Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Lyn Cote Asks: Have you ever taken a DNA test, searching for family?

  In my latest series, “The Preacher’s Daughters,” the thread that ties the four books together is the mother’s search for her birth family. At first, she resists it feeling that it is ungrateful toward her late adoptive parents who gave her a wonderful life. But her daughters want her to find other blood relatives besides them in light of her recent bout with leukemia.  She is now in remission. They were all tested and failed as bone marrow donors and they are her only KNOWN blood relatives. That worries them. What if the cancer returns?

In the third book, LUCY’S UNLIKELY LOVE, they have progressed to where the DNA service is providing matches for their mom. A friend who was adopted and found her birth family through this process explained it to me. I have not clicked the button on 23andMe, asking to see matches. I just don’t have any pressing reason to search for more family. I might do it in the future, but not now. Anyway the search in the book will continue. Who knows what the search will reveal. (Well, I think I do, but sometimes characters surprise even me!) For more information, click here.

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