Thursday, July 21, 2022

Deadlines by Janice Lynn

 As I sit down to write my blog, deadlines are what’s heavy on my mind. Why deadlines? Well, I’m on one. My next Hallmark is due September 1st and after that I have 3 more deadlines between then and June 2023. Eek. When I throw in work, family, holidays, and life in general, I get a little tense thinking about all those necessary daily word counts. Merrillee's post about measuring our progress by word counts resonated, because it's how I'm spending my writing days. I have a certain number of words I have to write each day I have allocated for writing and I hit that number before I go to bed. Sometimes it's an easy task and sometimes not so much. But I know my pattern of how I write and what works best for me.  I’ve done lots of deadlines before and made it work by sticking to my required daily word counts. I’ll make it work this time, too. The reality is that I function best on a deadline. When there’s not a time crunch, I tend to fill my time with things other than writing. When I look at my best work, it's been when I've sat down in a time crunch. 

What about you? Do you function best under stress/a deadline or do you freeze up? Are you at your best when you have no time constraints? 

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  1. I put a lot of pressure on myself with or without deadlines, so deadlines impact my health in a negative way. I try to avoid writing to with a tight deadline for that reason. Wishing you the best as you press in toward your writing goal!