christian romance writers. We each have a book we are giving away with a newsletter signup. Please follow this link to check out the books.

One fun thing that has come from my crazy life is that we have done some traveling. This past weekend we visited Helena, the state capitol of Montana. It's been fun seeing places we've never been as well as places we haven't been to in years. 

Where is your favorite place drive to for a day trip?

Kimberly Rose Johnson is an award winning author of Christian romance and romantic suspense. She married her college sweetheart almost 32 years ago and together they live in Montana.

You can learn more about Kimberly and her books via her website.

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