Monday, June 15, 2020

Sweet Romance Bargain Book by Lyn Cote

My newest Western historical JOURNEY TO PEACE
is on pre-order till Friday the19th for $2.99.

Identical twin brothers-stained by an unjust scandal and separated by miles of wilderness~ Two young beauties in jeopardy~Will they learn to trust before it’s too late? Johnny ventures to frontier Texas.  Out of the blue, a friend he considers nearly a brother arrives with Johnny’s neighbor, mortally wounded. As he breathes his last, he entrusts his wife to Johnny, a man of honor. Who killed Angel’s husband and why?
The other twin Callum stays at their New Orleans plantation, trying to keep it afloat while forces resentful of their anti-slavery stand are at work to destroy their livelihood. On a rare visit to the French Quarter, Callum meets Minette, a lovely young woman who hides her beauty beneath layers of clothing and a hat and scarf. Why isn’t she displaying her beauty to find a husband? 
Minette also lives under a cloud of unjust scandal. This makes her a target for an unscrupulous man of bad reputation who seeks to force her to be his mistress. How can Callum protect Minette if she won’t trust him? How and when will the twins be reunited? A compelling parallel story you don’t want to miss! On pre-order for $2.99 till June 19th

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