Thursday, June 18, 2020

June New Releases by Authors in Sweet Romance Reads

Direct Threat

Kimberly Rose Johnson

One little girl. 
Two bodyguards.
Only one chance to guard their hearts.

Protection Inc. co-owner, Carissa Jones, an ex-cop turned bodyguard, has one goal—keep her young client safe. When her business partner brings in a new guy to help, she discovers her heart desires more. Can she still do her job and follow her heart without compromising her client’s safety?

Marc Olsen, a former Military Police officer, struggles to find his way as a civilian. He agrees to help out an old friend for the summer. He gets more than he bargained for when he’s assigned to work with the feisty co-owner of Protection Inc.

When sparks fly faster than bullets, will the bodyguards be distracted from their task, or will they work together as an even stronger team?

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Imminent Threat

Kimberly Rose Johnson

When one bad decision changes the course of her life, Jenna must seek protection from a surprising source.

The Protection Inc. team is growing, and so is their client list. Former cop and new team member, Peter King, seeks to solve the mystery surrounding threatening notes being sent to Jenna Walsh.

Facing an uncertain future, Jenna is afraid for her life. Will the team at Protection Inc., specifically Peter, be able to stop the threats before things escalate, or will tragedy strike before Peter is willing to face his growing attraction to Jenna?

The team must divide and conquer when two big cases present themselves at the same time. Carissa Jones and Marc Olsen work to protect a young college student who is staying in the home of a federal judge. All work and no play has put a strain on their relationship. Can they find balance or will their fragile bond be extinguished?

Join the Protection Inc. team as they face one challenge after another, including challenges of the heart.

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Journey to Peace

Lyn Cote

Sweeping Historical Saga

Book 4 The American Journey series

Identical twin brothers-stained by an unjust scandal and separated by miles of wilderness. Two young beauties in jeopardy. Will they learn to trust before it’s too late?

Outcast from his home town New Orleans, Johnny McKuen has taken refuge in Mexican Texas in 1827. He’s still reeling from the aftermath of an engagement gone terribly wrong but trying to build a new life on the frontier. Out of the blue, a friend he considers nearly a brother arrives with Johnny’s neighbor, bleeding and mortally wounded. As he breathes his last, he entrusts his wife to Johnny, a man of honor.

Near to giving birth to another child, the new widow Angel slumps against the bed, her head on her husband’s hand. Her world crumbles. How is she to care for a farm and her children with the birth of a child imminent? And who shot her husband and started to scalp him like a Comanche would? Nothing makes sense.

Keeping the family plantation Beau Rivage going, Callum McKuen alone faces the rejection by New Orleans society.When will his father return from a sojourn East? When will he see his beloved brother again? Has his family abandoned him? Don’t they realize that it’s not just the scandal? Forces resentful of their anti-slavery stand are at work to destroy their livelihood.

On a rare visit to the French Quarter, Callum meets Minette, a lovely young woman who hides her beauty beneath layers of clothing and a hat and scarf. Why isn’t she displaying her beauty in order to find a husband?

Minette also lives under a cloud of unjust scandal. This makes her a target for an unscrupulous man of bad reputation who wants her as his mistress. As the only provider for her grandfather and little sister, she soldiers on even as the scoundrel becomes relentless. Who will free her from this threat?

The twins face these challenges as the gentlemen they were raised to be. Who killed Angel’s husband and why? And how can Callum protect Minette if she won’t trust him? How and when will the twins be reunited? A compelling parallel story you don’t want to miss!

Josie Riveria

The last thing she can fix is her own life. Until one man’s offer changes everything.

There’s been one constant in Belle Boots’ nomadic life. Horses. She’s lived in North Carolina for a couple years, but lately, the universe seems to be telling her it’s time to pack up her equine therapy practice and move on. Maybe Florida. Or California.

But when she’s offered a horse-friendly fixer-upper, her sense of adventure gives way to a longing for something familiar. Salt air, wheeling seagulls, summer sand between her toes. Home.

The universe chooses that moment to muddy up her plans with a man whose emerald-green eyes and rich Scottish accent do funny things to her pulse.

Andrew Branfield knows what it’s like to have important things slip through his fingers. A marriage. Money. Though Belle’s teasing voice and gray eyes stir the ashes of his loneliness, his first priority is doing whatever’s necessary to keep his daughter’s favorite equine therapist from drifting away.

He never expected, when he set out to build Belle the barn of her dreams, that he’d build something else. A home for their hearts.

Sometimes you have to leave a place to discover it’s really your home.


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