Sunday, March 19, 2023

Date Ideas In Romance Novels by Merri Maywether

One of the fun things I like about writing romance is coming up with fun dates for my characters. I have a couple of guidelines. It has to be affordable. It has to be realistic. 

Sometimes the venues are fictional, like when Hannah and Keane from Home Sweet Home luge down a mountain.  I got that idea when I learned that people visit the Winter Olympics course in Calgary. It was a first date between two people who were vaguely familiar with each other.  They were already stepping out of their comfort zone, so they might as well have fun with it. 

In the book
Get Well Soon, Donovan and Becca kayak one day and play golf the next. Their friendly competition set the tone for banter. 

The outdoors also helped show they both knew there was a time and a place for that type of joking. 

One of my favorite ideas was the destination wedding. The characters wanted it to be a weekend of fun that wouldn’t break the bank. It started with dinner on the Charlie Russell train, and later that night, they caravaned to White Sulphur, where the friends relaxed in the hot springs. I did this so people could visit Montana for the weekend and have an itinerary of things to do.

Every year, I’ve tried to plan a friend's getaway on the Charlie Russell train.  Every year, I either visit the website too early in the year or after the tickets are sold out. It has turned into a running joke among our friends. But one day, it’ll happen, and when it does, I’ll share pictures with the blog. 

The fun in writing dates comes with knowing that something written on the page could happen in my life if I wanted it to.

Do you have an ideal date or adventure you’d like to share with a companion or a group of friends? Share in the comments below.

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