Friday, October 1, 2021

Fall is for Reading by Vickie McDonough

After a long hot, dry August and September with over 55 days in the nineties, I'm really glad to see the cooler temperatures of autumn. Fall is the time for hot chocolate, pumpkin pie, and cuddling up with a blanket and a book. If you're in the market for a new book to read, check out my Romance in the Badlands series, which is now in paperback.

Romance in the Badland contains three novels that feature the McFarland siblings who live on the Rocking M ranch.

In the rugged North Dakota Badlands, the three McFarland siblings struggle to make their ranch a success. 
Wild at Heart 
Dime novelist Mariah resents Adam McFarland claiming her facts about the West are wrong. At his invitation, she heads to his ranch in North Dakota. But when her train is robbed, and a man is shot trying to help her, she makes sure he gets home. When he turns out to be the very man she came to visit, she is shocked into silence about her identity. As she falls for the troubled cowboy who has his own secrets, will the truth ruin their blossoming romance? 
Outlaw Heart 
When Deputy Marshal Brett Wickham’s younger brother is killed in a bank robbery, he goes after the gang responsible. However, a bear attack lands him badly wounded in the gang’s hideout, with Lottie Salinger nursing him. The woman seems too kind and caring to be an outlaw, but the evidence is against her. When Brett starts to care for her, he wonders if he can still do his job. Will justice prevail, or will love win out? 
Straight for the Heart 
When the mail-order bride his grandmother secretly ordered for him doesn’t arrive, Quinn McFarland is relieved. But the only way to keep her from ordering another one is to find his own wife—and fast. When the sheriff suggests Quinn marry the gal in his jail, he balks. Marriage to Sarah could solve Quinn’s need for a wife and fix Sarah’s problems—but dare he marry an outlaw?

Available on 10/16/21. 
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  1. We've had a warmer than usual summer too. But I like that better than a cooler summer than usual!