Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Lyn Cote's and Laura Scott's Newest Books!

A glimpse of HANNAH'S HOMETOWN HERO, a heartwarming, faith-filled romance by Lyn Cote.

"Guthrie couldn’t speak.Reaching over, he pulled Hannah to him. He just wanted to comfort her. But the feeling of her softness in his arms went to his head. He kissed her hair, fragrant of spices, then her eyebrows. 

Her eyes closed. He kissed her eyelids, first one, then the other. Petal soft. Such softness brought feelings, emotions bubbling up from deep inside him.

Tilting up her chin, Hannah smoothed back his golden hair, then rested her hand on his chest.

A warmth, healing and vital, flowed through him like a cleansing prayer. 'Hannah, you’re a wonderful woman. You make me believe…' Maybe he might get a second chance, after all."

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Protection Detail by Laura Scott $3.99

From USA Today Bestselling Author Laura Scott

Walking the line between danger and love!

Bodyguard for the Assistant District Attorney…

Deputy Kyleigh Finnegan has always admired ADA Baxter Scala’s determination to bring criminals to justice. But his upcoming trial proves to be the most dangerous one yet. When gunfire rings out, missing him by inches, Kyleigh is assigned to protect him. Yet her goal to keep him alive is more difficult than she could have imagined.

Bax refuses to let anything, even a few attempts on his life get in the way of sending a famous musician to jail for murder. Having beautiful Kyleigh Finnegan as his protection detail, though was not part of the plan. She’s skilled and smart, but having a woman throwing herself in the line of fire for him, doesn’t sit well. He should be protecting her, not the other way around. Yet the more time he spends with Kyleigh, the more he realizes he doesn’t want to let her go. If he can survive long enough to bring a murderer to justice, his next task will be to convince her to stick close to his side, permanently.

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