Thursday, July 28, 2022

At the Library - Cheryl St.John

How much of a part did the library play in your life in early years? I never went to a public library until I was an adult, but I loved the school library at my elementary and junior high schools. As a kid, I was gifted a few hand-me-down books from cousins, and I still have a couple of them. But I read voraciously from the school library. I can remember wishing I could own some of those books.

After I'd married and had young kids, I took them to the neighborhood library where they always joined the summer reading program. I fondly remember sitting and reading on our big front porch in the summer. I read biographies, true crime, gothic romance and so many genres.
Over the years I've enjoyed taking my grandkids to get their first library cards, shown them how to search genres--and now how to order books from other libraries. Gigi is the most recent child to experience the library. She loves dinosaur and cat books. Her dad reads to her every night.
What memories to you have of the library?

Fans of Nashville will enjoy this book:

Audrey Knox sacrificed to make a successful career in Nashville, but the bigger her star shines, the smaller her world has become. After an eye--opening incident on tour, she wants her daughter to experience small-town life as she knew it, so she takes a break from touring to reconnect with her roots and introduce the eight-year-old to life on Big Pines Ranch. Facing the past might be her biggest challenge yet.

Jericho Tanner has loved Audrey since they were children on adjoining ranches, their families entwined. He fills the void of intimacy, love and belonging with ranch work and his deputy position in Rockwell County, with aspirations of taking over as sheriff. Emotional vulnerability is frightening, and his walls are sturdy and tall. When Audrey and her young daughter show up in Spencer, he’s forced to see his wounds in a new light.
Sweet romance from a USA Today award-winning author


Cheryl St.John is the author of over fifty historical and contemporary novels, traditionally and indie published. Her stories of second chances and redemption have earned numerous awards and are published in over a dozen languages. One thing all reviewers and readers agree upon regarding Cheryl’s books is the degree of emotion and believability. Words like ‘heart-warming, emotional depth, touches your soul, tugs your heart, endearing characters and on my keeper shelf’ are commonly used to describe her work. Amazon and Goodreads reviews show her popularity with readers.

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  1. When I was a kid we didn't have a library, but we had the bookmobile.