Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Sweet Christmas Kisses 4

Released on September 26, 2017 SWEET CHRISTMAS KISSES 4 is a bestseller and has already garnered more than 90 reviews. Hurry up and grab your copy.
Here are a few randomly chosen.

on September 26, 2017
What an amazing bundle of stories. You're going to love these. A variety of characters and different storylines.

on September 28, 2017
This is a super wonderful group of Christmas stories! I absolutely love everyone of them!

on October 3, 2017
Grab your favorite beverage and curl up to read this collection of wholesome holiday romances.
There are a variety of authors, many new to me, varied story lines and sure to please characters.
This set is recommended for a good holiday read.

on September 26, 2017
I have loved all the other sets and so far am loving this set as well . In Time For Christmas was exceptional and really made me look forward to the Christmas season you can't go wrong on these sets such a great group authors and these Christmas collections are by far my favorite

on October 1, 2017
This is great collection of Christmas stories that everyone will enjoy! I had the privilege of reading In Time For Christmas by Mona Risk and Christmas in Walnut Creek by Raine English and loved them both. I'm definitely looking forward to reading more of the stories in this wonderful collection.

on September 30, 2017
I truly enjoy reading Christmas stories and when the opportunity arose to preview Shanna Hatfield's "Saving Mistletoe," I couldn't resist! I'd already pre-ordered this collection, and was thrilled to read Shanna's new novella! She's an amazing author and I've read most of her books. This story was sweet, clean read and drew you right in to it. Who doesn't like to read about a hunky, hottie police officer who's a real cowboy?? I'm currently working on the rest of the series and we're off to a great start! Don't hesitate to add this to your Christmas reading collection!

on September 30, 2017
Loving Winter by Lyn Cote
This delightful story was a wonderful example of how mentoring can change a life for the better and how overcoming past disappointments can lead to wonderful new surprises. The three main characters, Winter, Clay, and Kaitlyn, are very well developed, and I cared about each one of them. I hope the other novellas in this collection are as interesting as this one. i can't wait to find out.

on September 30, 2017
Loving You at Christmas by Kristin Wallace is the final book in her Shellwater Key Tales series and the only book I have read in the Sweet Christmas Kisses 4 set so far. Kristin has done it again. She has written a romance story with all the normal insecurities and troubles of real life. Her characters are well developed and the story is well written. The story grabs you and you feel what the characters are feeling. I definitely recommend reading this story. Kristin's stories are easy to get caught up in. I finished this one in one day. 

on September 26, 2017
Although I have not been able to read the complete collection, I was able to read Milou Koenings' The Gift of Yesterday and I loved it. This short story carries a huge dose of reality and it's done amazingly well.

on September 26, 2017
Review for Raine English's "Christmas in Walnut Creek"
A couple on the brink of divorce... a secret that might bring them together... a blizzard that will warm their hearts...
Christmas in Walnut Creek is a heartwarming, holiday tale of second chances and unexpected blessings!

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  1. Hurray! So thrilled to be a part of this heartwarming boxed set of Christmas stories.