Saturday, August 19, 2023

Overcoming Obstacles in Sweet Romance by Merri Maywether

I love reading about characters overcoming obstacles. The obstacle can be a personal limitation, dealing with a conflict they’ve been avoiding, or something like a fear that can be overcome.

When book characters are going through those struggles and choosing love, or family, or their mental health, I cheer them on and wish I could be more like them. 

Living through obstacles. That isn’t as fun. Last month, my husband pressed the button to turn on the air conditioner, and it didn’t work. We didn’t know if it was the button, the air conditioner, or something in between.  

I can only attribute my reaction to having written so many romance novels. I told my husband that while it was an uncomfortable situation, it was a blessing. He thought I was crazy. Then I laid out the facts. 

✔️We did not argue. 

✔️We took turns watching YouTube tutorials and reporting back our newfound knowledge about air conditioners (ooh, so romantic) 

✔️We tag-teamed reinstalling and resetting the thermostat. 

✔️We got slushies to help us cool off. 

Despite our discomfort and confusion, neither of us spoke a harsh word to each other. 

In the first story I wrote, 222 Redemption Lane, Aunt Tee coordinated a contest with obstacles and used limited time to add pressure. She did it to prove what my husband and I experienced. Sometimes obstacles are blessings because they are a chance to prove that the other person is more important than the solution to the problem. 

Then again, isn’t that the ultimate theme in sweet romance. Our characters, learning that despite the conflicts that plague them–they are loved. 


A friendly weekend challenge meant to strengthen family ties will test the bonds of love.

When Aunt Tee, the matriarchal figure to Marianna, Janine, and Amanda, notices her nieces have fallen out of touch, she organizes a family challenge. What was intended to bring the cousins closer, threatens to tear the family apart--or the Darling cousins will learn the road to redemption is paved with love, and each will find her role in rebuilding it.

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