Wednesday, August 9, 2023

New Beginnings.... by Christine Bush

I love fall.

I have ever since I was a kid.

Summer was great, from the warm weather, the relaxation, the lack of schedules for the most part.  But as fall approached, excitement would begin.  Fall meant change, crisp air, new beginnings.

Probably it began because I liked school.  A new school term meant back to learning, back to friends and activities.

There were signs when it was coming.

Ads for bookbags, new school shoes, and school supplies. 

Folders! Pencils! Markers! 

And then I became an elementary teacher.  The excitement of a new class was firmly entrenched in me. New beginnings. And great anticipation.

Today I am a college professor.  I don’t sharpen pencils anymore.  But I still stock up on supplies, books, and new ideas.  And I still approach my students with the same excitement and delight.

My rhythm as a writer seems to follow this same calendar.  Fall is a time for beginning a new book, a new project.  This year, like other years, I am gearing up to write the first page of my next romantic mystery.  It’s always a case of delving into the unknown.

As these last days of summer approach, so does the excitement of what’s to come.  I’m not yet sure of what it will be.  And I can’t wait to find out!

How about you?  Do you anticipate fall?  Any new beginnings?  I’d love to know!

Christine Bush is a USA Today Bestselling author of romance, romantic mystery, and suspense.  She can be found living in the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania with her husband and 2 lazy cats, and spending time with her 14 grandchildren.   When she’s not writing, she’s teaching Psychology at a local college, and working with clients in her private practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist. She loves to hear from readers and writers!


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