Sunday, June 7, 2020

Talking Tropes ~ Jean C. Gordon

In romance novels, tropes are often why you choose to read a book or choose not to. Some of the most common ones I could think of are:
  • Amnesia
  • Bad Boy Hero
  • Best Friend’s Sibling
  • Cowboys and Ranchers
  • Enemies to Lovers
  • Fairytale — Retelling of a fairytale
  • Fake Relationships
  • Forced Proximity — Snowstorms, house parties in historicals
  • Friends to Lovers
  • Marriage of Conveniece
  • Mistaken Identity
  • Opposites Attract
  • Professional Tropes: military, doctor, athlete, firefighter, law enforcement, actor, musician
  • Second Chance at Love
  • Secret Baby
  • Secret Romance
  • Secret Royalty/Billionaires
  • Single Parents/guardians — Especially single dads and guardians.
  • Star-crossed Lovers
  • Ugly Duckling
  • Workplace Romance

Recognize any in your favorite stories?

As a reader, a second chance at love trope will get me every time. How about you? What's your favorite trope?

No matter what your favorite is, Sweet Kisses Limited Edition Box Set has a story for you. For example, my novella Trusting His Kiss has a retired colonel turned high school guidance counselor hero. He also lost his fiancée in combat. The heroine is a combat widow with three children. So, the story has three tropes: military, single parent, and second chance at love.

21 swoon-worthy heroes. 21 chances to fall in love. 21 happily-ever-afters. This sweet contemporary romance anthology collection includes 21 original stories from bestselling and award-winning authors.

Each piece written for this anthology is to benefit Pets for Vets. The #21SweetKisses Box Set is available for a limited time only. 

100% of preorder profits will be donated to Pets for Vets! What a great way to help veterans who've been injured in service to our country and the Pets that need them.

Only 99¢ 

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  1. Great post, Jean! The excellent book I finished reading yesterday was a Friends to Lovers, Mistaken Identity story, with a twist on Workplace Romance as well. I purchased your boxed set. Kudos to all the authors who contributed to this important project.

  2. Jean, what a great list of tropes. I have to admit I have a hard time picking just one. As I read your list, I thought, Oh, I like that one. Then I'd see the next one, and think, I like that one too. So many tropes so little time. :)

  3. Thank you, Jean. This is a great list of tropes, and best wishes on your new release.