Monday, June 1, 2020

Lyn Cote Asks Her June Question

Every month I ask a question because I want to know what readers are thinking. So what’s my question for June, you may ask? Here it is:

Do you always finish a book whether you’re enjoying it or not? Or do you put it away? Or throw it against the wall? ‘-)What kinds of thing causes you to stop reading or dislike what you’re reading?

This should be very interesting to me as an author! I try to write books that stick to your fingers, meaning you find it hard to put them down. 

I like to write books that call to you when you do put them down. So think over the question and let me know your thoughts!  

BTW, I hope that the majority of my readers will be not be able to put my latest book down. Why not look at it and see what you think. Thanks, Lyn


  1. If a book doesn't hold my interest, I do not finish it. I never throw books. I might give it to someone else. They might enjoy it. Readers don't always enjoy the same book.

  2. I usually always stay with a book to see how it ends because if there are unread pages left, there’s always a chance for redemption, right? ;)
    I have set aside a few books that had bad language or sexual scenes. I read mostly Christian fiction, but occasionally a secular novel will capture my interest or be recommended to me.

  3. I don't finish reading books that I'm not enjoying. Good luck with your poll, Lyn!

  4. Good question, Lyn. I always try to finished every book I read, but once in a while it's a struggle.