Tuesday, October 31, 2017

A Free Halloween Story - Download your copy today!

Happy Halloween!!

In honor of all the fun people are going to have today, I (Denise Devine) have decided to post a short story by a good friend, Kristin Holt. And it's FREE.
A full moon on All Hallow’s Eve.
“It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt.”
Blame it on the moon.

The Witching Eve
Kristin Holt

A Holidays in Mountain Home
To get your free copy, click on one of the links below...


Just click on the image to go straight to Kristin's website!
Have a great Halloween and don't eat too much candy!


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  1. Thank you, Denise. Much appreciated!

  2. Thanks so much. Happy Halloween, Denise and Kristin!

  3. Woo Hoo!! Candy day! I miss my little dog, Sadie. She loved Halloween because all of the kids in the neighborhood would come to our house. She knew them all, even in their costumes, and greeted everyone. We'd put a wiping towel on her to make her look like a little ghost and she loved it.

    1. What precious memories of a beloved pet, Denise. I'm charmed by the vision of Sadie enjoying Halloween. Our vizsla does ::not:: enjoy Halloween. Doorbells. Little voices--"Trick or treat!" Commotion. Makes the poor dog so nervous. =(