Sunday, March 5, 2023

Your favorite pets--and mine! Roxanne Rustand


My brother and I had lots of pets while growing up. I look back now and marvel over my parents' willingness to take in anything with fur, feathers, scales, or hooves. 

I got my first horse at the age of six and rode that elderly mare bareback all over our small town. It was like giving me a set of car keys! I will always be grateful for it--and for all of those adventures.

Over the years, I graduated from one horse to the next, and each one was unique. Oh, the memories! Quirky personalities abounded in our menagerie, and some still make me laugh. 

Some of those pets have even ended up in my various novels.  CHRISTMAS DANGER, for instance, my newest release (click the title to read more about it.)

I owned Cherokee during early junior high. He was a seventeen-hand Thoroughbred-Clydesdale cross, and it was love at first sight the day I rode my horse over to the local horse trader's farm and saw him.

I was told that he'd been bred to be a heavy hunter,  though Cherry wasn't very athletic and ended up as a "kid horse" for me. I traded my little quarter horse (plus $12.50 in allowance money) and thought I'd made the best trade ever. My parents, mind you, knew little about horses and gave me considerable free rein with these matters. Bless them!

Maybe Cherry wasn't a hunter-jumper candidate, but he was sure an escape artist! In CHRISTMAS DANGER, he appears as Galahad, complete with some of his real-life adventures while on the lam.

Our own kids had every pet imaginable, but now they have grown up, and we are down to a golden retriever, four fat and fluffy barn cats, and three horses.  I just can't imagine not having animals to care for. They make my heart happy.  💕💕 

Did you have pets while growing up? Do you have them now? Leave a response, and you'll be entered into a drawing for a free copy of  COLD CASE DANGER!

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