Sunday, June 28, 2020

What would you take? - by Magdalena Scott

If your house is on fire and you had 60 seconds to escape, what is the one thing you would take with you?

This question is posed in one of my favorite Rom-Com movies, Leap Year. Handsome, exasperating Declan asks the question of spunky, starry-eyed-for-a cardiologist Anna. If you haven't seen the movie, check it out. Such fun. Glorious Irish scenery. And Anna's realization of her fiancee's answer to this important question.

A friend and I each recently faced a situation where we packed a car in preparation for a trip that might be one-way. We were allowed more than one thing, of course. My list began with my cat, Selina, and included boring stuff like paperwork, and chargers for my phone and laptop.

If I could take only one "thing," it would be Selina.
If taking a carload, I'd hope to include at least one scratching post.

I also need to give you this link to Francine Jay's post about intentionally walking away empty-handed. It's powerful reading. (Full disclosure: I'm not sure when, or if, I'll ever achieve this level of minimalism.)

What about you? Do you know what you would take?

USA Today Bestselling Author Magdalena Scott is a practicing minimalist, having downsized from a 3,000 square foot house to a studio apartment, where her Giant Closet continues to resist taming. When not writing at home or spending time with family and friends, she loves to travel–carry-on baggage only–and is always pleasantly surprised at the kindness of strangers.



  1. I would take my computer. We don't have any pets now.

    1. Laptop would definitely be hard to leave without, Merrillee!

  2. This is a cheater answer but it is true. I would take my purse. It is so large it holds my iPad, two journals, a makeup kit, xtra undergarments (because Montana) and my iPhone.

  3. If my dog were still living, I would take her for sure. Now I would grab my laptop.

  4. When my neighbor's house was on fire and the embers were floating toward my home, the first thing I grabbed was my cat's carrier and then my laptop and wallet. Later, I found out that my other neighbors had stuffed their car with things like clothes and other belongings. Thankfully, the fire didn't spread.

  5. I would take my computer, and, of course, my dog. :) Great question, Magdalena.

  6. People and pets, phone, laptop, and the emergency bag I always have packed with life essentials, ready for unexpected grandmother duties.