Friday, August 4, 2023

What was your last adventure? Roxanne Rustand

 I'll never be a deep sea diver or a mountain climber, or participate in a marathon bike ride. 

But adventure still awaits around every corner when I pick up a book by an author I've never read before, and find myself completely enthralled. Does that happen to you?

Another adventure I love is  "treasure hunting" when I wander through consignment shops and find something perfect at a bargain the $3.99 replacement work bowl I found for my thirty-year-old Kitchenaid food processor.  

Writing is an adventure, too--all of the research involved when starting a new book is like stepping into a brand-new world, as I figure out the characters' personality types, professions, their conflicts and dangers, and then gather accurate details about what part of the country they live in. 

DEADLY VENDETTA  is now up for a special pre-order price on Amazon at just $2.99 (click on the title to read more about it) and was exactly that sort of adventure to write...and deciding on covers for this new DEA Special Agents series was great fun.  What do you think of this cover?

I hope you are enjoying a great start to August, and that you, too will have many great adventures within the pages of a book!

Roxanne Rustand
USA Today Bestselling author


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