Monday, August 28, 2023

The Stages of a Finished Book Cover

As readers, we usually take book covers for granted. If it's uninteresting, we pass it over. If it catches our eye, we look further--at the author, at the blurb, at the price. The image is there, and if we've bought the book, we think it's alluring or enticing or romantic or at the very least, interesting.

As indie authors, we agonize over covers. I was traditionally published for many years, and I had some input into the cover: in the form of a ten page form and examples that were considered. Often tossed aside, but considered. I was immune to getting a cover that barely resembled my story. I learned to appreciate and respect that the publisher had a huge marketing department that studied trends and reader likes/dislikes and sales. So designing my own covers was a new and admittedly liberating experience. Sometimes I think I get it right. But it takes me many tries to reach that point. Thankfully, I have my critique group and my street team to bounce the ideas off.

I Sorta Do was written as a Harlequin Heartwarming in the day, and then moved to the Duets line for its debut. That was a long time ago. I had rights returned and I rewrote, revamped, and updated this story for today's readers and to fit into the Aspen Gold Series. I just love that stories can continue to live on and find new readers.

I didn't have the manuscript ready, but I started working on the cover ages ago, and it developed over time. Honestly the final cover and title didn't come into being until I was nearly ready to upload the book for pre-order.

I've had so many compliments on the cover and the title. Reviewer Robyn Roberts says it catches her eye every single time - I love it too. And I love the story. It's a romantic comedy about an impulsive photographer and a buttoned-up single dad who strike an unlikely bargain for a week. Well, actually, she sorta coerces him into the deal.

Check out the many phases of this cover and title until it became today's version.

How fun is that?

Get your copy now.



Husband needed: One week commitment. Children optional.

I, Francie Karr, take you, Ryan MacNair, in bogus matrimony to convince my grandma and high school reunion class that I’m blissfully married—you provide the kids. A week should do it. You pledge to be so irresistible that you charm the Spanx right off those stuck-up gossips. Your touches should make their eyes pop, and your kisses be so intoxicating that we don’t have to fake that part. Oh, and we promise not to let this family—or this electricity between us—feel real.

Sizzling sweet romance by a USA Today bestselling author

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