Thursday, October 5, 2017

Bargain anthology--Sweet Christmas Kisses 4 & free book! Roxanne Rustand

It's so exciting, every year, to work on the Sweet Christmas Kisses anthology.  Our 2017 edition, volume #4, was no exception.  Again this year, we have a huge bargain for you---fourteen authors and  1,198 pages of Christmas themed stories!  Luckily it's in ebook form, as no one would want to carry around such a heavy book!  :)  

You can buy it on Amazon here:   or in all other                  e-formats. And for those who leave a comment on this blog today, there will be a drawing for a free copy!

My contribution, A CHRISTMAS IN MONTANA is a prequel to my Shadows of the Rockies series, a very loosely connected set of contemporary sweet romance novels involving cowboys, ranchers, veterinarians and people who simply love the country and small town life. 

Two full-length e-books in that series are out thus far (COMEBACK COWBOY and A MONTANA LEGACY) and more are coming next year!  

Note that I described them all as "loosely connected" though.  The novella and the other books can stand completely alone--so you have a complete story in each without any loose threads or any unfinished business at the end.

Have you bought the anthology yet?  Have you started reading it?  If so,  would love to hear your thoughts on A CHRISTMAS IN MONTANA!

Roxanne Rustand

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