Tuesday, June 2, 2020

National Rocky Road Ice Cream Day by Vickie McDonough

Did you know that today is National Rocky Road Ice Cream Day? Yep. Rocky Road is one of my favorite flavors--probably because I'm a chocolate lover. I don't indulge in many sweets, but ice cream is a weakness. You have to admit it tastes wonderful on a warm summer day.

I bet those traveling on the hot, dusty Santa Fe Trail would have enjoyed a big bowl of the sweet treat, but they would have been hard-pressed to find any in the midwest in the 19th century. Rocky roads, however, were in abundance.

In Julia, book 4 in the Prairie Roses series, Julia travels the rugged Sante Fe Trail with her pa and little brother. She never wanted to leave her home and travel west, but after her two older brothers died in the War Between the States, her pa wanted a fresh start in the New Mexico Territory.

Vickie McDonough

As she travels the long, dusty trail, Julia makes several new friends, but there's one handsome, kind-hearted man named Taylor who stirs her heart like no other man has. There's just one problem--he's a Southerner, and she's from the North. Will she defy her pa's orders to not see Taylor? Is there any hope for a forbidden romance?

Julia Excerpt:

Pa wagged a finger in Julia's face. “Stay away from him, you hear? I’m not compromising. I won’t allow you to fall for a Southerner.”

Julia held her tongue as her temper flared. Several thoughts raced through her mind. Finally, she took a step back. “I’m plenty old enough to decide who I talk to. And besides, we’re just friends.”

“I’m friends with Maggie too, and I can tell you that I’ve considered marrying her more than once.”

Julia’s mouth opened, but she was too stunned to say anything. Had he already forgotten about her mama?

“When a man keeps time with a woman a lot, he’s generally looking to marry. If you decide to marry up with a Confederate, you’ll never see Billy or me again.” He turned and stomped off.

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Note: Although Julia is book 4 in the Prairie Roses series, each book is a stand-alone book. Each novella focuses on a wagon train story, and they are not tied together.


  1. Ice cream is one of my favorite sweets. I love cookie dough ice cream.

    1. Me too, but now that I have gout, eating ice cream will be a rare event for me. :(

  2. LOL I enjoyed your play on words, rocky roads :).
    Ice cream a huge weakness of mine. LOVE it.
    Happy Rocky Road Ice Cream day.

  3. Vickie, nice segue from ice cream to historic travel.

  4. I love your blog today, Vickie! To think I was *this close* to buying an ice cream cone today and missed my chance. :/

  5. Great blog post! I typically am not an ice cream eater, but I will say that we've made more trips to the DQ since March than we have in 10 years. LOL