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Two Exciting Tales of Life in early Texas by Vickie McDonough


Vickie McDonough is the CBA, EPCA, and Amazon best-selling author of 55 Christian romance books and novellas.

Men love these books, but so do women. One reader told me she went looking for Long Trail Home to read and found her husband in his recliner enjoying it himself. :)


Vickie McDonough brings her expert writing skills to the series with a story that will capture your being and keep you instilled into the pages until the very end. The characters are truly believable and realistic, giving you the feeling that you’ve known them for a very long time! I really encourage you to visit River North, the fiction division of Moody Publishers, and check out the Six books in this series. I will assure you, if you read one, you will have to read them all!"    Joy,


Vickie McDonough

A weary soldier returns from the War Between the States to Discover his parents dead, his family farm in shambles, and his fiancée married.

Riley Morgan takes a job at the Wilcox School for Blind Children in an attempt to build a new life after the Civil War. By helping the children and the pretty, blind woman, Annie, he begins to find renewed hope. But everyone’s future at the Wilcox School is disrupted when the owner dies suddenly and the school is in jeopardy of being closed by the man who stands to inherit it. Riley’s remaining confidence in the future is shaken when Annie’s secret is revealed. Riley attempts to make peace with God, but it's difficult when the woman he's fallen for has betrayed him.

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Review of End of the Trail:

"What a truly wonderful book! Brooks Morgan is the ultimate slightly-flawed hero with a cocky grin that’s bound to make any female reader fall in love. The End of the Trail is a hilarious, heart-rending, soul-searching rollercoaster ride. I loved it and didn’t want the ride to end. But then, I always love McDonough’s work. This author presents stellar writing; wonderful, unexpected humorous moments; touching, heart-wrenching situations that make it hard to know who to root for; and consistently riveting storylines. I dare you to read this book and not smile! Thing is, you will smile…and get a little weepy…and gasp in surprise a few times, as well. End of the Trail really is that good." Amazon reviewer.

Winner of the Bookseller's Best Award


Vickie McDonough

He enters a poker game and wins a new life.
She fears losing the only home she has ever known.

Brooks Morgan’s weapon of choice is his smile. He’s smart, witty, and has charmed his way through life, but now that he’s growing older—and a bit wiser—and he’s ready to settle down. He gets his chance when he wins Raven Creek Ranch in a poker game, but when he goes to claim his prize, a pretty woman with a shotgun says the ranch belongs to her. Brooks isn’t leaving his one chance to make something of his life—but neither is she. Can they reach an agreement? Or will a greedy neighbor force a showdown, causing them both to lose what they want most in life?

I hope you'll get a chance to read these fun stories.

Vickie McDonough

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