Friday, October 8, 2021

Another Covington Falls Kristin Wallace


I'm so excited to celebrate the upcoming release of my latest book, CHRISTMAS CHARADE! It's part of the HOLIDAY FAKE-OUT box set, with 22 other romance authors, including NYT Bestselling Author, Heather Graham. 

Perhaps the most exciting part is that the new book allows me to return to the "Covington Falls Chronicles". My heroine is related to an important family in Covington Falls, GA. She's the niece of the mayor's wife, Catherine Manning who my readers might remember from my first book, MARRY ME.


Maggie Lewis left her hometown of Covington Falls, Georgia three years ago with a broken heart and a dream to become a sculptor. Maggie’s family never understood her passion, preferring she act like the perfect Southern woman. She found a haven in Raleigh, NC, working as a waitress at Sullivan’s, a popular family-owned restaurant, while building her reputation as an artist. 

Now, she must return to Covington Falls for her cousin’s Christmas wedding. She can’t face returning alone, particularly seeing her HEX (heinous ex-fiancé) again. So, she invents a boyfriend. Then she has to find one to take to the wedding. 

Turns out Maggie’s new “boyfriend” is closer than she thought, and she has a way to convince him to be her fake date to the wedding.

Wyatt Sullivan once had dreams of being a country music superstar. The sudden death of his parents meant giving up that dream so he could take care of his five younger siblings. Now, he runs Sullivan’s with them. Then Maggie Lewis offers a way to finally pursue his music career. All he has to do is agree to be her fake boyfriend at her cousin’s wedding. 

Maggie and Wyatt are prepared to fake a relationship, but they’re not prepared for the very real feelings that begin to develop. Can they find the courage to take a chance on love and end the Christmas Charade?

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