Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Because Inquiring Author Minds Want to Know ~ Jean C. Gordon

For this month, I thought I'd conduct a survey of what you, our readers would like to see from us. Go ahead and answer as many or as few of the questions as you want in the comments here or the comments on our Face Book Cafe.

1. Do your prefer:

  • Inspirational Romance
  • Sweet Romance without inspirational elements
  • Love them both
2. What's your favorite: 

  • Contemporary Romance
  • Historical Romance
  • Suspense
  • RomCom
3. For contemporary readers, what's:
  • Your favorite setting
  • Your least favorite setting
  • A setting you never read
4. For historical romance readers:
  • Your favorite setting
  • Your favorite time period
  • Any setting or time period you always read
  • Any setting or time period you never read
5. Do you like comic covers? 

6. What ages do you like the hero and heroine to be?

7. Do you prefer:
  • Light stories
  • More meaty stories
8. Any favorite hero and heroine professions? Any professions you avoid?

9. If you have an eReader, what kind? Or do you read only paperbacks?

10. What romance themes or tropes do you like:
  • Cowboys
  • Secret babies
  • Second chance romance
  • Enemies to lovers
  • The boy or girl next door
  • Matchmaking
  • Seasoned romance (older characters)
  • Bad boys made good
  • Workplace romance
  • Fake relationship
  • Billionaires
  • Forbidden love
  • Friends become more
  • Sports 
  • Music/Musicians
  • Single parents
We're looking forward to your answers.

And if you like second chance romance with some sports and a former bad boy thrown in, you'll want to check out my most recent release, Her Very Own Champion.
            • A reformed bad boy
            • His two brothers
            • Motorcycles
            • A secret “baby”
            • A single mother
            • And a program to help kids from disadvantaged backgrounds

All in Her Very Own Champion, my latest sweet small-town Paradox Lake romance.


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