Monday, October 9, 2017

The Topic is Friends.... by Christine Bush

 As time goes by, I realize more and more the precious value of friends.  All kinds of friends.

In my latest book “Almost Anonymous”, having a motley group of unexpected friends turns out to be both lifesaving and life enriching.  Writing this story gave me lots of thoughts and appreciation about the friends in my own life.

I have some that are active in my daily life, people whose life paths and interests match mine. There are awesome people at work, in my writing groups, on committees, in clubs. Our shared moments make life fun and rich.

I have some that share genes with me, my cherished sisters, daughters, sons, nieces, nephews and aunts. We have been through incredible years together. They are there in the brightest moments in life, and also in the darkest. Family love

I have some that go way back…shared childhoods and memories from early years. As time goes by, there is a special joy in catching up, sharing pictures of kids and grandkids, even though most of us live in distant places and only get “face to face time” very occasionally.

And from each of these categories, there are certain beloved people who become “friends of the heart”… the kind of trusting, accepting friendship where I can truly pour out my heart, my hopes, my fears, my joy, my pain and my successes, and know I will be heard and respected.  And that they know they have the same love from me.  I am truly grateful for this. Actually, I am in awe of this.

How about you?  Let’s talk about friends! 

Christine's latest book, a romantic suspense titled  “Almost Anonymous” was released in April.


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  1. Friends are wonderful support at any age. My husband has always said..."Old friends are the best friends."