Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Audiobooks? Yay or Nay? By Laura Scott


Audiobooks? Yay or Nay?

I was a reader long before I was an author, and I have always loved books. Paperbacks that you can hold in your hand, smell the pages, go back and forth between scenes without difficulty. 

Then came the emergence of technology. Ebooks became a thing, and I liked using e-readers when traveling. No more stuffing many books into my suitcase in case I run out, haha.

Audiobooks are exploding in the market, and I will confess I was resistant. But I decided to try listening to a book and discovered I loved it. 

Maybe it's because I'm writing full time these days, which means spending oodles of time at my computer. I have found that I can't read ebooks as easily as I used to. Paperbacks are more difficult too because my vision has changed. (Getting old is not for sissies). These days I devour audiobooks the way I used to read paperbacks. One, right after the other, especially when I find a series I love. A good narrator is the key to a great story, and there have been only a small handful of audiobooks (maybe three?) that I have not been able to listen to.

I'm curious about how you feel about audiobooks? I used to have a long commute to work and back and I wish I could go back and start listening to audiobooks earlier. Although then again, I'm not sure if there were nearly as many available as there are now.

My Security Specialists, Inc. series and my Finnegan First Responders series are in audio now. My August book Scorched Secrets is available in both formats if you're interested in giving it a try. I absolutely adore my narrator, Alex Knox. He does an incredible job on these stories.

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If you have never listened to an audiobook, you can try one of mine for free on my YouTube channel. You can find me at @laurascottbooks or click this link. Laura's YouTube. If you would be so kind as to subscribe to my channel I would greatly appreciate it. I am in desperate need of subscribers! 

Until next time...Laura Scott

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