Friday, October 29, 2021

Holiday Themed Books by Laura Scott


Good morning! I'm back today to discuss books with a holiday theme. Do you choose books around a particular holiday? Or doesn't it matter?

Every year during these last three months of October, November and December the sales channels are flooded with Christmas stories. That's a good thing, right? Christmas is a wonderful time to celebrate and I know readers absolutely adore these stories. 

But what about the other holidays?  Thanksgiving? Easter? Fourth of July? New Year's Eve? I rarely see these holidays being showcased in romance stories. Is that because there isn't much interest from the readers? Or more that these holidays aren't as much fun to write?

We generally celebrate Thanksgiving at our house, which is wonderful. It's a time to truly look back at the year and to thank God for all of our blessings. I haven't written a Thanksgiving story in a long time, maybe that's something to think about for next year.

Share your thoughts on holiday themed stories. And of course, I did write a Christmas Novella this year,  to finish up my Smoky Mountain Secrets series. Caitlyn's Christmas releases on November 2nd and will be $0.99 through Christmas.

Will she survive to celebrate Christmas?


When an injured cat runs across the road, Caitlyn doesn’t hesitate to rescue the feline. But she isn’t prepared to witness a brutal murder. She slips away, only to lock eyes with the murderer, recognizing him as someone she’d seen earlier. Now the killer knows who she is, too. Caitlyn calls her cop friend Devon Rainer for advice, humbled when he agrees to protect her. 


Devon is concerned about Caitlyn’s safety, especially after they return to the scene of the crime to find the dead woman gone without a trace. The escalating attacks against Caitlyn, prove the killer intends to silence anyone who can identify him. Devon’s priority is to keep Caitlyn safe, while finding the killer. Will they survive long enough to celebrate Christmas and their newfound love?


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Until next time, Laura Scott

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  1. I think Christmas is more of a universal holiday than say Thanksgiving or the 4th of July. That being said I have written a book that is very Thanksgiving focused but the publisher made the focus on Christmas with the cover and title.