Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Weather as Story Settings by Janice Lynn

 Hi. I hope y'all are having a fabulous spring so far. I'm in Tennessee and our started out cold, but it's supposed to warm up later this week. With a temperature range of in the 20s to the 80s for the week, it's no wonder the weather is on my mind. It definitely has been as I found myself thinking about how weather is an intricate part of settings in some books/stories/movies and thinking bout my own books and how I've used weather. 

I've read stories that the weather was the main setting such as with snowstorms or hurricanes, etc, but I've never written one that I'd say centered around weather. I have written scenes that centered around weather changes, however, and those can be fun or not so fun, depending on what that weather is doing. For my stories, weather changes are mainly snow scenes in my Christmas books and how that weather impacts what the characters are doing/going to do. Changing the weather is a fun tool to provide new surroundings for characters or to see how they respond to Mother Nature. I do have a scene in Wrapped Up in Love where I use the wind to draw the characters together and it was such a fun scene to write. 

What about you? Can you think of stories you've read (or written) where weather played a crucial part of the setting? Any favorites? 

Happy spring and may your weather be royally fabulous!

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  1. I think weather is an important part of a story. It can create a mood for the characters.