Thursday, August 31, 2023

Lyn Cote Asks for Help with a Title Please!

I need help with the title of my book that will come out early 2024. It will be the final book and my “The Preacher’s Daughters” series. My heroine, Kat, short for Katherine, is a small town business owner who is forced to take on a partner after medical expenses for her late father have cropped up. Through friends, she has connected with a Chicago businessman who wants to leave the big city. So here are the two choices: 

A:“Kat’s Big-City Partner,” or 

B: “Kat’s Strictly-Business Partner.” 

Please vote for A or B! Or if you have a better C, leave that here. And maybe you’ll be offered a free copy!

Mark your calendars! 


My final  FREE e-book in 2023, BITTER AUTUMN, will be available Sunday September 3 through Thursday September 7 on Amazon only. 

This is one of the few books that I also have put out in paperback, but of course the paperback is not free (Amazon wants me to pay for the printing and sending. I did my “Northern Shore Intrigue” series in paperback because I received so many requests for paperback books.) Why not tell a friend about this ebook special? And mark your own calendar if you would like to get this free Ebook. Here's more about the Ebook.

The new female deputy and a hero with a past face a series of copycat crimes that terrorize their small town. 

Reader review:

“Lyn Cote's Bitter Autumn is an edge of your seat, do not expect to put it down adventure. I am always emotionally spent when I finish her books! Bitter Autumn should serve as a wake up call for anyone who thinks they have a right to dish out vengeance or those who refuse to forgive. The book is not preachy but reminds us that vengeance belongs to the Lord. This story is full of bitter, twisted people who are not doing well emotionally or physically. Yet it is not a depressing book. The characters are well portrayed and the plot is fascinating. You do not want to miss this book!” Click here to purchase or for more info.--Lyn


  1. Asking readers--what a great idea. I like B better. Won't even attempt a C.

    1. Lyn here~ I've done it several times before and got great ideas!

  2. Lyn here~ I've asked for help several times before and got great ideas--and I used them!

  3. I like B better. 'Strictly Business' on it's own would be great too?